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Slowly tearing off another chunk of meat from the roasted bird, Calron placed it in front of the little pup.

Seeing more of the delicious meat, Avi quickly dropped the small bone in her jaws and eagerly rushed towards the human with an excited glint in her eyes.


Soon, tiny munching noises filled the air.


Now that the little beast was occupied, Calron momentarily closed his eyes and triggered the Divine Perception. He was still slightly exhausted by the earlier fight, but not to the extent of being completely unable to use the technique.

The wolf pup froze for a second when it sensed something unusual, but it soon resumed chewing on the meat when it glanced up and saw that nothing was wrong with the human.


To find the beast city, I need to search for a vast area with a large number of beasts wandering around.

Calron inwardly thought, as he gradually opened his eyes to the white and grey world.


With his grey irises glowing unnaturally, Calron turned his head towards the sky and sent his consciousness in a random direction. Whenever Calron used the Divine Perception, it felt like his mind was severed from his physical body and given an ethereal form.

It was almost like travelling as a ghost, where others were unable to see you.

Unlike looking for the thunderstorms, this time there were no residues of lightning essence to track. As a result, Calron had to blindly search for the beast city in every possible direction.

He only prayed that he would locate it before his strength ran out.


Surprisingly, the forest that he had initially thought to be small was in fact much larger, stretching out for countless miles.

By using the Divine Perception, Calron’s consciousness could travel for miles in an instant, so whenever he felt like there were no signs of a city in his current path, he would immediately switch course to explore a new direction.


Wait a minute… If I can see the lightning within the beasts, what if I go as far up in the sky as I can, and see which area contains the highest amount of these mini lightning bolts?

Calron suddenly thought, as he abruptly stopped in his tracks and swiftly charged further up in the sky.


He soon came to a point where he neared a layer of clouds and stopped there, as Calron sensed that if he went up any further, his vision started to became hazy and distorted.

Scanning the scenery below him, Calron surveyed the various illuminated figures within his sight. There were currently several large beasts slowly nearing his and the wolf pup’s current location, probably due to fact that there were two dead corpses near them.


Ignoring these beasts, Calron turned his sight even further away. He detected a small number of glowing lights steadily treading in a group. Calron could deduce their exact number as some of the glowing lights meshed together, but he estimated that there were around six or seven of the beasts.


Suddenly sensing another group of glowing lights, Calron immediately swerved towards their direction and began scrutinizing the new group. This was a much larger group of beasts than the ones he just encountered a few seconds ago.

Closely following behind them, Calron raced ahead once he concluded the general route they were planning to take. Unfortunately, these beasts were all just heading back to their small village, and not a city.


Sh*t! This is leading me nowhere. I don’t have much time…

Calron cursed, when he realized that his search for the beast city was to no avail. Furthermore, he sensed that his strength would soon be depleted within the next few minutes, and he would be forced to end the Divine Perception technique.


“Go back to that group.”

Ezkael suddenly interjected within Calron’s mind.


“Huh? Why?”

Calron curiously inquired, while already shifting his sight back to the small group.


“What you failed to detect, my dear student, is that some of those previous beasts had travelling packs underneath them. Can you think of any reason why they would be needing those?”

Ezkael asked in a smug tone, and Calron was sure that his Teacher was probably smirking right now. Since their souls were connected, Ezkael could easily see through his student’s own eyes


“What if they’re just travelling to another village, or location?”

Calron questioned, but traces of hope already started to bud within his heart.


“Just scout their route ahead, kid”

Ezkael sighed, but was secretly pleased with himself, especially after the earlier blunder of him getting Calron lost in the middle of nowhere.


Zooming in on the previous group of beasts who were moving at a steady pace, Calron flew above them as he observed the general direction that they were treading towards.


The group of beasts seemed to belong to a breed of buffaloes, but Calron could not tell for sure since they simply appeared as moving white glows with the faint outlining of a buffalo-type beast. Soon, he discovered the lumps of blackness underneath the beasts’ bellies. Since the packs did not have essence, they appeared as black forms to Calron’s sight.


“That’s a really strange place to tether their packs… ”

Calron silently muttered.


Suddenly, he felt the pressure of the Divine Perception start to send shocks of pain to his brain. Calron immediately became serious, and concentrated on the path as he whizzed ahead.

Calron soon found himself entering deeper and deeper into a mountain range.

After a while, the number of trees began to dwindle down, as the path on the ground become more like a road.


This is it!

Calron exclaimed in excitement.


He did not have to wait for long, as a towering fortress gradually came within sight. However, at that moment, he felt an agonizing jolt of pain wreck through his nerves  and knew that it was time to end the technique.

In a last attempt to glean information of how the city looked, Calron burst into the sky and gazed at the city within.

Before he could admire the view, he suddenly felt the glare of an omnipotent being!


The pair of dark vicious eyes instantly pierced through Calron’s vision, as the powerful being’s words echoed within Calron’s mind.


“Interesting… Cal… ron… ”



*cough*   *cough*

Calron returned back to his physical body, as he spluttered out a mouthful of blood on the gra.s.s.



The little wolf pup nervously crouched to the ground, as its large purple eyes worriedly glanced at Calron.


“It’s okay, Avi. See, I’m completely fine.”

Calron said in an a.s.suring tone, as he gently scratched the pup’s chin.


Hearing the human talk, the little beast gradually calmed down and began making sounds of contentment while Calron continued to stroke its fur.


Wiping away the traces of blood on his mouth with his other hand, a serious expression flickered across Calron’s face.

“Teacher, who was that?”




Calron yelled within his mind, as he sent a mental nudge to Ezkael.


“Give me a second, kid, I’m thinking!”

Ezkael promptly stated before going into silence again.


“The only explanation I can come up with is that it was the Beast King of that city.”

Ezkael slowly answered in a distressed tone.


“He… He knew my name.”

Calron said hesitantly, as he detected a hint of worry in his Teacher’s voice.


“He is a beast within the Saint stage… I should have been more careful. Thankfully, I stopped his soul attack before it drilled any further into your mind. We need to be careful when we enter this city, Calron.”

Ezkael cautioned in a somber tone.


“Wait, so he can directly attack my min- “


“We’ll talk later about this matter, but we need to quickly move from this location. The predators are almost here, and you’re in no condition to deal with all of them at once.”

Ezkael interrupted his student in a strict voice.


Sensing that the beasts were almost upon them, Calron quickly stood up, and motioned for the little wolf pup to step aside.



The pup let out a curious small bark while tilting its head, as it obediently stepped back from Calron.



Countless golden scales shot across Calron’s skin, as his body twisted and morphed into a large golden bird.



Calron let out an ear-splitting cry, as he flapped his metallic wings on the ground.


*woof*   *woof*

Avi barked continuously, as she excitedly jumped around the golden bird.


“Avi, come, we need to leave right now!”

Calron shouted, as he crouched to the ground and straightened one of his wings against the ground, so the little pup could climb on top of him.


Nervously walking towards the outstretched wing, the wolf pup tentatively stepped on it and began climbing onto Calron’s scaly back.


“Hold on tight.”

Calron gently whispered once Avi was safely on his back, and began to rapidly flap his wings.


He turned away from the two corpses on the ground, as he did not want to remind the wolf pup of its mother. Calron was sure that the little beast would recall its mother death later on when they were in a different location, but for now, he needed the pup to remain calm while he was mid-air.



With another screech, Calron steadily rose above the ground as he flapped his powerful wings.


A low whimper sounded out from behind him, as the wolf pup nervously pressed her face against Calron’s back.


“This should be fun…”

Calron laughed out within his mind, as he began flying towards the beast city.

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