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Calron uncomfortably shifted on the bed as he awoke to a slight weight being pressed down upon his body.


“d.a.m.n this beast…”

Calron groggily muttered, as he gently picked up Avi from his chest and placed her back on the mattress.


Throughout the entire night, the little pup had been constantly crawling onto Calron’s chest to sleep instead of the large bed. Since the rooms were designed for beasts, the single bed within Calron’s room had enough s.p.a.ce for three grown men to sleep.

He honestly would not have minded this so much if the sleeping Avi did not keep scratching him with her claws.


Sitting up on the bed, Calron turned his head towards the window and gazed at the sun rising up on the horizon, as he forced the sleepiness out of him by rubbing his eyes.


Calron had resumed his human form before sleeping last night, as just the thought of one of his scales accidently piercing into Avi’s skin made him shudder. Besides, he still had no idea how long he would be able to sustain his beast form.

The more Calron thought about his shape-shifting duration, the more confused he became. There were times when he felt like he would only be able to maintain his beast form for a few hours, and there were other times like yesterday where he could remain in his beast form throughout the entire day.


“Mn… nnnn…. grrr… ”

Avi began growling in her dream, as she snapped her jaws at the bed sheet.


“Hey, Avi! Wake up!”

Calron nudged the wolf pup and tried to get her to wake up before she chewed through the cloth.



Avi sleepily barked, as she rubbed her furry head against the bed. Turning away from Calron, the pup resumed her slumber.


“Oi… don’t just ignore me.”

Calron let out a sigh, as he prepared to go downstairs.





“Morning, Dag!”

Calron greeted the old ape as he walked to the front of the inn.


Dag was a common ape-type beast of the mountains, with wizened grey tufts of hair on both sides of his head and a slightly protruded belly. The old ape was arduously cleaning the table counter when Calron came down the stairs.


“Morning, kid! Haha, is that little runt still sleeping?”

Dag chuckled, when he glanced at the sleeping figure of Avi perched on Calron’s scaly back.


“Yeah, she does that a lot. Hey, Dag, you have anything to eat right now?”

Calron eagerly asked.


“Of course! I’ll get you a steaming hot tray of food right away.”

Dag said mirthfully as he discarded the cloth he was cleaning the table with, and went back to the kitchen.


Stepping over to a nearby table, Calron carefully sat down a bizarrely constructed chair while placing the still sleeping pup next to him on the seat.


It’s so uncomfortable sitting down in my beast form.

Calron inwardly grumbled as he patiently waited for the food to arrive.


He did not have to wait for long, as Dag soon hobbled over with a steaming tray full of food. The delicious aroma wafted into Calron’s nostrils, causing his mouth to drool. Even the sleeping Avi next to him unknowingly lifted her head into the air as she sniffed the surroundings.


“Here you go.”

Dag chimed while placing the large tray of food in front of Calron.


With a wide selection of a.s.sorted meats, eggs, bread, and milk, Calron immediately dug into the meal.



Avi abruptly woke up, and cried out as she nudged Calron and quickly hopped onto the table. Without saying a single word, she began chomping down on the cuts of meat.


“Kid… “

Dag nervously remained standing in front of Calron’s table as he scratched the back of his head.


Stopping mid-bite, Calron tilted his head to face the old ape.


“Lord Georan only left enough money to cover your stay here for one night, but he did not pay for the meals. So, uhh… ”

Dag mumbled as he embarra.s.singly glanced at Calron.



Calron numbly stared back at the ape, as he realized what this meant.


Slowly rotating his head to see the little pup rapidly devouring mouthfuls of food from the tray, Calron felt tears forming in his eyes.



Avi let out a curious bark while raising her head at Calron, but quickly resumed back to wolfing down the food.


Sh*t! I’m broke right now!

Calron cried out within his mind, as he racked his brains for ways to pay the innkeeper.


Seeing the anguished expression on Calron’s face, the old ape hurriedly interjected.

“Don’t worry, this meal is on me!”


Dag could tell from a single glance that Calron did not have any money on him, but he liked the golden bird and the cute little pup, so he gave them a free meal.


“Thank you, Dag. I will find some work today to repay you, and if I don’t, then we will gladly move out of the inn.”

Calron breathed out in relief.


“I’m sure you will find a job, kid!”

Dag cheerfully laughed, as he patted Calron on the back and returned to running the inn for the other customers.


Meanwhile, Avi continued to viciously attack the food on the tray.

Watching the gluttonous pup, it dawned upon Calron that he would have to get a job quite soon.


Preferably before lunchtime.


Looks like I’m going to be a cargo bird…

Calron contemplated in resignation as he recalled Georan’s suggestion for a job yesterday.





This is a stupid idea. If Raizel knew that his descendants were working as pigeon carriers, he would have died with shame right there and then.

Ezkael stated with irritation in his voice.


Teacher, I’m not a pigeon…

Calron quietly responded back, as he continued walking down the street while looking for the location of the cargo building given by an earlier pa.s.sing-by stranger.


Well, once you start carrying goods around, you will be no different than a real pigeon!

Ezkael angrily retorted.


Letting out a sigh, Calron trudged ahead while Avi excitedly explored the city from his back.



“Joren! The Arena will soon open! Hurry up!”

A little horned tiger cub shouted back to his friend, as he raced towards a ma.s.sive building in front of Calron.


“You are too fast, Taro! Wait for me!”

A chubby red cat rasped as it clumsily trailed behind.



“Hmm, an Arena?”

Calron curiously muttered, as he changed his direction towards the large building.


Georan had mentioned an Arena yesterday as well, and it was one of the biggest entertainments for the citizens of the city. Another thing he had added was that the warriors entering the battles, received an extravagant amount of money for winning each battle.


However, Georan did not comment any further and simply moved on to other buildings. Initially, Calron would not have considered fighting in his beast form, as he was still unaccustomed to this new body and did not have a single clue on how to fight as a bird.


Teacher, I think I just found a new profession.

Calron yelled within his mind, as he spread his wings and leapt towards the Arena.



Entering the front of the ma.s.sive building, Calron saw a bustling crowd gathered at the far end of the room.


“Entrant or visitor? Visitor price is one copper square for the back row seats, three coppers for the middle row, and a silver for the front row. Entrant registration is over there.”

A lazy voice sounded out from the guard standing beside Calron.


“Umm, I’m an entrant.”

Calron quickly replied back.


“I just said to go over there for entrant registration, didn’t I?”

The guard annoyingly stated as he shooed away Calron. It seemed that he was more interested in making cash from the paying visitors.


“Oh, by the way, to register as an entrant, you will have to pay two silver squares.”

The guard’s voice suddenly sounded to Calron, just as he was about to turn around.


“You have got to be kidding me…”

Calron groaned.





“How did it go?”

A deep voice rumbled within an empty room.


“Your Highness, I don’t think this beast is a threat to us. He is still very young, and although his aura is powerful for his age, it not that of an expert within the Saint stage.”

A familiar voice echoed from a small glowing crystal within Wier’s claws.


“Hmm… well, did he take the bait?”

Wier inquired in a low voice.


“I was initially doubtful of whether it would actually work or not, but he seems to have just entered the Arena’s building right now. I will keep an eye on him.”

Georan responded in an even tone.


“Good. Report to me after an hour.”

Wier commanded, as he withdrew the small crystal back into his storage ring.


“Let’s see what this Calron is capable of…”

Weir quietly muttered in the darkness, as a streak of light partially shone upon his draconic face.

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