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In the case that these Taoist priests intentionally gathered the greenwood heroes, no one knew how many cultivators and masters there were in the Taoist temple in Niushou Mountain.

Among the six youths' groups, only five groups could fight now. Although there were masters like Wu You's and Li Jing'an's attendants, their responsibility was to protect their lords only. Moreover, although they were masters, the cultivation of the cultivators in the Taoist temple in Niushou Mountain might not be lower than theirs.

After all, they could set up a Transfer Formation.

So everyone was worried.

In the case that it had been confirmed that the rebels in Niushou Mountain were the Taoist priests, these youths had a dispute about what should be the next step. They discussed whether they should leave or continue to investigate.

If they withdrew, then they would not complete their a.s.sessment. This time the a.s.sessment was divided into two parts, investigation and arresting the rebels. But since the rebels were strong and these youths could not defeat them, so they needn't arrest them. After all, it was these youths being tested, not the forces behind them.

Most of the youths of the Imperial Clan chose to withdraw. Li Ji said, "We are here to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment, and our purpose is to become an official, not to fight with these rebels. We do not have to take this risk. We just need to pa.s.s the a.s.sessment."

What these youths were thinking, he said out loud. The rebels scourged, intended to rebel, and harmed the Imperial Court. They were very harmful. But it had nothing to do with these youths of the Imperial Clan.

It was the officials' and the Imperial Court's responsibility to stabilize the region and suppress the rebels. The purpose of their coming was to pa.s.s the a.s.sessment.

"I agree with Brother Ji's opinion. We should withdraw first and report the situation to the Imperial Court when we go back. The Imperial Court will send people to eradicate these evil Taoist priests and rebels of the Taoist temple in Niushou Moutain." A youth of the Imperial Clan said.

Li Ji glanced at him with happiness in his eyes.

He spoke so directly just now because of his own position and motive. He wanted to persuade the other youths to withdraw with him.

Li Ji had been injured and lost his attendant, so he had no ability to continue to investigate. But he still completed the task of investigating the rebels with everyone, so his merit was no less than others'. In addition, he also lost his attendant, so when the Imperial Court a.s.sessed them, the Imperial Court would take pity on him and give him the corresponding care.

However, now Li Ji couldn't go on, so if the other youths continued to investigate, then they would gain more achievements and their merit would be more than Li Ji's. At that time, Li Ji's ranking was bound to lag behind, which was unacceptable to him.

Li Jing'an and Wu You did not agree to withdraw.

They wanted to continue investigating.

Li Jing'an said, "The evil Taoist priests of Niushou Mountain have harmed countless people. As the youths of the Imperial Clan, how can we ignore it? If we didn't come here, we could ignore it. But since we have come here already, how can we sit back? Shouldn't we go to the Taoist temple to investigate and try to save the people here?"

He spoke with great righteousness and dignity, but everyone knew that he just relied on his strong attendant to achieve more points. After all, only pa.s.sing the examination was far from enough for him, his purpose was to be first.

Li Jing'an took a look at Wu You. He was waiting for her choice. Among these youths of the Imperial Clan, Li Jing'an and Wu You were the strongest, so there was a compet.i.tive relationship between them.

Wu You said, "You're right, I agree with you. We still have to go to the Taoist Temple in Niushou Mountain. And we must try to help those who are suffering."

Li Jing'an stood up. "In this case, d.u.c.h.ess, are you going to go with me?"

Wu You nodded. Although the two were in a compet.i.tive relationship, there were dangers on the way to the Taoist temple, so they needed to cooperate and help each other along the way. She looked at Li Ye and asked, "Elder Brother Ye, will you go with us?"

Li Ye thought for a while. Finally, he sighed and shook his head. "I will not go."

He looked at Wu You's attendant and said with a bitter smile, "There are dangers in the mountain. And I don't have enough strength."

Then he looked at Li Jing'an again, as if he didn't trust him and feared that he might plot against him in the mountains. "And I don't want to compete for a high ranking."

His meaning was obvious. He would be satisfied as long as he could pa.s.s the a.s.sessment and become an official.

Wu You felt regretful and somewhat reluctant, but she couldn't say too much. She was very distressed. Seeing her expression, Li Ye took the initiative to comfort her. "I'll wait for you in Hu County. Just come back soon."

Wu You finally cheered up a bit and nodded hard. "I will come back soon, you must wait for me!"

