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As Fatty’s blood slowly dripped onto the stage, a surge of pain suddenly shot through Calron!


Calron had never felt such a bond with anyone else in his life. Watching his brother bleed before his eyes, awakened a primordial rage inside of him!


Him and Fatty were kindred souls. They had shared the same torment of not having a place where they belonged, and although Fatty constantly goofed around and annoyed Calron, deep within the depths of his heart, Calron liked having Fatty pester him.


Fatty was the only one that Calron had ever felt such closeness with, and he had not realized until this moment just how much effect that boy’s presence had in his life!


Seeing his brother’s current mangled body and the broken arm with pale white bone showing, Calron felt an intense hatred and wrath welling up within his body!


He slowly observed all the countless cuts and wounds spread across Fatty’s body.


The blood continued to drip on the stage, as Fatty desperately tried to break free of Chax’s hold.

Just as Calron was about to rush to the stage, Fatty suddenly stopped moving.


Time stopped.


Calron started to breathe heavily, as his heart violently thumped against his chest.

A colossal amount of blood surged through his veins, as an intense killing intent emanated from Calron.


A guttural growl sounded out from his throat, as he felt the concrete beneath him starting to crack apart.

A fiery heat circulated inside his body, as Calron’s skin suddenly took on a complete crimson color!


He no longer looked like a human while exuding that savage aura which was akin to that of a wild beast, as his skin shimmered with a blood-colored glow!


The crimson mist orbited around Calron, as the domain of the Blood Arts was activated for the first time ever!


Completely unaware of the changes happening to his body, Calron growled through his clenched teeth.






High above the Arena, and on top of a cliff, an old man stood with an enraged expression on his face!




A huge boulder next to him disintegrated into dust, as his fist stuck the large rock!


A vicious aura suddenly radiated from his body, as his long white hair wildly fluttered in the wind.


“THESE b.a.s.t.a.r.dS!”

Elias furiously bellowed, as his opaque grey eyes burst with an unnatural light!


Seeing his own disciple beaten on the stage, Elias felt an uncontainable fury welling up inside him. This scene was very similar to when his nephew was slaughtered back then, and Elias did not have the heart to watch another disciple  of his being killed in front of him.


However, just as he was about to leap towards the stage, the source pool inside the Blood Legacy started to tremble vigorously!

“No…No… NO! This can’t be happening! CALRON!”



Deep within Calron’s consciousness, a series of images started to flash across his vision.


A crimson giant with bulging arms stood alone on a deserted plain, as countless corpses surrounded him. It was not clear whether or not the giant actually had crimson skin, or if it was just the blood of the corpses.


Calron could only see the back of the giant and no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to gaze at the giant’s face!


Patterns of symbols were wholly etched across the giant’s skin and they faintly glowed with a pale light.


The symbols were surprisingly identical to the one Calron had on his palm!


“Boy, do not regret this… ”

A hoa.r.s.e whisper sounded out from the giant, as in the next moment, all the images shattered within Calron’s mind.


Suddenly, an intense surge of source energy rushed into him as he felt his muscles and bones being completely imbued with a crimson glow!


A profound strength seemed to enter Calron, as he sensed his body grow stronger and stronger by the moment. Even the experts at the peak of the Spiritual stage would hardly be a challenge for the current Calron!


Every fiber of his being was emanating the source energy of the Blood Legacy.


However, after a single second, Calron felt a sudden jolt of pain shoot through his body!


His blood was starting to be consumed by the legacy!



A gut-wrenching scream erupted from Calron’s mouth, and suddenly, a faint illusion of a ma.s.sive crimson giant coalesced behind him!


It stood around twenty feet tall, with plates of armor covering its chest, wrists and ankles. Besides a loincloth covering its private parts, the giant had no other clothing on it.


The giant suddenly raised its head and mightily roared towards the heavens!


The nearby crowd all stared in shock as they saw the changes in the boy, and their hearts trembled with fright when the illusion of a crimson giant appeared behind Calron.


