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Absurd to promise to love Acceptance of authority is not faith, it is mere credulity Always getting glimpses of things when it is too late Antipathy to forms Bad music, she said, offended her Can't believe in the doctrine of the virgin birth Clothes of one man are binding on another Conviction that all things were as they ought to be Deification of beauty to the exclusion of all else Economic slavery Elaborate attention little men are apt to bestow upon women Even after all these ages, the belief, the hope would not down Faith may be likened to an egg Foolish sacrifices are worse than useless For ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter Futility of the traditional words of comfort Genius, a.n.a.lyzed, is often disappointing G.o.d himself would have divorced us Had a habit of not waiting for answers to her questions Happiness of grat.i.tude and wonder, too wise to exult He was what is known as a "success"--always that magic word h.e.l.l's here--isn't it?

How to be silent with a clamouring heart I see no one upon whom I can rely but myself I hate humility I'm always searching for things to do If Christians were logical, they should be Socialists Immortality as orthodox Christianity depicts it Impulse had brought him thus far Indiscriminate, unreasoning self-sacrifice Individualism with which the Church can have no sympathy Intellectually lazy Know a great deal and don't believe anything Knowledge puts faith out of the question Logical result of independent thinking is anarchy "Love," she added, "plays such havoc with one's opinions"

Luxuries formerly unthought of seemed to become necessities Material proof, it seems to me, is a denial of faith Mistaking the effect for the cause Mixture of awkwardness and straightforwardness Not given to trite acquiescence Olmah which Isaiah uses does not mean virgin Only one regret as to what you said--that it is true Pleasure? Yes. It makes me feel as if I were of some use Religion, I think, should be everybody's (profession) Rule which you so confidently apply to fit all cases Scandalously forced through the council of Nicaea Seeking a forgiveness out of all proportion to the trespa.s.s St Paul, you say, put us in our proper place Success--which was really failure Sunday was then a day essentially different from other days The law cannot fit all cases The weak always sink The hours of greatest suffering are the empty hours Thinking isn't--believing Vagueness generally attributed to her s.e.x Vividly unreal, as a toy village comes painted from the shop We must believe, if we believe at all, without authority We are always trying to get away from ourselves We never can foresee how we may change We have no control over our affections When our brief span of usefulness is done Who had learned the lesson of mothers,--how to wait Whole conception of charity is a crime against civilization You and your religion are as far apart as the poles

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