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[83] Foster's interjection.

[84] Foster's interjection.

[85] See note 49.

[86] See the treaty of 1824 (Appendix B) for migration. Maximilian says that "the Ioway [Iowa] dwelt on the Grand river till 1827, when they removed to the Little Platte river." Clark's reprint of the TRAVELS, Vol. I, p. 245. Later on in the same volume, he writes of this tribe: "On the northern bank, seven miles up that [the Little Platte] river, are the villages of the Ioway Indians...." No doubt the tribe had journeyed in this direction after the troubles of the Black Hawk War in 1832.


[88] In 1876. Marquette found them in 1673 at the mouth of the Des Moines river. This, as will be seen, was their first location.

[89] Report of Albert J. Vaughan, sub-agent of the Great Nemaha agency, published in the REP. OF THE COMM. OF IND. AFFAIRS, 1849, p. 143, Washington, 1850. Vaughan says, "According to the census of last spring payment of annuities, the Iowas numbered 802, and the Sacs and Foxes 128". (_Communicated in a letter from Mr. F. W. Hodge, Chief of the Bureau of American Ethnology_).

[90] This should be 1702.-ED.

[91] The MEMORIAL here referred to is in ma.n.u.script and among the archives of the government, at Paris. It is one of the most valuable doc.u.ments on the subject of early nations and country of the Mississippi, and portions of it have been transcribed and translated for the MINN. HIST. SOC. COLL., Vol. I, p. 279, 1850-56 (reprint 1902). The full t.i.tle of the work is as follows: MEMORIALL OF M. D'IBERVILLE UPON THE COUNTRY OF THE MISSISSIPPI, THE MOBILE AND ITS ENVIRONS, THEIR RIVERS, INHABITANTS AND THE COMMERCE WHICH COULD BE CARRIED ON IN LESS THAN FIVE OR SIX YEARS IN SETTLING IT. The quotation by Foster, given above, has been proof read to correspond with the translation here mentioned, and includes only the line preceding the brackets.

[92] This enumeration as included in Schoolcraft's INDIAN TRIBES, has been variously a.s.signed to different authorities. O'Callaghan supposes it to be by Joncaire, but Thwaites proves otherwise, as Joncaire was on the Ohio at the time and not at Mackinac. Schoolcraft relies on the note which he says was on the original ma.n.u.script, that the compilation was by Chauvignerie-i.e., Michel Maray, sieur de Chauvignerie, an interpreter employed at the post-and Thwaites comes to the final conclusion that it was done by Celeron, the Younger, commandant at Mackinac at this date, and particularly well acquainted with the Indian tribes. See WIS. HIST. SOC. COLL., Vol. XVII.

[93] 1806-should be 1810.

[94] In Thwaites, ORIGINAL JOURNALS OF LEWIS AND CLARK, Vol. VI, p. 91, a reference is made to the "Ne persa" (i. e., Nez Perces;) and this is given as a trader's nickname.

[94] A portion of this treaty is included in Maximilian's TRAVELS, Vol.

III, pg. 315 _et seq._-Clark's reprint.

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