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*sha*   *sha*


Suddenly, something soft and furry began to rub up against Calron’s bare leg.


While continuing to play the flute, Calron slowly glanced down below and saw a golden jaguar cub lovingly rubbing its furry little head against his body.



Tilting up its cute little head towards Calron, the baby jaguar happily purred as it enjoyed the music from the flute.


*chirp*  *chirp*






A train of little animals soon appeared within Calron’s sight, led proudly by the baby monkey. With its tiny chest puffed up, the monkey theatrically marched ahead of the other beasts. It was a completely comical sight as it appeared that the little beasts were actually obediently trailing behind the monkey.


Calron remained standing, as he knew that if he sat down on the ground, then the baby beasts would immediately try to jump onto his lap as soon as they were near him!


The large bear cub slowly trudged at the back, as it carried several baby birds on its back. Within seconds, the once-empty forest around Calron was now littered with dozens of little beasts. There were reptiles, birds, and various other species of beasts.


Did their group suddenly grow larger? Don’t these brats have anything better to do all day? Dammit, that s.h.i.tty monkey is coming near!

Calron inwardly fumed, as he recalled the last time he had encountered the baby monkey, and when it had spat directly into his eyes to distract him from the roasted bird. Calron had yet to take revenge for that humiliating scene.


Seeing the little thief pompously arrive in front of him again, Calron vehemently fought his urges to electrocute the baby monkey right then and there.


“Gaga ga?”

The yellow-furred monkey curiously gazed at the human as it saw the expression on Calron’s face abruptly change while his hands slightly trembled. The little monkey did not realize that it was it was because of him, that the human was struggling to control his anger.


It appeared as if the little monkey had entirely forgotten that it stole food from Calron!


Thinking that the human boy was just feeling emotionally down, the baby monkey nimbly hopped onto the tree above Calron and sagely patted his back, as if comforting him.

“Gaga… ga… gagaga… “


You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, just wait till I’m done playing the flute!

Calron screamed within his mind as he tightly shut his eyes. He felt like if he saw the little monkey’s face one more time, he would be unable to control himself and he did not want to hurt the cute jaguar cub next to his leg.


The golden jaguar cub was one of the few beasts that Calron actually liked, as it would never pester him and would simply cuddle beside him. Most of the little rascals would unceasingly scratch his bare skin whenever he would stop playing the flute, or any other time when they would carelessly graze his skin while they were goofing off around him.


However, the main reason that Calron liked the little jaguar was because the golden jaguar cub was a magical beast with the lightning attribute!


After several minutes, the melody finally came to an end and Calron let out a deep breath, as he put the small wooden flute away.



One of the snake beasts of the group suddenly hissed in dissatisfaction at the human who abruptly ended the music.


Just as a nearby baby fox was about to claw Calron, he suddenly darted away from the tree and appeared a few yards away from the entire group. Even without using the Blood Mist Step, Calron’s speed had already reached an astonishing level!


“Alright, I need you guys to do me a favor. You will come in groups of five, and start biting me. No scratching, and only biting!”

Calron turned a glare towards the baby fox when he finished his sentence. The little fox quietly whimpered as it guiltily hung its head.


“Also, all poisonous beasts step behind that bush. You are not allowed to partic.i.p.ate in this activity.”

Calron sternly stated with a firm tone.


Slowly, several poisonous little beasts miserably trudged away as they shot looks of envy towards their non-poisonous friends. They wanted to play with the human as well.


“You too!”

Calron yelled when he saw that a small black lizard was casually trying to blend itself behind the large bear cub.


“Sssa ssa?”

The black lizard innocently cried out when it realized that it had been swiftly discovered.


“Get back over there, your saliva is toxic.”

Calron immediately countered back.



The little black lizard angrily spat out, and joined its other poisonous friends near the bush. It did not know what the human was planning, but it seemed fun and it wanted to play as well.


A gloomy atmosphere spread over the group of the poisonous little beasts.


“Alright, you, you, you… you, and you, all form a group….”

Calron carried on for several minutes as he a.s.signed each of the remaining beasts a group. He decided to balance them out, so he would have several agile beasts along with several slower beasts in one group. The agile beasts would attack faster but with less strength, while the slower beasts would attack with a greater strength. Calron separated them this way so that he could simultaneously train both his reaction speed and adaptability in battle.


“I’m going to regret this… “

Calron sighed when he noticed the excited and eager expressions on the parade of the baby beasts in front of him.


“Let’s do it… COME!”

Calron shouted while tensing all the muscles within his body.



*pant*   *pant*

Calron collapsed on the ground as he heavily breathed in order to regain his breath.


“meowww… “

The golden jaguar cub lightly licked Calron’s cheek as it sadly looked at the various wounds covering his body. It did not want to bite its human friend, but the boy forced it to attack him.


“Haha, I’m fine, don’t worry. You should go now, the others have already left.”

Calron rasped, while he gently petted the little beast’s soft golden fur.



The little cat inquired as it gazed into the human’s eyes.


“Yes, we will do this again tomorrow. Go!”

Calron gingerly replied as he slightly nudged the cub away from him.


Giving a final last glance towards its human friend, the cub rushed into the forest and called out to its beast friends.



Calron felt a sudden thought pierce his mind!




How did I know what it was saying?

Calron’s mind instantly reeled back as he realized that he had actually understood what the jaguar cub had asked him!


Could it be?


“Looks like you’ve already figured it out… ”

The Voice quietly said as it materialized next to its student.


“NO! This can’t be possible! But both my parents were… Teacher?“

Calron turned towards his Teacher in a quivering voice.


“Sigh… Calron, have you ever wondered why your lighting was so different? Even when taking away the Azure Lightning, your normal golden lightning is much stronger than the lightning of any other cultivator. You thought that your physical body was much tougher due to the Blood Legacy, but did you ever test your real strength before you inherited the legacy?”


As his Teacher continued to talk, all the pieces within Calron’s mind started to slowly come together and the realization of what those pieces meant, thoroughly shook Calron’s soul.


The thoughts of the little beasts and why they were always so familiar with him, even though he looked like a human, all rushed through Calron’s mind. Instinctively, beasts were naturally wary of humans and even their children would never approach one, unless…


*thump*     *thump*


“Yes, Calron… you have the blood of a beast within you!”

Chapter 67 – The Bloodline of a Beast


Hahaha, I bet this came as a shock to all of you! However, I had left various clues throughout the book but no one picked them up :P

Recall that in the prologue, the wolf pup sniffs Calron’s body and only settles in his lap after it confirms something. There are many small clues like that hidden throughout the story about various other plot points. They are all very vague and quite expertly hidden (if I say so myself ^^).

Oh yea, one more thing: The bird on the cover page is not the Thunder-Bird.

Bye bye!


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