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When she returned to the mansion, first she called her gardener. The one who previously had made crutches for Adolf.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“If it is something not that significant Serum-sama. If my lord has something to make, please do tell me.”

“Well then, about that, do you know a good lumber shop and good woodworker place? I want to ma.s.s-produce crutches.”

“I think that is a good thing. I will introduce my lord to a good lumber shop, and woodworker place that I often trade with. Actually, I was originally a craftsman, and now my brother is succeeding the business.”

“I see, please do so then.”

After that Serum went around for other business talks. She was especially wanted to go to a workshop with many craftsmen and big merchant houses, the churches and also the school.

It seems the people already knew the change of the lordship. And the people of the fief appears to have welcomed her favorably.

Although it had no primary industry in particular, the locals were proud of the peace and order the territory had. Apparently, her father had made that his priority. The policy was popular indeed, but for political people, this was what one called ‘safe-politic.' And since her father was busy with his work as a General, the administration work of the territory was left to his representative.

When she entered the territory, she was greeted by the representative. It seems the person was someone who had served Gione house for a long time, and the person in charge of Serum's educator. Serum's father called him the ‘old man.'

“My lady, I'm glad that you're healthy. When I heard my lady had gone to the battlefield, I was filled with worry and anxiety, and was looking forward the day you would return.”

“Old man, I'm fine. I'm sorry to have made you worried. Is there anything unusual happen lately?”

Serum walked forward while talking.

“Yes. There is not much of big confusion within the territory, and life has continued normally. However, as expected, since the master had pa.s.sed away, people still feel worried regarding the future. We're happy when my lady decided to return.”

“Indeed, I can feel such emotion within the people as well. Even I can feel some of them were worried about me. Especially when I went to school…”

When Serum opened the door, it makes a sound like an old woman scream.

“Ah my lady, that door is broken. I'm sorry for the shameful sight I've asked for repair, but the repairman has yet to arrive…”

It seems the hinge of the upper part of the door had come off. It should be easy to repair it, by using just one driver. But when she looked at the joint, it was fixed with a curved nail instead of a screw.

“May I ask something? Why did they use a nail instead of a screw? If you used a screw, it wouldn't come off so easily you know?”

“Screw, what is that?”

Question marks seem to have appeared above the middle-aged servant. She thought he had said that accidentally, but apparently he did indeed not understand what a screw was…

(It can't be… In this world, there is no bolt and nut?!)

Come to think of it, I've never seen screw hole either… In his original world, it was used for many things, but it was such a small thing which was why people overlooked it.

Serum was astonished by such fact, but her brain immediately move.

“Emm, my lady, is there something?”

“Ah no, old man, bring me a pen and paper please…”

Serum then draws bolts, nuts, and driver on the spot.

“I'm going to the blacksmith now…”

Serum action was quick. When she met with the blacksmith boss, she immediately said h.e.l.lo.

“How to make bolt is by putting a thread soaked in ink at certain angle and roll it on the nail, thus making such marks. then you just have to sc.r.a.pe off along the line.”

“Hoou, but still this ‘nuts,' how am I going to make it? I cannot carve something into such a thin hole.”

“Ah about that, make a bolt with large handle and sharp head, then you just have to turn the bolt on the iron plate, the hole then would take the shape of the bolt edge.”

“Ohooo, I see!”

“At first, the size of the diameter would be trial and error, but if you can make a few stable types. We will create the standard. It would also greatly improve the power of fastener compared to the currently we had now! Anyway, make a lot of it!”

“But there's not much of craftsmen here…”

“Then hire some! I will provide the fund.”

Serum spread her hand and raised her voice.

“Let us get busy from now on! This would be a big factory!”

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