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Chapter 155 – The Mark of a Race

G.o.ddammit! I’ve been losing my consciousness a lot lately… 

Calron cursed, looking around to figure out where he was, but he could only see the darkness that enveloped him.

I need to calm my mind and a.n.a.lyze the current situation.

Calron composed himself and tried to think carefully about how he came here.

He remembered being at the slave auction and just winning the bid on Avor. After that, things became a bit hazy and his memory was in fragments. However, he recalled his Teacher warning about someone trailing him and his activation of the Divine Perception.

And then, the mental pain hit him.


The sound of a gentle breeze echoed in Calron’s ears. What was strange was that Calron could only hear the sound of wind but not feel it.

“Who’s there!?”

He yelled into the darkness, not sure if his eyes were even open or closed.

“How did you enter this realm?”

A woman’s chilling voice sounded out next to Calron, startling him.

“Show yourself.”

Calron exclaimed, realizing that he still couldn’t see anyone around him.

“Kek, so you can’t see me. I’m still curious as to how you were able to break into this realm.”

Calron felt a cold and sharp finger tracing along his jawline, and felt a warm breath on his neck.

Starting to feel angry at his helplessness, Calron tried to use his Divine Perception once again.


The mind-shattering pain returned, causing Calron to desperately gasp for breath. However, in that brief instant, he saw the image of a tall and dark-skinned woman with snow-white hair.

Her slender cheekbones and full red lips were printed on Calron’s mind, a lingering memory of her unworldly beauty.

“How is this possible!?”

Calron heard a frantic cry and soon felt a soft and warm hand on his forehead.

“You bear the mark of our race… yet, you are not one of us.”

The dark-skinned woman’s voice sounded out in front of Calron, but he could sense the change in her tone. It was no longer as cold.

“You have used too much of our power and now, your body is unable to handle the stress. Hold still.”

The woman spoke, as she placed another hand on top of the one that was on Calron’s forehead and started to chant in an elusive and hypnotic language.

This feeling…

Calron felt like his mind was much lighter and even his body seemed to feel much more refreshed. 

“Open your eyes.”

A soft voice drifted to Calron’s ears.

His eyes were open, but he still couldn’t see anything. Just as Calron was about to question, the woman’s voice sounded again with a trace of amus.e.m.e.nt.

“Your other eyes.”

Finally understanding what the woman was trying to convey, Calron hesitantly tried to activate the Divine Perception. A part of him was still afraid of going through that mental torture again.

However, the pain never came and instead he was greeted with the sight of the woman who had been talking to him. He was surrounded by an empty plain of blue and black rocks and even the sky above was as dark as a shadow. If not for the faint glow coming from the rocks, Calron would have found it extremely difficult to even see the woman in front of him.

“You should leave soon, as this place is not meant for you.”

The woman nodded after seeing that Calron was fine, and turned around to walk away.

“What did you do to me? And where is this place?”

Calron interjected in panic when he saw the woman leaving.

“This is a realm created by the G.o.ds to imprison our race, the Dark Psylocks. Usually, no one should be capable of entering this place, but due to the mark on your forehead, your spirit was able to bypa.s.s into here.”

The woman turned back around and faced Calron.

It was at this moment that Calron noticed, that the dark-skinned woman was completely naked.

“If you value your life, then I would suggest that you do not use any of the Dark Psylocker’s abilities until you transcend into the dominion of the Saints. Both your soul and mind are incapable of containing our power. I have absorbed the pent up dark energy within your soul, so you should be safe to return back to where you came from.”

The woman explained, her dark and stoic eyes boring into Calron.

So that stinging pain originated from me using too much of the Divine Perception’s powers… I guess I have utilized it for extended periods of time while creating the G.o.d Tiles. I need to know more about the Dark Psylockers.

Calron brooded inwardly. 

“You seem to know what this mark on my forehead is, so where does it come from?”

Calron gingerly touched the top of his head and gazed at the woman before him. If this was his real physical body, then he was sure that he would be blushing furiously at the sight of the naked woman in front of him.

“That is the mark that contains the power of darkness and it is also the symbol of our race. I do not know how you were able to inherit it, as all of the Dark Psylockers have been imprisoned in this realm.”

The woman answered, as she tilted her head and curiously inspected Calron.

“So, this is the power of darkness… is that why your race was imprisoned here?”

Calron inquired.

“You ask too many questions. Your time is running out as I can see your spirit beginning to fade away. Our race was imprisoned because the G.o.ds could not have anyone challenging their authority and the power of our leader had reached the point where he could gaze into the mind of even the mightiest of G.o.ds.”

The woman gazed up at the dark sky, recalling the events of their race’s demise.

“Why is the mark white if it is the power of darkness?”

Calron muttered to himself, worried that he had been using a dark power all this time.

“Darkness is not evil, and neither is light the path of righteousness. Remember this, light cannot exist without darkness and darkness cannot exist without light. Only in true darkness, does light shine the brightest.”

The woman gave a slight smile at Calron’s question and turned around to leave.

“Why did you help me?”

Calron asked a final question, sensing that his consciousness was already starting to drift away.

“Because… you are one of us.”

Her voice echoed behind as Calron’s spirit finally left the dark realm.

I forgot to ask her name.

Calron thought, just as he returned back to his body and heard familiar voices around him.

He began to slowly open his eyes.


“Why did you not kill him?”

A deep masculine voice resounded in the darkness, once Calron’s spirit had left the realm.

“He might be the key that we are looking for to escape this vile prison.”

The woman responded with a sigh, while looking at the spot that Calron was at before.

“He has a weaker mind than even our newborns, how will he be useful?”

The deep voice countered.

“Enough. Let’s return.”

The woman stated indifferently, her face an emotionless mask.

“Understood, Ancient of Darkness.”

The masculine voice answered with reverence, as his shadow followed behind the woman.

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