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Chapter 140 – A Deal Struck

“The lady wishes to see you, so please follow me.”

The plump woman came back outside and proceeded to escort Calron into the Royal Alchemy School.

Calron shook himself from his thoughts and got up to follow the plump woman. The guards at the entrance gave Calron a quiet stare, but they did not block him from entering.

The inside of the Alchemy School was quite extensive and s.p.a.cious. Tens of robed figures darted in and out, most of whom were carrying some equipment or simply discussing various topics amongst themselves.

“The lady’s room is this way.”

The plump woman stated briefly while glancing back at Calron, and turning into a corridor on the left.

After several doors had pa.s.sed, the woman stopped in front of a wooden door which had an ornate silver plaque fixed on the top reading, “Alchemist Laxerus”. The plump woman knocked on the door two times before opening it for Calron to enter.

Once Calron walked into the room, she followed behind him and closed the door, and patiently waited near it.

The first thing that Calron noticed when he stepped into the room was how messy, chaotic, and untidy the place was. It seemed as if the scatterbrain personality of the n.o.ble lady he had met earlier was reflected by the state of her room as well.

“Ah∼ It was you indeed! I did not know your name, but after Romla described your physical traits I took a guess that it was you.”

Mirane stepped forward with a bright smile on her face, as she grasped Calron’s hand and gave it quick shake. Meanwhile, Calron stood there awkwardly not knowing how to respond.

Usually, he had to guard his mind and actions when confronting n.o.bles, as they tended to take offense for any small thing regarding commoners. Calron recalled the trouble he had to go through because of Chax and his father, Regis.

“Hey, I apologize if I am calling in the favor too early, but I really wanted your help.”

Calron started bashfully while scratching the back of his head.

“No, it was you who helped me yesterday and because of you, I was able to finish my task in time or else I would have failed my Teacher’s cla.s.s. So, I will definitely return the favor if I can.”

Mirane said with a grateful smile as she shook her head.

Romla remained silent in the back and spectated the exchange with a stoic face.

“Ah, it was no big deal and besides, you paid us more than what we purchased the beast core for. This favor… would it be possible for you to loan me hundred gold squares?”

The moment Calron finished speaking, Romla’s jaw hung from her mouth in astonishment while Mirane stood there in a daze. They did not expect the young man to abruptly ask for such a large sum of gold, and moreover, in that casual tone as if it was a simple matter.

“This… I… “

Mirane stuttered, not knowing how to respond.

“I am not asking this for free, I will absolutely pay you back the gold squares and with interest.”

Seeing the blank expression on the young girl’s face, Calron explained himself.

“Ah… this is awkward… you see, even I don’t have a hundred gold squares. I have around forty-seven gold and thirty silvers but that’s about it.”

Mirane replied hesitantly with a sad face. She would only get around thirty gold from her father every month, and most of it was spent on alchemy ingredients and other shopping items.

As if struck by a sudden thought, the blonde-haired beauty asked Calron a question.

“Do you want that gold to buy something? If it’s an item at the marketplace, then I can get the item for you instead. My family has its own stores in the marketplace, so it should not be a problem!”

Calron was initially disappointed by her answer, and thought that he had to change his plan yet again, but after hearing Mirane’s next words his mood soon brightened. 

In truth, Calron could achieve his plans for the shop with the current amount of money that he had, but it would be very slow and would require a lot of time before he made a decent profit. After meeting Mirane, Calron had an idea that he could ask her for help and be an investor in his business.

He knew for a fact that the product he was going to create would be very high in demand when he launched it, so he was willing to take a large risk.

“That’s great! The item that I need is elemental metal, lots and lots of it.”

Calron conveyed in an excited voice.

“Elemental metal? If I recall correctly, the metal is fairly cheap and used mostly to create weapons for the Spirit stage cultivators. I am sure that we have those in stock, so I will ask my family to send you hundred gold squares worth of the metal.”

Mirane chuckled at the sight of the excited Calron, and pushed back her spectacles more firmly on her nose.

“My lady…”

Romla tried to intervene, but was stopped by a quick look from Mirane. The plump maid was suspicious of this boy, as no matter how one looked at it, it was simply ridiculous to ask a person you just met for a large sum of hundred gold squares.

What was even more astonishing was that Lady Mirane had accepted the boy’s ridiculous request.

“Thank you. I will definitely pay you back, and I promise that you will not regret it.”

Calron collected himself, and gave Mirane a grateful bow.

Not many people would trust a random stranger and moreover, hand him their own money. Calron decided within his mind that if the young girl before him asked him for any help in the future, he would stand by her regardless of the risk to his life.

“Hahaha, no need to be so formal. Tell me where you currently live, and I’ll have someone gather the elemental metal and send it to you.”

Mirane let out a sweet laugh, waving her hand in the air.

“Alright, I will gladly accept your generosity then. I stay at the “Wandering Eagle” inn at the outer district, so just ask for ‘Calron’ when handing over the goods. Also, if possible please have the metal cut into strips.”

“Understood. The metal should be at your place by this evening. If it’s not too rude, then may I ask what you plan on doing with all that elemental metal?”

Mirane asked curiously with a slight raise of her brow.

Gazing into her stunning emerald-gold irises, Calron answered with a mysterious smile.

“I will be creating an item which will increase the fighting capabilities of any martial artist or cultivator by several fold.”

What Calron did not mention was that, it was only one of his products. He planned on creating several items which could instantly kill any cultivator within the Vajra stage and even damage Saint stage experts.

The scary part about this item was that even a Spiritual stage cultivator could use it to kill someone at the Vajra stage!

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