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Chapter 134 – Fateful Encounter

Selior City.

Both Roran and Calron froze on the spot as they stared at the beautiful scenery in front of them. The city was bustling with people, both humans and demi-beasts alike; however, there were mostly humans present. The beasts had appearances akin to that of Elder Balis, where they had a humanoid body, but lacked the human limbs or flesh like the Elder. 

It was strange to see modified beasts with those appearances when they were clearly not in the Saint stage, so Calron figured that it must be something related to a technique or the city itself.

Compared to their city of Vernia, Selior city reminded them of a large, polished set of colorful gems like ruby, emerald and diamonds- while Vernia was like a common iron ingot. The structure of the buildings exuded a sense of lavishness and luxury, and the contents of the stores would cause any merchant from Vernia city to drool with envy.

However, what caused Calron and Roran to stare dumbfoundedly were the monstrous structures located at the far end of the city almost a thousand meters away. Despite the unbelievable distance, an outline of a grand palace could be seen from the city’s entrance, along with the six slightly smaller towers surrounding the palace in the middle.

Although the towers were not as monumental as the palace, anyone could see that they were of significant importance within the city.

“Big brother… this…” Roran mumbled, not knowing how to respond or comment on the grandiosity of the city they had just entered. 

He thought that, as the son of a n.o.ble under the t.i.tle of Count, he would have seen all the luxury that the world had to offer, but only now did he  realize how inexperienced he truly was.

“I know… come, let’s see more of the city. We look like two b.u.mpkins from a village standing still here.” Calron whispered back, after observing several of the pa.s.sing-by citizens stifling a chuckle when they saw the awestruck expressions on the two human youths’ faces.

“Well, that was embarra.s.sing haha!” Roran blushed as he began to follow Calron and roam around the city.

“First, we need to find an inn to stay at, and second, we need to think of a way to earn money. The amount that Elder Balis gave us will only last us three days, and even though we said that we will contact the Elder in a few days, I think it’s best that we do not get involved in the politics of the Guardians.” Calron talked, as the two teens walked around the city gazing at the stores and buildings. 

The outer layer of the city was mostly for travelers and shopping, while the residents lived deeper inside the city.

“I don’t know how we can earn money, big brother. I only know how to fight… “ Roran answered dejectedly while glancing at Calron.

“Don’t worry about it, Roran, I have some ideas, but I need to test them out first before making sure. If my idea works, then we will definitely need your fighting skills and other things as well.” Calron replied mysteriously and patted Roran’s shoulder with cheeky smile on his face.

“Eh? What other talent does big brother have? I thought you could only fight like me.”

Roran tugged Calron’s sleeve, eagerly wanting to know what Calron was planning to do.

“Haha, I’ll not spoil it for you, but here’s a little hint… it involves us selling something that the world has never seen before!” Calron laughed out loud, pushing the clinging Roran away before he tried to pull his sleeve again.

The idea had come to Calron after he got more familiar with the Divine Perception and realized that small strands of lightning existed in every living being and it was fundamental to their thoughts. After this realization, new ideas had started to form in his mind and he was just waiting to test them out.

“That’s really mean, big brother!”

Roran chased Calron, his curiosity piqued after the new information.


Just when he was about to reach Calron, Roran noticed an item that caught his eye.

It was a beast core. 

More specifically, it was the beast core of an aquatic beast at the early Vajra stage. It was a sparkling core that resembled a sapphire stone, and it was simply gorgeous to behold.

The beast core would not be of much help to his cultivation, but Roran wanted it because his sister loved pretty stones, and it was nearly impossible to find an aquatic Vajra stage beast core in Vernia city.

“Excuse me, how much for this beast core?” Roran asked politely to the plump vendor as he pointed at the sapphire beast core on the table.

“Nice eye you have there, young lad! That beast core comes from a beautiful sea monster, and legend has it that any maiden that keeps this core underneath their bed, will have their beauty increased by several folds each night! A core like this would cost you ten gold squares anywhere else, but I can give it to you for eight gold squares and twenty silver ones only.” The vendor spoke in a silky voice, trying to charm the youth into buying the core and increasing its value. 

A beast core like this one was not be rare in Selior city at all, but seeing the gaze on Roran’s face, the vendor could sniff out that this boy was a newcomer.

Of course, Roran did not believe all that the vendor said about the core, but his main problem was with the price. 

Roran was completely broke!

“We’ll take it.”

While Roran was contemplating if he could offer his services for the beast core instead of paying, his big brother’s voice resounded next to him.

“Here’s the money.” Calron spoke as he placed the exact gold and silver squares as the vendor stated without even attempting to haggle.

“Big brother!” Roran cried out in panic. 

He knew that they did not have enough money and after spending close to nine gold squares on the beast core, they would only have enough money for two days.

Wasting that much gold for a simple beast core was not worth it for any rational thinking person, especially when they were so short on money themselves.

“It’s fine, Roran, just trust your big brother.” Calron said warmly, as he took the beast core from the extremely pleased vendor and held it out to Roran.

“B-but- “

“Shut up and take it. We won’t have to worry about money in a few days, so this purchase is fine.” Calron stated sternly, ending any further words from Roran. 

Calron knew that his brother wanted that core for his sister, Felice, and if he could not even fulfill that tiny wish of his brother, then Calron’s mind would not be at ease.

Moreover, Calron was confident that his business plan would succeed, and money would soon not be an issue.

“Wait! Could you sell that core to me? I will pay double of what you paid for it!” A blonde-haired girl around the age of seventeen yelled, as she clumsily ran towards Calron and Roran. 

With gold-rimmed spectacles bouncing on top of her nose, and her rosy face flushed from the physical exercise, the girl panted with short gasps once she reached the two human youths.

“Please? Haaah  haah, I really need that core for… haah haaah… my alchemy practice.” The girl rasped as she took off her spectacles and stared into Calron’s eyes.

Her bright golden-emerald eyes and high cheekbones beguiled Calron, along with her stunning pearly face that held the power to enslave a man’s soul for eternity. 

Frozen for a few seconds, Calron gradually got ahold of himself and just as he was about to refuse the beautiful girl’s request, he abruptly heard the vendor’s next few words and saw him kneel on the ground with reverence.

“My lady!”

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