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“p.i.s.s off! Who do you think you are, to have the right to challenge me? If not for my Master stopping me back then, I would have broken every single bone in your body!”

Chax fiercely roared as he released his essence.


Waves of scorching flames suddenly flowed around Chax’s hands, and the surrounding disciples were all forced a step back under the intense heat.


A sinister glint flashed in Chax’s eyes as he prepared to rush towards Calron.


Seeing the large boy aiming for Calron, Fatty suddenly pushed his sister aside as he released his own essence into the air. Fatty’s face was completely distorted in anger as he stepped in front of his big brother!


A cyan colored essence coalesced around him, and the temperature in the room suddenly seemed to have dropped by several degrees!


It was a bizarre environment, with one side being extremely hot and the other side being freezing cold!


“Who the h.e.l.l are you?”

Chax abruptly stopped his attack, as he turned to glare at Fatty.


This was the first time he had seen Fatty after the previous incident and Chax did not recognize the current Fatty, as he was entirely different to the Fatty that Chax last remembered!


Before Fatty could respond, a firm hand suddenly grasped his shoulder.


“Fatty, come back. This is not your fight!”

Calron hoa.r.s.ely voiced next to him.


“But big broth- “

Fatty abruptly stopped as he felt Calron’s hand tighten its grip on his shoulder.


“Sigh… alright, big brother.”

Withdrawing his essence, Fatty slowly stepped back.


However, he continued to emanate an aura of hatred towards Chax.


Calron did not want Fatty to fight this battle, as he could clearly sense that the current Chax was not as simple as before. His current cultivation was at the seventh rank or possibly even at the eighth rank!


The difference between the fifth and sixth rank might not be great, but the closer one reached to the peak of the Spiritual stage, the purer their essence would be, and it was at the seventh rank that the essence within one’s body would go through a qualitative change!


Although Fatty might be able to defeat cultivators in the fifth and sixth rank, he would be no match for a genuine seventh or eighth rank cultivator!


It appeared as if Chax had used a lot of resources to gather the required amount of essence to break into the next rank of cultivation! This would not be surprising as his father was the city Lord, and had plenty of beast cores to provide for his son to cultivate with.


“Chax, stop this fight right now! You know very well that we are not allowed to engage in battles outside of the tournament!”

Felice suddenly stated in a cold tone.


Initially, she had not wanted to involve herself as Chax was clearly going after Calron, but when her little brother stepped in, she was forced to intervene as well.


Unlike others that tried to stop Chax, Felice had a strong background that even Chax would not dare to provoke.


“Sigh… yes, I forgot about the rules… “

Chax replied back in an overly sincere tone as he slowly stepped back away from Calron.


The nearby disciples all breathed out a sigh of relief when they heard those words.


However, in a flash, Chax abruptly turned around and flung a huge ball of flame towards Calron!


The scorching ball of flame travelled at an insane speed and was almost upon Calron before anyone had even realized that Chax had attacked!


All time seemed to stop.


The fiery glow of the flames were reflected in Calron’s eyes, as the scorching ball of flame drew closer and closer towards Calron’s face.


From the intensity of the heat, Calron knew that even with his physical body, he would take considerable damage if he did not use the full power of the legacy.


However, before he could even activate the Blood Legacy, he felt his core suddenly quivering with a violent energy as the Azure Lightning threatened to come out.


Calron tightly clenched his fists as he tried to force down the lightning! He would much rather risk revealing the Blood Legacy than his Azure Lightning!


Torrents of blue lightning flashed across Calron’s pupils!


Knowing that he was powerless to stop the lightning, Calron resigned himself to his fate, as a tenacious expression spread across his face!



“Hmm, is someone being a naughty boy?”

A gentle and pleasant voice suddenly reverberated throughout the booth.


In an extremely slow motion, the figure of an old man coalesced in front of Calron.


Although the old man appeared to be moving leisurely, his speed was shockingly fast that even Calron did not detect him till the very last moment!


The old man had a striking pair of bright sea-green eyes and his medium length grey hair was tied back in a neat ponytail. Although his face had signs of aging and slight wrinkles on the skin, his eyes fiercely penetrated the souls of every disciple there.


“Admirable… to have such proficiency in a fourth rank technique like this Solare Blast.”

The old man cheerfully stated as he caught the giant ball of flames in his hand.


Meanwhile, Chax just stood there with a stunned expression on his face!


This old geezer was definitely a hidden expert!


It was obvious that this old man had the cultivation of the Vajra stage, or else how could he so easily nullify Chax’s attack?


From the old man’s white robes, it was clear that he was not an Elder of the school, but an outsider!


“If Serina had not come to me in time, things might have turned ugly… “

The old man whispered to himself, as he then turned to look at Calron.


“Boy, are you alright?”


“Yes, sir, thank you for stopping that attack.”

Calron calmly responded back to the elderly man.


The Azure Lightning had quietly disappeared on its own once the danger to Calron’s life vanished. Thankfully, the sudden appearance of the ball of flames and its bright light had drawn all the attention, so no one noticed the strangeness of Calron’s lightning.


The old man was a bit taken aback with the calmness in the boy’s voice, but he turned his head to gaze into Chax’s eyes.


“I don’t care whether your father is the city Lord. You will obey the rules of the tournament or I will personally disqualify you! Is that understood?”

The old man spoke in a serious tone as his eyes pierced into Chax’s.



Hearing those words, Chax immediately realized who this old man really was.


The old man was the tournament Moderator!


The Red Boar School always hired an external group to mediate the tournaments. This was to ensure that the battles and duels all stayed fair and none of the teachers or Masters gave a biased judgement.


To be a Moderator, one had to have a very high cultivation!


“Lord Jarin, the next round is about to begin.”

A tall and stunningly beautiful woman walked towards the old man as she reported to him.


The woman’s dark maroon dress tightly hugged her body, as it accentuated her curves and voluptuous figure.


Some of the older male disciples in the booth drooled at the sight of the gorgeous woman.


“Eh? Serina?”

Suddenly a strange look flashed across the old man’s eyes, as the intense aura around him completely vanished.


“How about giving me a kiss for good luck, eh?”

The old man sweetly asked as he quickly arrived in front of the beautiful woman.


A scowl emerged on the woman’s face as she saw the dirty look in the old man’s eyes.


“Lord Jarin, the Captain has asked you to mediate the next round. Please go and report to him.”

The woman responded in a brusque tone.


It was clear that this was not the first time the woman had to deal with the degenerate old man in front of her.


“Well, how about a quick hug then?”

The old man was completely undeterred in his advances, as he spoke with a lewd expression on his face.


The nearby older disciples all felt like slapping the old geezer for his shamelessness!


Just a moment before, they all had admiring gazes towards the old man who exuded such a calm and powerful aura, but seeing his att.i.tude completely switch, only one word seemed to echo in their minds.



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