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After not having seen that person in such a long time, Calron’s initial surprise soon turned into amus.e.m.e.nt.


“Yo, Tarth! Is your face still hurting?”

Calron shouted as he noticed that the boy at the head of the group was actually the blonde muscular boy he had encountered a few months ago!


Seeing the dark haired boy that one of their group members had just called trash, now suddenly greeting their leader, the surrounding disciples were all stunned.


“Hey, Boss, why is that trash talking to you that way? Did he mistake you for someone else?”

A short boy with copper colored hair asked as he looked up to Tarth.


Meanwhile, Tarth felt his heart trembling with fear.


This monster had to be in the same batch as me? Curse my stupid luck! How will I ever show my face again if lose in the very first round!



Another boy next to Tarth asked, as he nudged his shoulder.


“Shut up and walk away! Don’t insult that kid again, he is a wolf in a sheep’s skin!”

Tarth fiercely whispered as he started scurrying to the opposite direction without taking a single glance at Calron.


“Huh? What’s wrong with boss? Let’s just follow him.”

Giving a last look of disdain at Calron, the other boys immediately followed behind Tarth.


Shrugging his shoulders, Calron started a low whistling tune as he patiently waited for Fatty to return with his armband.


“Tarth! Where the h.e.l.l did he go? I just saw him here a few minutes ago. Tarth!”

A sweet melodic voice sounded in the area.


Hearing that that voice, Calron felt his heartstrings tug violently!




*thump*     *thump*


It’s her!


Calron’s heart pounded wildly against his chest, as he tried to steady his rising heartbeat.


It had been a long time since he last saw her and she only seemed to have grown more beautiful. Her soft red hair fluttered in the wind as it partially obscured her charming face and snow-white skin.


Wearing a dark emerald dress and a yellow armband on her right arm, Lora surveyed the vicinity to find Tarth. With a slight scowl on her face, she angrily exhaled as she realized that the boy she was looking for was not anywhere near.


A few meters away, Calron furiously blushed as he thought of how pretty she looked when she was mad.


In the past few months, thoughts of the red haired girl did not come to him often, and when they did, Calron forced them out of his mind to focus on training.


However, physically seeing her just a few steps away from him, Calron was drained of every drop of willpower he had.


Calron wanted to shout out her name, but the words died out in his mouth. He wanted to walk over to her, but his feet refused to obey his commands. With his heart racing against his will, Calron closed his eyes as he tried to regain his composure.


“Hey! The cute boy with the black armband!”

The sweet voice of a girl echoed as it reached Calron’s ears.



Opening his eyes, Calron saw the red haired girl was walking towards him with a bright smile on her face, as she energetically waved her arm around.


“Uh, H-hi!”

Calron greeted back with a shy smile on his face.


If Fatty had seen his big brother behave like this, then the next few weeks would have been a torture for Calron, as Fatty would have unceasingly teased him.


“I never saw you again after that last time, Calron”

Lora said in soft voice as she arrived in front of him.


“Yea, uh, I was busy with training, so I never hung around the gathering hall.”

Calron sheepishly responded back as he scratched his head.


“I wish I trained more as well… but unfortunately my talent is only average. Sigh, I don’t think I have any hope of winning the elixir… “

Lora said in a forlorn tone as she quietly gazed at the Arena.


Calron’s heart raced as he saw the sad expression on red haired girl’s face.

“You want the elixir?”


Faced with Calron’s abrupt question, Lora turned her head back to the dark haired boy as she gently stated.

“Yes, I’m afraid that the elixir is the only hope I have to break into the Vajra stage. Tarth promised me that he will try to win it for me, but he suddenly disappeared. He is stronger than most disciples, so he should have a decent chance of reaching the top ranks.”


Noticing the black armband on the boy’s arm, Lora exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh! You’re in the same batch as… Tarth.”


A trace of pity flashed across Lora’s eyes, but she hid it quickly before Calron could notice.


However, with Calron’s enhanced instincts and perception, how could he not detect the change in Lora’s expression?


A bitter smile crept on his face, as he unknowingly clenched his fists.


It was one thing for the others to call him weak, but for the girl he liked to also see him as weak, it crushed Calron’s heart.


Sensing that the atmosphere around them had become somewhat heavier, Lora tried to lighten it up.


“I’m sure you will do fine, Calron! Besides, a boy as cute as you can easily win the heart of any girl, so make sure you find yourself a cute little disciple in the tournament!”

Lora teased as a cheerful laugh escaped from her mouth. Giving a quick kiss on Calron’s cheek, the red haired girl slowly walked away.


Meanwhile, Calron just stood there in a daze.


Gingerly touching the cheek the girl had just kissed, Calron felt a silly grin spread wide on his face.

“Hahaha, she kissed me! She actually kissed me!”


Calron felt all the blood in his body rush towards his brain, as an uncontainable joy emerged from his heart!


Feeling giddy, Calron simply stood in the same spot for the next few minutes with a sheepish grin on his face.


Meanwhile, Fatty had just arrived and as he was searching for his brother, when he noticed that Calron was just standing in the center of the crowd with an idiotic grin on his face, as his left hand kept rubbing one side of his cheek.


“Eh? What’s wrong with big brother?”

Fatty curiously muttered as he arrived next to Calron.


Seeing his big brother so unresponsive, Fatty felt a splurge of mischievousness enter his heart.


“Hehe, this is the perfect time to take revenge for the previous electrocution!”

Puckering his lips, Fatty smacked a big kiss on Calron’s other cheek!




Slowly turning his head, Calron realized that Fatty was currently kissing his cheek.


“Fatty… you are dead!”

A guttural growl erupted from Calron’s mouth as bursts of lightning crackled around his body.


Hearing the noisy commotion, the surrounding disciples all turned to stare at the spectacle unfolding before them.


“Uhh, big brother, wait! Wait! We will be disqualified if we fight outside the Arena!”

Fatty suddenly blurted out as he saw the furious expression on Calron’s face. He did not know whether or not a rule like that actually existed, but Fatty would do anything at this moment to escape the wrath of his big brother!


He knew Calron did not like it when he kissed him, but Fatty’s mischievous heart could never suppress itself whenever an opportunity presented itself.


Realizing that he was causing a commotion, Calron restrained his anger and willed the lightning back into his body.


“I swear, the next time you kiss me, I will burn every single morsel of food that will ever enter your mouth!”

Calron declared in a frosty voice.


However, Calron knew deep within his heart that Fatty would never stop with his pranks no matter how much he threatened him. Calron’s mental fort.i.tude had already started to become sharper, but Fatty still chose to retain his immaturity.


Giving a quiet sigh, Calron inquired.

“So, where is your armband?”


“Hehe, don’t worry big brother! We are not in the same batch!”

Fatty declared with a bright grin, as he took out a blue armband from his pocket.


“Phew! Well, Fatty, you better make sure that you reach the top fifties. Hopefully, we’ll get to fight against each other there!”


Fatty’s mouth suddenly dropped open.


“B-big brother, you will be seriously fighting?”

Fatty asked with a excited quiver in voice.


Solemnly gazing at the disappearing figure of the red haired girl, Calron slowly nodded his head, as he whispered.


“Fatty, I just found a reason to win… ”

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