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Chapter 215 - The Wave

Sounds of people bustling around echoed inside the Raizel mansion as the members prepared to leave their home.


Awakened by the noise around him, Calron groaned while slowly opening his eyes. It was still dark outside, blurring his vision even further due to his sleepiness.


He whispered, trying to locate Kail. Calron remembered his uncle saying that he would wake him up if there was a fight.


Calron exclaimed all of a sudden, remembering that the city was about to attack them. The noises he'd heard was probably the clan members fighting.


Rubbing his eyes fervently, Calron quickly stood up and used his soul power to deduce where the fighting was at its thickest. However, he was met with an unexpected scenario.

"I think Master would like this cake, what do you think, Ran?"

Ellie's voice came a few meters away from where Calron was.

"Hmm, I don't know, Boss never seemed like the type for cakes. Lemme try some and see if it's good enough."

Rebran replied in greed-filled tone.


"No, you already ate an entire cake back in the kitchen. This one's for Master!"

Ellie answered in an angry voice after smacking Rebran furry paw away.

"You're so mean! I was only trying to help…"

Rebran whimpered mockingly, but both Calron and Ellie knew that if given a chance, the lion would attempt to steal the cake once again.

What's going on? There's no attack?

Calron pondered, baffled as to why the King and the other Tower Lords had not attacked yet. He knew the clan was not under attack after hearing Ellie and Rebran's discussion. The two wouldn't be so carefree otherwise.


Calron sat back down and closed his eyes to contemplate while waiting for Ellie and Rebran to arrive near him.

It didn't take long for the duo to come.

"Ah, Master is awake already! That old man said to wake you up and to tell you that we'll be leaving the city soon."

Ellie skipped over to Calron, carrying a small tray with her and Rebran hanging on her shoulders. The white cat was more akin to a monkey than a proud Griffin, with the way it latched onto Ellie constantly.

"Boss, the midget was about to eat your cake, but I stopped her and saved it for you."

Rebran bounced off the girl's back and walked towards Calron. A swift kick soon landed on the cat's b.u.m, eliciting a little yelp from Roran.


Ellie began to chase the cat after placing the tray in front of Calron. A rather large slice of cake was there on the plate.

"Ellie, where are the others? Also, was there no attack on the clan while I was sleeping?"

Calron sighed at Rebran, and asked his question to the more responsible little girl.

"Umm, big brother Roran and the others are in the courtyard waiting for you, and the rest of the clan is still getting ready to leave. I heard big sis Linda and Asra talking about why there was no attack as well."

Ellie momentarily stopped chasing Rebran to answer Calron.

"Let's not waste time and go."

Calron glanced up at the sky, realizing that it was almost dawn and got up from the ground.

"Boss, you forgot the cake!"

Rebran darted ahead, yelling at Calron.

"You can share it with Ellie."

Calron stated and began to walk towards the courtyard.


Rebran let out a small chuckle and opened his mouth to gobble it up.

However, before he could close his jaws around it, Rebran's body froze on the spot. His body mysteriously refused to listen to him.

"I said to share it."

Calron glanced back at the white cat with a grin and continued to walk away. It was the first time he'd used the power of the soul to halt someone's movements.

"I was going to let her have the crumbs…"

Rebran hung his head and waited for Ellie to catch up to him.


Calron waved at the group standing before him.

"There you are, we've been waiting for you. Grandpa said that we’d be the first ones to leave the mansion and wait for the ex-slaves outside."

Asra greeted Calron with a smile as Linda, Rain and Harol all waved back at Calron.

"Big brother, I got everything from the Azure Pavilion in my spatial bracelet. It sucks that we have to close it down."

Roran said softly to Calron. Avor gave Calron a silent nod from the side.

"I might have a solution to that, but we'll need to wait until we're settled into the new place before I go through with it."

Calron responded, remembering his plan to contact Matias and form a deal with his sect so they can continue to distribute the G.o.d Tiles.


Roran asked with a bright smile on his face. Calron only nodded, sensing a commotion in front of him.

"Members of the clan, prepare to depart the city! The Elders have opened a spatial portal leading outside the city gates, so enter it once you are ready. All the youngsters should go first, followed by the regular members of the clan, and the Elders will stay back to maintain the portal. We'll join you soon on the journey. Once you're outside, wait for the ex-slaves to come and make your way to the new city we'll be building. Kail will be leading this expedition, so listen to his instructions. We were expecting an attack last night, but thankfully, the city chose not to intervene. However, we cannot let our guard down yet, so remain vigilant until we are safely away from the city's boundary."

The Patriarch amplified his voice and addressed the whole clan.

Including their group, there were around a hundred or so clan members gathered in the courtyard. Calron noticed Drien, Vala, and Eva within the crowd as well. Standing next to the Patriarch were Kail and two other men who greatly resembled him. They must be the old man's other sons. However, Calron still did not see the Grand Elder or Morain amongst the crowd.

In the next few moments, the Patriarch and a few other older men gathered in the middle and spread their arms to the side. An enormous amount of essence was being ama.s.sed and condensed at the center. Then the Patriarch threw a small purple crystal into the heart of the golden essence which instantly burst open and its shards morphed into an oval portal standing at the height of two meters.


Rebran and Ellie regrouped with them and stared at the illuminated portal.


The Patriarch yelled, causing everyone to move. A few other young members of the clan who were standing in front of them slowly walked over to the portal and vanished once they stepped across it.

It was their turn now.

Linda took the first step and walked towards the portal, and the rest soon followed.


Ellie clutched Calron's hand and trembled with nervousness the closer they got to the portal.

They were only a few steps away from it.

A moment later, Linda vanished from the spot. Followed by Asra, Roran, Avor, Harol, and Rain. Only Calron, Ellie, and Rebran remained.

Calron saw the Patriarch glance at him and give him a nod.

"Don't be afraid."

Calron whispered to the little girl standing next to him and stepped into the portal, taking her and Rebran with him.

A bright purple light flashed in front of him, blinding his sight and deafening his ears. In the blink of an eye, he was now standing on top of a hill outside the city. Calron saw the tall, dark walls of Selior city and knew that they were finally outside.

The other members of the Raizel clan and his friends were staring at the scene below them, causing Calron to follow their suit.

The meadow was covered with people, already a few thousand and more were coming through the city gates. It was a sight to behold.

Rain let out a cheer, and the others all laughed with happiness. All these people were going to be the citizens of their new city. A city made by the Raizel clan.

The only ones who were not cheering were Calron and Linda. Looking at the expression on the young woman's face, Calron knew that she must've realized the same thing as him.

Why did the King and the city let the slaves out so easily?

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