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A low growl suddenly sounded out behind him, and after hearing it, Calron immediately rushed to grab the roasted bird!


It appeared as if Calron already knew who this unknown beast was!


A fierce and terrifying battle was currently taking place between man and beast.

Droplets of sweat formed on Calron’s forehead, as he desperately tried to force back the persistent creature. With a furious expression etched onto his face, Calron angrily glared at the monster fighting him.

Under that intense scrutiny, the ferocious beast showed no signs of backing down and returned an equally fierce glare towards Calron.


It was clear that neither the boy nor the beast wanted to admit defeat!


“You d.a.m.n monkey! Let go of my bird!”

Calron heatedly yelled, as he tugged the right leg of the roasted bird.



A small baby monkey was on the opposite side of Calron, as it tightly gripped the wing of the roasted bird!


The tiny monkey was a common magical beast of the forest known as the Golden-Bellied Ape. A fully grown ape of that species had a coat of bright yellow fur and a protruded golden colored belly! Adult apes would only reach around two feet tall, so they were relatively a small-sized beast.


Although they were not overly strong, they were still part of the magical beasts and thus had an astonishing amount of physical strength!


This baby monkey had been pestering Calron for weeks since he had started living in the new cave, as it had once seen that the human boy cook some delicious meat.


A few weeks back, it had come up to Calron with its large cute eyes staring at him, as it pitifully pleaded the boy for some food.

Feeling bad for the baby monkey, Calron had generously given it a slice of the cooked boar that he had cooked back then. However, the little monkey had quickly gobbled it up, and turned its misty eyes once again towards the boy, as if requesting for more of that delicious meat.


Thinking that the baby monkey had probably been starving for days, Calron had gingerly handed it an entire leg of the cooked boar!

The little monkey had cheerfully grabbed the leg, and immediately darted away while excitedly yelling into the surroundings.



Seeing that the baby monkey was so happy, Calron had sat down and enjoyed his own meal.


However, the little yellow monkey had returned the very next morning, boldly and struck out its hand, as if asking for more food from the human stranger.


Still groggy from sleep, Calron absentmindedly handed it a belly-cut of last night’s boar, but the little monkey rapidly shook its furry head while it gave a disdainful look at the cut of meat.


After a brief second, it excitedly pointed towards the last leg piece, as a trail of thin drool started to seep from the corner of its mouth.


“You little punk! That’s mine! Just eat this!”

Calron stated in an irritated voice, as he pushed the belly-cut meat in front of the baby monkey’s eyes.


Seeing that the large human was not giving it what it wanted, the baby monkey angrily stomped its tiny feet and suddenly rushed to s.n.a.t.c.h the last leg piece!



Realizing that his meal was about to be stolen, Calron had immediately activated the Blood Mist Step, while he grabbed the leg piece, and reappeared a few meters away.



The little monkey furiously screamed and glared at Calron, as if accusing him of cheating.


Feeling slightly ashamed of using the Blood Legacy to prevent a baby monkey from stealing his food, Calron softly sighed and dejectedly handed the leg piece over to the little monkey.


Seeing the human relinquish the prize, the little monkey cheerfully jumped up and down, as it quickly took the piece of meat and scurried away from Calron’s location.


After that incident, Calron had resigned himself to this unfortunate fate, and tried his best to prevent the little monkey from stealing his food again.


Calron did not mind sharing his food with the small beast, but it always seemed to insist on receiving the best cuts of everything, and refused to settle for anything less. If Calron refused its request, then it would simply try to steal it!



The struggle between the man and beast continued as they fought hard for the ownership of the delicious roasted bird.


Usually Calron would just give the monkey whatever cut it wanted, as he found that it was embarra.s.sing for him to continuously bicker with a baby monkey, but this chicken-like bird was a rare find within the mountains, which was mostly inhabited by four-legged creatures.


Seeing that the big human was still not relinquishing the meat after this long, the baby monkey’s cheeks started to balloon up, as it mischievously glanced at Calron.


“Huh? What is it doing?”

Calron curiously muttered while still tightly gripping the roasted bird’s leg.


This was the first time he had seen the little monkey do this.


Suddenly without warning, the baby monkey spat into Calron’s eyes and violently tugged the bird free from his grip!



Calron angrily cursed out, as he wiped the globule of saliva away off his eyes!


By the time he could see clearly again, the tiny monkey had already ran off with his roasted bird.


“I’m going to kill that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Calron furiously yelled as he shot a bolt of lightning into the cl.u.s.ter of trees in front of him.


“Relax, kid. It is exactly because you get so agitated, that the little monkey continues to pester you. Just go hunt another beast now, and besides, it’s good training for you!”

The Voice amusedly spoke within Calron’s mind, with hints of laughter in the background.


“Teacher, how long do we have to remain at the outer edge of the Desolate Mountains?”

Calron exasperatedly asked, as he started walking into the forest to hunt for some other beast.


The small mountain that Calron was currently residing in was mostly inhabited by lower ranked beasts, and the small abandoned children of other beasts. Calron did not feel a sense of danger from these low-ranked beasts, and he wanted to test his real battle strength with the Blood Legacy!


Calron fervently wanted to enter the inner range of the Desolate Mountains, but his Teacher remained adamant in refusing to let him set foot into those mountains!


“Be patient, Calron. You are almost ready to start training in the third stage of the Thunder-Bird technique.”

The Voice calmly stated, as it tried to appease the restless boy.


“Wait…. Is that what I have been training for all this time? What is the third stage of that technique?”

Calron curiously inquired, as he abruptly stopped in his footsteps.


“Hahaha, did that suddenly spark your interest?”


“N-No! I’m not curious at all!”

Calron hurriedly replied in response to his Teacher’s question.


He knew that no matter how hard he would try to weasel any information out of his Teacher, the Voice would not reveal it him unless it wished to. So, Calron simply hid his curiosity and refused to be baited by the Voice.




Calron suddenly detected a trace of movement from the corner of his eye!


The aura around Calron abruptly changed, as he quickly crouched to the ground and intensely observed his surroundings.


It was finally time to hunt!



Suddenly, a dark metallic bow appeared within Calron’s hand!

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