Li Jing'an sneered aside and said to the woman next to him. "Ha, he is a Grand Prince, how little his courage is."

When Song Yuanqiao saw that Wu You and Li Jing'an had decided to leave them behind and enter the mountain, the joy that was hidden flashed in his eyes. But he still showed worry on his face. "It's dangerous in the mountains, and there are many rebels in the Taoist temple. d.u.c.h.ess and Childe, you..."

Li Jing'an was arrogant and he did not pay attention to Song Yuanqiao and directly ignored his words. He walked to Wu You, smiled and said, "d.u.c.h.ess of Li, let's go."

Wu You and Li Jing'an left the entrance of the village with their attendants. Before leaving, Wu You gave a look at Li Ye, but Li Ye only nodded in response.

This scene seemed to be normal to everyone because almost everyone knew of the d.u.c.h.ess of Li's feelings towards Li Ye in the Imperial Clan. Therefore, they didn't expect Li Ye and Wu You to have any secret plans.

After Wu You and Li Jing'an left, Song Yuanqiao said to everyone with a smile. "We have experienced a fierce battle today, I think you must be tired. How about we rest here for half a day and go back tomorrow? The ships were destroyed in the fierce battle, so I need some time to repair them."

Everyone said, "Thanks a lot."

There was nothing to do in the afternoon. Li Ye and Shangguan Qingcheng strolled around the village several times. And other youths were bored and wandered around.

Song Yuanqiao, who was repairing the ship on the riverside, and the middle-aged man he brought with him, came together and talked in a low voice.

"d.u.c.h.ess of Li and Li Jing'an went deep into the mountains, will there be any problems? If they really find the Taoist temple..." The middle-aged man was worried.

Song Yuanqiao said, "The d.u.c.h.ess of Li and Childe Li don't know the way to the Taoist temple, so they invited a villager to be their guide. That villager won't walk fast. They know that there are dangers in the mountain, but they still chose to go. So they will be very careful along the way. They won't ask their attendants to control a sword to fly and carry them. So their journey must be slow... When we finish our task here... it won't be difficult to catch up with them. And then they will have to come back halfway!"

Speaking until here, he did not go on, but the middle-aged man had already understood.

In the evening, everyone found a room to rest in.

Because there was no entertainment, everyone meditated and practiced breathing the Qi, and turned off the lights early.

The house Li Ye chose was quite close to the village entrance and the riverside. He meditated in the inner room while Shangguan Qingcheng guarded the hall.

It was so silent. In the middle of the night, Li Ye opened his eyes and saw that the window was bright. He looked up and saw that there was a crescent moon under the eaves. It was bright in the starry sea. By the courtyard wall outside the window, the old locust tree cast a large shadow.

At this moment, a dark figure jumped out from the old locust tree's branches and leaves, two leaves fluttering behind him. His clothes covered half of the bright moon and the moonlight outlined his body.

The dark figure leaped into the courtyard. His sword had already been drawn out before he came into the courtyard, and the moonlight flashed across the sword. In an instant, he broke through the window and went straight to Li Ye with his sword!

"I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

Li Ye pounded the bed and jumped up against the dark figure who broke in. As soon as he moved, the Luke Sword was in his hand. He drew it out of its sheath, and a white light shone in the sheath, accompanied by a loud sound. The long sword fell vertically, splitting a white light.

The stream of light illuminated the simple house.

Before the first stream of light disappeared, a second stream of light had appeared.

In a moment, Li Ye split out seven sword lights. They flew to the dark figure from different angles one after another, covering his whole body in Sword Qi.

It looked like stars had appeared in the house such that the mottled mud walls and brown doors and windows could be seen.

The dark figure widened his eyes and quickly took back his sword. Then he wielded it in front of him to split the Sword Qi.

However, the timing of Li Ye's attack was good. When Li Ye attacked the dark figure, he just broke through the window and his body was stuck in the window wall. So even if he took back his sword to defend, his hands and feet could not be moved.

He split four Sword Qis, but there three still hit him.

"Puff! Puff! Puff!" Blood gushed from the dark figure's left shoulder, right rib, and right leg at the same time, and his whole body was pushed back from the window. Fortunately, he stabilized his figure and did not fall down. But when he returned to the courtyard, he still stepped back.

When he was retreating, Li Ye had taken the opportunity to rush out the window and attacked him without rest.

"It's you." Li Ye saw his face and sneered.

At this time, Shangguan Qingcheng had come with her knife.

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