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Chapter 146 – The Beginning of the Legend


“Hmm, it’s actually quite clean.”

Calron exclaimed in surprise when he entered the shop and noticed the neat and tidy interior.

Although the outside of the shop was slightly shabby and worn-down, Matias had taken good care of the inside and had kept it clean before leaving.

There were multiple wooden shelves on the sides of the walls and several tables in the middle of the room.


“We don’t have that many items to sell today, so I don’t think we’ll be using the inside of the shop yet. Roran, pick one of the tables over there and bring it outside.”

Calron muttered as he surveyed the shop and gave Roran a task.



Roran said excitedly as he went over to a nearby table and picked it up. He was very eager to see the debut of their new shop and to see the items that Calron would soon sell today.


“Let’s get this rolling.”

Calron let out a slight smile and proceeded to walk outside the shop.


The people outside continued to roam around the shops, purchasing what they needed and arguing with the vendors about the prices. The whole district was a cacophony of various noises and yells.



Roran placed the medium-sized table in front of the shop’s entrance and waited for his brother.

Calron slowly walked behind the table and placed his hands over the edge. “Make sure that no one tries to approach the table and steal any of the tiles. Also, look out for any suspicious people in the background that make an attempt to probe us and our cultivation levels.”

He whispered over to Roran in a quiet voice, to which the muscular youth gave a short and serious nod.



In the next moment, a series of small metallic plates appeared on top of the table, each with a trace of golden lightning glimmering inside it. The tiles were around the size of a toddler’s palm, so they were much smaller than the first original tile that Calron had worked with.


After making sure that all the tiles that he had prepared last night were now on the table, Calron faced straight ahead and let out a thundering roar.


“Want to increase your battle strength and speed by more than three times? Want to catch an arrow straight from the air? Want to beat your enemy who is much stronger than you? Then, take one of our G.o.d Tiles and fight toe-to-toe against someone with a much higher cultivation than you!”

Almost the entire district stopped within their tracks when they heard the thundering voice, including the vendors. It was simply because Calron had used his essence to amplify his voice and had simultaneously used the Divine Perception’s subtle powers to bring their attention to him.

Following the roar, around a fifth of the people resumed their usual activities, but the vast majority of the shoppers and merchants curiously walked over to Calron’s simple and ordinary-looking table.


“It’s not good to make boastful claims in the market, boy. We all have our businesses to take care of.”

A slender middle-aged woman reproached Calron once she glanced at the plain metal sheets on the table. The woman had thought that Calron was selling a miraculous pill that could boost the combat ability of a cultivator, but after seeing the metal sheets, she quickly became agitated by the intended “scam”.


“This lad must be a greenhorn if he was trying to cheat us with those paltry metal pieces.”

Another pot-bellied man stated in a scornful voice as he started to turn around and walk away.


“If you don’t believe me, then how about testing one? I will let you pick any volunteer from the group here so you know that I am not setting this up.”

Calron answered in a calm voice, unfazed by the accusations thrown at him.


A few more people departed from the gathered group and it seemed like many others were uninterested as well. No one there believed that such a heaven-defying thing could exist, and especially in the hands of a strange boy.


“You have my interest, young man. Let’s see that product of yours.”

The slender middle-aged lady who had first spoken, walked in front of the table and held out her hand.


Interestingly, none of the others objected to the woman taking charge, and they patiently waited to see the results.

Noticing that the gathered group had accepted the woman to take the lead, Calron’s curiosity was piqued, so he went ahead and placed a G.o.d Tile on the woman’s outstretched palm.


“Just send a bit of your essence into the tile.”

Calron instructed in an even tone.



The woman began, but stopped halfway once her pupils went wide and a strange feeling overtook her.


“Anyone can try attacking her now.”

Calron smiled at the woman’s startled reaction, and turned to the group as he spoke.


“Heh, let’s see what tricks this brat is playing on us.”

A nearby city guard said with disdain while glancing at Calron and moving towards the middle-aged woman. The other guards standing next to him simply chuckled and continued to watch the scene in front of them.


“Oi&h.e.l.lip; maybe we should stop this&h.e.l.lip;”

A few people in the gathered group discussed amongst themselves when they saw that the guard was serious about attacking the middle-aged woman.


“Don’t worry madam, I will go easy on you.”

The walking guard smirked with amus.e.m.e.nt, as he bent forwards and charged straight towards woman.

A few people involuntarily let out gasps of shock and horror as they stared ahead.


Meanwhile, the middle-aged woman’s head slowly turned to face the incoming guard and a confused expression could be seen on her face.


What is happening&h.e.l.lip; my body feels weird&h.e.l.lip; why is he moving so slowly?

The woman pondered while sensing an eerie lightness within her body and gazing at the incoming fist.



She side-stepped lightly, but to the onlookers it appeared as she dodged the strike in a single, lightning-quick movement.


“What!? Kuk-”

The guard cried in astonishment, but immediately let out a groan of pain when the woman retaliated by slapping his face.


“I think that is enough for now.”

Calron grinned at the expression on the woman’s and the audience’s face, and stopped the effects of the G.o.d Tile through his Divine Perception.


“Hahaha! This is great! Young man, how much for one of those metal pieces? I’ll buy a bunch from you. I am one of the city’s best merchants, so I will definitely give you a good price.” 

The woman returned back to normal once the effects were gone, and excitedly ran towards Calron while shouting.


“Pah! What use has a merchant for this heavenly tool? It is better for our Martial Sect to take these. Young master, sell us everything!”

A macho-looking old man pushed away the people in front of him and made his way towards Calron. A few young cultivators silently followed behind the old man, an eager look in their eyes.

After that, the crowd burst into a series of animated shouts and they each tried to buy at least one G.o.d Tile for themselves.


“Everyone, calm down! Each enhancing tile that you saw today will be sold for only two gold and sixty silvers, but starting tomorrow the price will be three gold, so hurry up and buy one now. Our Azure Pavilion will be selling many more tiles with other effects, so make sure to come and visit the shop tomorrow!”

Calron conveyed in a smooth voice, directly all the crowd’s attention onto him.


“Azure Pavilion? So, that’s the name of this new shop. I wonder what else they’ll sell tomorrow&h.e.l.lip; I better bring my brother along.”


“I should inform the Lord about this new shop and the mysterious Tiles.”

Several people made their own plans after hearing Calron’s words, and it was certain that there would be many factions and n.o.bles interested in this new shop.


No one would realize this at the present, but this day would mark the beginning of the legend that was known as the Azure Pavilion.

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