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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted G.o.d’s Domineering Love

Chapter 2:  Tsundere president's spoiled pet

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Translator’s Note: Found light novel aggregate sites already stealing my translations so… let’s see if this format will be better.

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The dimly lit bar rang through the deafening music, and the figure of the devil danced in the light and shadow, causing Luo Liyan to wake up with a headache. 

    Shouldn't she be on a flight back home? 

    How could she suddenly appear inexplicably in the bar? 

    "h.e.l.lo, here is the rebirth club, I am number 666, I am very happy to serve you. "

    Luo Liyan heard a clear speech in her ear, and even the surrounding noise seems to be blocked out. 

    She turned her head suspiciously, only to find that no one around her noticed it. 

    "Hey, nerd, don’t look for it, I am in your body. "


    Luo Liyan felt gooseb.u.mps up her spine, freaked out and fell off the stool. 

    However, a lot of memories that did not belong to her also poured into her mind at this moment. 

    The sharp feeling of the headache made her delicate eyebrows scrunch together. “This 666, are you still there?” 

    "Fool, did you just not say that I am a ghost? Why are you not afraid now? "the other party ridiculed. 

    Luo Liyan listened to the red face and coughed twice. “Is there any use for fear? You are now in my body! I have a headache now, you can help me.” ” 

    " Hey, although your att.i.tude was very unreasonable before, who made me the prime minister to support the boat." The tone of number 666 was very narcissistic. 

    "Your plane crashed, so you are dead now. However, don’t be afraid, you have been selected as an honorary member of the Rebirth Club. Now you have an opportunity to return to the original world and the original body. "

    “That's not right, I died in an air crash. My body has already turned into soil. What original body!” Luo Liuyan did not want to interrupt 666.

[Translator's note: She said that her body turned into 肉泥 aka has decomposed into soil.]

"To be accurate, your body has no flesh as you have long already been eaten by the sharks in the sea. So, as long as you complete the task a.s.signed to you by the club and earn enough points, you can buy a ticket back to the original world and reinvent the body. "


    Is there such an organization? 

    Luo Liyan bit her lower lip and thought for a moment. She felt that she had no other way than to believe it now. 

    “Well, let me give me the task.” 

    "Before dispatching the mission, I need to make last and final confirmation with you. Once the mission is accepted, you will not be able to back out, or you will immediately release your soul to the black hole of the universe. If the mission fails, you must complete three tasks for the club for free as compensation. Any questions? "
    “If there is a problem, what will you do?” Luo Liyan asked curiously. 

    "Then I will not start with the task, send you back to Yin Cao, and then find a host with no problem. " No. 666 is threatening. 

[Translator's note: Yin Cao 阴曹地府 is the afterlife/ where you go after death.]

    “Oh, Xiao 66, don’t be so serious, I just made a joke with you! Come on, give me the task, I promise to finish it beautifully.” Luo Liyan nervously laughed.

[Translator's note: Placing the word Xiao (means little) in front of a name is a form of nickname to indicate closeness/ familiarity. With the last line (洛璃烟很是狗腿的打着哈哈) directedly translates to Luo Liyan laughed like a dog's leg. The best comparison I can think of is puppy eyes kind of begging. This dog comparison continues into the next paragraph]

    If she has a tail now, she will express her loyalty to the rebirth club to the heavens. 

    She is not stupid. It is not a good thing to send it back to Yin Cao. Maybe I will have eighteen levels of h.e.l.l waiting for myself. 

    As for the circle of reincarnation, it is not necessarily possible to have as good of a life as her original life.

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