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The man in black abandoned his sword and returned to the courtyard from the window. The mask he wore was smashed by Sword Qi, revealing his shady face. His hands turned over and two golden hammers appeared in his hands.

"It's you." Li Ye sneered and stabbed him with his sword. Today, when they fought in the riverside, this man hid in the crowd and sneaked an attack at Li Ji and seriously hurt him. Li Ye would not forget that.

When he returned to the courtyard, the man's face was very gloomy. He came to attack Li Ye in the middle of the night, but Li Ye had expected it and prepared well, which was unexpected to him. After listening to Li Ye's words, the man was more shocked. According to Li Ye's current att.i.tude, it was clear that he had been waiting for him for a long time.

The man in black lost the first chance. He failed to attack Li Ye, and was injured first. At present, he was suppressed by Li Ye. And the situation was very disadvantageous to him. Although the three wounds on his body were not serious, he felt uneasy. "How did you know that I would come?"

During the fierce battle, more than ten attackers fled, leaving behind the dead and wounded. However, at the moment when the Transfer Formation worked, the wounded all committed suicide, which made Li Ye and the others fail to capture any attackers alive.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it was impossible for Li Ye to know their follow-up plan.

"Don't talk nonsense." Li Ye's attack was fierce and sword lights streaked out. The Sword Qi flew in the courtyard, and the man in black was forced to respond in a hurry and kept retreating. The Spiritual Qi spread to the eaves and walls of the courtyard and instantly broke the eaves, sending mud flying in the courtyard. "As long as I can capture you, I will get a high ranking!"

"It's arrogant of you!" Suddenly, the man in black laughed fiercely and used his cultivation of Level 3 Qi Refining without reservation. The two golden hammers in his hand were used together, which forced Li Ye to step back. However, at that moment, the two golden hammers collided with each other, suddenly bursting out with a sharp golden light. "Spiritual Golden Wolf!"

Golden light suddenly appeared, and the Spiritual Qi immediately condensed into a lifelike giant wolf that was as tall as three people. It opened its mouth, which was full of fangs, and rushed towards Li Ye.

At the same time, the sudden noise sounded everywhere in the village, and the quiet village was lit up by countless lights that were mixed with fire. Under the lights, more than 20 people were divided into groups and came to the village from different directions, launching an attack on the youths who were in the village.

For a moment, the sound of fighting, the sound of Spiritual Qi exploding, and the voice of the youths crying were mixed together, breaking the silence of the night.

Besides, when the black-clothed man used the cultivation method, Spiritual Golden Wolf, another three figures came to the courtyard one after another to help the black-clothed man. When the huge golden wolf, which was more than 10 meters tall, rushed towards Li Ye, they also launched techniques. Two of them sent out four fireb.a.l.l.s which stopped Li Ye from escaping, and one directly fought against Shangguan Qingcheng.

Li Ye stabilized himself and suddenly felt something. He slightly tilted his head and looked at the roof behind him. There were three figures there. All of them held Spiritual Weapons and launched techniques at Li Ye.

There were seven cultivators, including the man in black!

The man in black was in Level 3 of Qi-refining, and the rest were in Level 2!

"Prince An Li Ye, you're only in Level 2 of Qi-refining, you will die tonight!"

With the huge golden wolf, the man in black rushed towards Li Ye. His gloomy face was full of craziness and bloodthirst. "I heard you had fought with the son of Duke Xing, but that boy was a fool. He insisted on fighting with you alone, but I'm not as foolish as he was! Go to h.e.l.l, Li Ye! The Tang Empire is going to collapse. The Imperial Court is going to die. Today, I'll kill the Grand Prince, and I'll have a bright future!"

After today's fierce battle, both sides had a good understanding of each other. In that battle, although Li Ye showed good fighting skills and swordsmanship, the cultivation he showed was only in Level 2.

Li Ye was not surprised that the man in black knew his ident.i.ty.

Li Ye also was not surprised to be surrounded and attacked by many cultivators.

He was not surprised, but Shangguan Qingcheng was surprised.

The attacker's return was unexpected.

The number of opponents was too large and their strength was too strong.

She did not understand why the other party sent so many cultivators to deal with Li Ye.

Because Li Ye was the most exalted among these youths?

"Your Highness, run, I'll cover you!" Shangguan Qingcheng screamed at Li Ye as she fought against her opponent.

At this time, the a.s.sessment and ranking were not important.

She only hoped that she could hold these attackers off for a moment so that Li Ye could escape.

Then she saw that Li Ye did not leave.

In front of the broken window wall, Li Ye had already made a bow stance, with his right hand holding the long sword behind his back and the left hand making a seal before his chest.

His gaze was calm and slightly exposed his killing intent. Puffing out a purple Qi, he shouted in a low voice, "You can't see the immortals until you get to Kunlun, and the immortals are killed by a sword in Tianchi!"

Suddenly, his right hand shook, and the Luke Sword flew out from his back, flashing into the night sky and disappearing.

Li Ye made a Lotus Seal in front of him. At that moment, he looked down and was calm. "I have a sword that the Bodhi worships on bended knees; I hold the purple lotus of which ghosts and G.o.ds fear!"

If she weren't fighting now, Shangguan Qingcheng would have been stunned.

She discerned keenly that the Formula Li Ye said now was somewhat different from what he said the other day.

