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“Master, that red ocean… was that really all blood?”

Hearing Calron’s question, Elias could not help but hesitate a bit. The truth was that even he himself did not know the answer to this!


“It is called a source pool, and every legacy has a source pool of its own, as this is where we Inheritors draw our strength from. The source pool is quite different from the essence in your core, as you can draw the source energy regardless of what your elemental affinity is, or even the level of your cultivation!”

Checking to see whether the boy was still listening, Elias continued his explanation.


“However, the greater you draw from the source pool, the greater the stress your body will have to endure. I am currently incapable of drawing upon the legacy’s source pool for extended periods of time, and even when I do, without my essence I can only draw a minuscule amount from it… ”

Elias finished speaking, as a forlorn expression flickered across his face.


Calron could feel the regret and solitude emanating from his Master when he talked about the loss of his essence.

What was an eight year old boy, like Calron supposed to do in this situation?


Realizing that his demeanor slipped for a brief moment, Elias quickly recomposed himself and started explaining more about the Legacy of Blood to Calron.


Elias felt that it was too early to let Calron know about him also being chosen as the Prime Inheritor of the legacy, but he knew it was only a matter of time before Calron would discover it.

As the Prime Inheritor, the Legacy of Blood would influence Calron’s mind more, he would be able to draw upon a tremendous amount of source energy! Deciding to contemplate on this matter later, Elias began to explain the secrets of his family’s legacy.


“Now Calron, I am sure that you have already guessed that the Legacy of Blood greatly altered your physical body. I can sense your muscles coiling in tension, and let me warn you before you do something irreversible: under no circ.u.mstances are you allowed to reveal this legacy or its power to anyone!”

Elias’s words dropped like an anvil into Calron’s mind, and killed all the excitement he had.


Calron thought that he would finally be on par with the other disciples, and not be so helpless as before, but with his Master’s previous words, it seemed that he would have to hide his strength and be unable to not fight back!

How could Calron stay calm after hearing this?

Although Calron was born as a servant, deep within the depths of his heart, there was a small seed of arrogance and pride, which was just waiting to bloom!


After being attacked by those a.s.sa.s.sins yesterday, a shred of unknown fear lurked in the corner of Calron’s mind, due to experiencing the terror of realizing that your life was no longer in your own hands, and the feeling of being at the mercy of others!

This was unacceptable!


Calron had decided to embark on a path of revenge, so how could he cower like a coward when he was being challenged by others?

Seeing the indignant look on the boy’s face, Elias could not help but feel like trouble would soon be on its way, if he did not restrain Calron right now!

He knew that once Calron started training in the Legacy of Blood, his anger and rage would be uncontrollable, and if not restrained right now, then it would lead to an irreversible catastrophe in future.


“Child, the Legacy of Blood is brutality in its purest form, as it pushes the Inheritor towards violence and chaos. If you cannot control your emotions, then you will only become a tool for its destruction. The legacy has no motive or purpose, as it simply seeks violence in any form.”

Elias seriously stated, as he gazed deep into Calron’s eyes.


“The Legacy of Blood is neither evil nor good, it just exists. I am only telling you to restrain yourself until you can control its power. After you achieve that, I will give you the freedom to decide whichever path you wish to take.”

Elias was intimately familiar with the savage bloodl.u.s.t that his family’s legacy possessed, as even he could not completely control it during a battle!


This was another reason why Elias did not want Calron to reveal his new strength to others right now, as the boy was simply too weak to deal with all the trouble that would follow him once he was exposed.


Meanwhile, Calron could only swallow his indignation and follow his Master’s instructions, as he knew that Elias was right.


“Now, let us begin your Martial Arts training.”

Elias said with a slight smile on his face.


Hearing his Master’s statement, Calron immediately sat up straight and focused his attention toward Elias, as and his heart softly thudded against his chest.


“Stand up and copy the movements I am about to execute.”

Elias spoke, as he promptly began to move in a slow rhythmic pattern.


His arms moved in harmony with each other, as they sometimes punched, jabbed or swept the air. The stances were akin to a musical melody as they flowed in conjunction with Elias’s entire body. Soon, he moved faster and faster, as Elias’s arms became a blur of shadows, with the sound of wind whistling in the surroundings.


After a few minutes, Elias abruptly stopped mid-movement and beckoned Calron to execute the stances he had just shown.


Calron excitedly stood up, as his eyes twinkled with a bursting enthusiasm.

Closing his eyes, Calron tried to recall the earlier stances and movements he had seen his Master execute, and slowly began moving his arms.


Although the movements were a bit clumsy at the start, they soon started to flow in rhythm as Calron punched the air. However, just as he came to the part of switching between the stances, his legs and arms could not coordinate together!

The movements initially appeared to be simple, but in reality, they were intricately complicated to execute!


Elias had been momentarily stunned when Calron could perfectly grasp the rhythm of the arm movements, and he could not help but inwardly praise his disciple. Judging from his student’s astonishing ability to comprehend Martial Arts, Elias was sure that Calron’s future growth would be even more frightening!


These arm movements were part of the First Layer of the Blood Arts, and also the easiest one to comprehend. The further along you went in the layers, the higher the difficulty level. Even Elias had been unable to master all the layers of the Blood Arts, and he was known as a martial genius within the Xurian Kingdom!


Only his first ancestor, and the original Prime Inheritor of the Legacy of Blood, had ever reached the twelfth layer and experienced the ultimate power of the legacy!


Taking in a deep breath, Calron slowly entered into a trance as he repeated the movements again. His arms started to speed up, as they soon become a blur like his Master’s.


*swish* *swish*


Elias stared in shock at the scene in front of him!


What is this? This is too abnormal!

Elias inwardly exclaimed with a stunned expression on his face.


“This… is this the talent of a Lightning elementalist? Or is it just Calron?”

Elias had initially taken in Calron as a student, because of how much the boy had reminded him of Marcus, so he did not really expect much from him. However, Elias had been elated when the Blood Legacy chose Calron as its Prime Inheritor, as it meant that at least his family’s legacy would not die with him.


Realizing that the boy he selected as his student turned out to be a martial genius, Elias felt a surge of hope suddenly arise within his heart!


Meanwhile, Calron continued executing the movements, as the newly strengthened muscles on his arms coiled like a dragon!


Suddenly, Calron’s skin started to emit a faint crimson glow!


Calron was unknowingly drawing the source energy from the legacy’s pool, for the first time ever!

Not realizing that his eyes were glowing a deep blood-red color, and that a savage aura had erupted around him, Calron remained in his trance.


The smell blood suddenly permeated the surrounding air.



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