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In a certain place within the divine realm, in a place where a certain G.o.d in the form of a lanky man was standing, appeared the three G.o.ds.

“Ah~… I’m so tired…” [Kufo]
“You finally came back.” [Fern.o.beria]
“What are you doing here, Fern.o.beria?” [Gayn]
“It’s rare for you to leave your domain.” [Rurutia]

The G.o.d who was standing in that place was none other than the G.o.d of Magic, Fern.o.beria.

And the three G.o.ds were Rurutia, Gayn, and Kufo.

“I was actually brought here by force, though I’m also a little curious.” [Fern.o.beria]
“By force?” [Kufo, Gayn, Rurutia]

Suddenly, four G.o.ds came out of nowhere and surrounded them.

“W-What is with this situation?” [Kufo]
“Why are we being surrounded?” [Rurutia]
“Can you explain what’s going on?” [Gayn]

Tekun was the one to step forward.

“Why don’t you ask yourselves? I’m sure you know what we’re here for.” [Tekun]
“What are you so angry for!?” [Rurutia]
“Calm down for a moment, Tekun-san. If you approach them like that, we won’t be able to talk.” [Willieris]
“You heard her. Cam down and drink a cup of wine or two.” [Grimp]

The ones who asked Tekun to calm down were none other than the G.o.ddess of the land, Willieris, and hte G.o.d of farming and livestock, Grimp.

These two G.o.ds had a gentle personality. Willieris looked like graceful middle-aged woman, while Grimp was a middle-aged man who always carried a hoe. They were married to each other.

In order to calm Tekun, Grimp went and shared a cup of wine with Tekun.

Meanwhile, Willieris started explaining.

The G.o.ddess of the land and the G.o.d of farming and livestock had perfect coordination.

“The reason we’re here is because we heard that the three of you went to the otherworld to play. Tekun was the first to catch word of that. He gathered all of us in anger because he also wanted some free time to himself.” [Willieris]

Fern.o.beria interjected.

“Tekun asked Willieris and Grimp to come to get me to use my powers to look for you.” [Fern.o.beria]

“Oh, right, you used your divine powers to prevent Tekun from entering your domain…” [Rurutia]

“It’s because outside of crafting, he’s a rough, irresponsible, alcoholic who never shuts up. He’s a nuisance.” [Fern.o.beria]

“Hey! I can hear you, you know!?” [Tekun]

“Besides, you rarely have any need of me, and you’re also not the only one banned from my domain.

But let’s put that aside for now. What are the three of you thinking going into another world to play when we G.o.ds have a policy of not interfering with each other’s world.” [Fern.o.beria]

“Wait a moment! Who did you hear that from?” [Rurutia]

It was Tekun who answered.

“Don’t play dumb. I heard everything from Ryouma, who said that’s what Kufo told him. And although I feel bad for using it, but I read his mind at the time, and he wasn’t lying.” [Tekun]

When Kufo heard that, he face palmed as he muttered to himself, “Dang! I told him not to tell humans about it, but I didn’t mention anything about the other G.o.ds…”

In any case, they all decided to sit down and talk. Chairs appeared from nowhere as they each took their respective seat and gathered into a circle.

“Now, can you start talking? Or better yet, just take me with you!” [Tekun]

Tl Note: This is a normal sized chapter when combined with the last chapter.

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