None of them knew what that creature was, but they could feel the intense pressure it exuded!


Meanwhile, Felice’s mind was completely numb with shock as she saw the current Calron. With his red skin and savage aura, the boy no longer appeared to be human, and instead seemed like the very incarnation of a devil from the depths of h.e.l.l!


Before she could regain her composure, Calron suddenly vanished from his spot!


Only a faint cloud of crimson mist remained where he had previously stood.



Chax felt his whole body trembling uncontrollably as he closed his eyes in an effort to steady his nerves.


Right at that moment, he heard an ear-splitting roar of a savage beast!


Before he could even open his eyes, a scorching palm with a frightening strength, suddenly gripped his neck!


Chax abruptly opened his eyes and stared into the distorted face of Calron!


“W-who are y-you?”

Chax asked in a shaky voice.


“This is my retribution!”

A cold and frosty voice whispered into Chax’s ear, as he suddenly felt his body being lifted into the air.


Holding Chax’s body by the neck, Calron viciously smashed his head into the ground!




Pressing Chax’s neck into the ground, Calron bent down as he whispered into his ear.

“This is for justice!”


Grabbing Chax’s right arm, Calron maliciously twisted it until it popped out of its socket.


Chax let out a blood-curdling screech as a burst of pain exploded within his mind!


Tightly gripping the dislocated arm, Calron exerted his pressure until sounds of the bone cracking could be clearly heard in the surroundings, along with Chax’s miserable cries of pain.


A spray of blood burst forth, as the entire arm from the elbow to the wrists, was completely crushed into a mesh of fractured bones and flesh!


Under the domain of the Blood Legacy, Calron’s physical strength was immeasurably amplified and with just his bare hands, he could crush the bones of an eighth rank cultivator!


The illusion of the crimson giant had disappeared a while ago, but Calron did not even realize it, as he was utterly immersed in torturing Chax.


Gazing at the still figure of Fatty, unbidden tears started to form within Calron’s eyes as he firmly clenched his fists, and turned to glare at Chax.


With the crushed arm still within his grip, Calron let out a loud roar as he suddenly ripped apart the arm from the elbow down!



A soul-crushing cry of pain erupted from Chax’s mouth as he felt the torturous agony of his limb being torn out!


“This is for vengeance!”

Calron coldly whispered as he stared into Chax’s eyes.



In the booths above the stadium, a chaotic scene was unfolding.


“What is that thing behind that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d?”

Regis loudly exclaimed as he abruptly rose out of his chair.


Even from here, he could detect that the aura around that thing was extraordinary, and he had never heard of a technique that could bring out such a realistic illusion with its own signature aura!


“Stop this tournament and bring that runt to me! NOW!”

Regis bellowed as he turned towards his two guards.


He could see that the lightning boy was not so simple, and he wanted to seize him before anyone else made a move.


After this day, it was clear that the boy would not remain in the Red Boar School as the various officials present today would definitely try to capture the boy for their own purposes.


A young lightning cultivator that could turn his skin to an astonishing crimson color, and bring out such violent and bloodthirsty aura, would be the fascination of every influential power in the city!


Turning his head to gaze at the stadium, Regis was pleased with the performance of his son and loudly applauded as he beamed with pride.


There was no one in the younger generations that could contend against Chax!


His son was a rare genius!


Just as these thoughts were racing within his mind, Regis got up to exit the booth to congratulate his son, when a blood-curdling scream echoed in the entire Arena.




Swiftly turning around, Regis rushed to the edge of the balcony as he saw the soul-crushing scene below him.


His son was currently being tortured by the red-skinned boy!


Before Regis could even comprehend the situation, another gut-wrenching scream echoed on stage, as Chax’s limb was savagely ripped apart from his body!


“YOU LITTLE b.a.s.t.a.r.d! KILL HIM!”

The roar of the city Lord reverberated into the sky, as the entire crowd below felt their hearts shake with terror!

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