Of course it was different, because Li Ye's cultivation was different now.

Now he was in Level 3 of Qi-refining, so he could use the third method of Purple Clouds from the East.

The third method was the Sword Method.

And the name was 'the purple Qi born lotus and step-by-step lotus'.

The man in black, with his two hammers in his hand, followed the giant golden wolf and rushed to the window.

The golden wolf had a huge mouth and sharp claws that were powerful and had the power to tear up everything.

Behind him, there were two cultivators of Level 2 who threw out four fireb.a.l.l.s to stop Li Ye from escaping.

On the roof, there were three cultivators of Level 2 who attacked Li Ye from the back. The sword in their hands released a white light.

These attackers cooperated well. Some launched long-range attacks while some launched close-range attacks together. Some blocked Li Ye and some attacked him.

The golden wolf roared and smashed the wall, knocking it down, sending dust rising and broken wood flying.

The four fireb.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t the collapsing wall at the same time.

The three people on the roof jumped up and rushed towards Li Ye, making the second attack.

The man in black held the two hammers in his hand and launched attacks more than ten times, which completely smashed the earth wall in front of him.

Then he was stunned.

There was only dust and Spiritual Qi, and Li Ye was not there.

Li Ye couldn't be seen as soon as he finished the Formula.

It was not that he disappeared, it was that his speed was too fast.

It was too fast to be seen by others.

At this moment, a sudden sound came to the ears of all people, like sudden thunder.

"Purple Qi born lotus!"

No one knew how far away it was and where it came from.

The man in black stared suddenly because a purple lotus appeared in front of him.

The purple lotus was of an ordinary size. When it appeared, it bloomed quietly.

When the purple lotus blossomed, the man in black clothes was stiff, paralyzed, and unable to move. His Spiritual Qi stagnated and he was unable to move. This feeling only lasted for a moment, and immediately he returned to normal. It was doubtful whether this feeling had ever occurred.

But the man in black was very convinced that it was not an illusion.

Because in that almost imperceptible moment, he saw a sword light flashing and his throat had been cut, and blood gushed out!

The first lotus was born, and the man's throat burst open.

Only now did Shangguan Qingcheng realize that the courtyard in front of her was enveloped in purple smoke.

It was purple smoke, but also purple clouds. The purple smoke rose and the purple clouds moved, as if they were in a sea of clouds.

She saw that the unstoppable giant golden wolf had stopped roaring abruptly, then it fell apart and vanished in an instant.

The three swordsmen who came from the roof and rushed to the wall widened their eyes with fear and their faces were stiff.

By this time, the walls had collapsed, and the roof was still collapsing.

A sword light broke through the dust and flashed among the flying broken wood.

The second lotus was born. And the swordsman in the front was decapitated, his head flying away.

"Watch out!" The swordsmen heard the alarmed voice of their companions, their voices were trembling.

But it was too late.

The third and fourth lotus were born at almost the same time.

"Pftt! Pftt!"

Blood sprayed.

The swordsmen in mid-air suddenly stopped, then fell from the air, like a broken kite.

They had not yet fallen, and the fifth lotus was born in front of Shangguang Qingcheng.

Her look was rigid, because blood was sprayed on her face.

The sixth lotus was born. The seventh lotus was born.

The two pract.i.tioners who were under the branches and leaves of the old locust tree and used techniques to stop Li Ye from escaping were decapitated and their heads flew away one after another.

Blood gushed from their necks and splashed far away.

They fell together.

When they fell, the last swordsman on the roof fell to the ground.

They couldn't see Li Ye, only lotuses could be seen.

The step-by-step lotus was also known as the Seven-step Lotus. One moved seven steps and seven lotuses were born.

Every step of the cultivator had its meaning, and every lotus took people's lives.

When the last lotus bloomed quietly and fell in an instant, the clouds scattered.

Li Ye held the Luke Sword and stood next to the corpse of the last cultivator.

When Shangguan Qingcheng saw Li Ye, his clothes stopped fluttering.

She saw that he smiled at her.

Shangguan Qingcheng suddenly was absent-minded and her heart almost jumped out her mouth.

Then she immediately calmed down.

Because someone was coming.

"Your Highness, are you all right?" Song Yuanqiao came with an official.

Seeing Li Ye standing in the courtyard unharmed, Song Yuanqiao was so surprised that he hurriedly walked towards Li Ye. "These rebels are too disgusting. They came back to launch an attack at night, which was really unexpected! Now that everyone has been attacked, it is not appropriate to stay here for a long time. Your Highness, come with me. After we save the others, let's first go out to find a safe place!"

Song Yuanqiao came to Li Ye and looked anxiously. He greeted Li Ye. "Your Highness is really excellent. You killed all the rebels, now we just need to save the others... Your Highness, are you all right?"

Someone moved fast.

He stepped forward and drew out his sword.


The long sword was stabbed in the lower abdomen and penetrated through the back.

Blood dripped from the sword.

Song Yuanqiao had an incredible look. "You... you..."

Li Ye held a sword in his right hand and grabbed Song Yuanqiao's shoulder with his left hand, but ignored him. Instead, he looked calmly at the three officials who were three steps away. But he said to Song Yuanqiao. "There are always people who want to kill me, but none of them have succeeded."

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