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Chapter 126 – Bond of a Legacy


*crack crack*

Sounds of bones breaking reverberated around the barren crater, as a smoky shadow continued to silently guard the body of a human boy.

This brat is lucky that his consciousness is being suppressed, or he would have died ten times over with these rapid breakthroughs. 

Ezkael mused, his initial shock had already turned into acceptance. He was simply too used to the unusual situations that seemed to constantly revolve around his student.

However, he was right about the danger of rapidly breaking through multiple levels, especially at the Vajra stage where the elementalist was primarily cultivating his essence to fuse with his physical body.

Just imagining the pain of continuously having his bones broken and healed, made Ezkael shudder in discomfort. Thankfully, Calron’s consciousness was being shielded so the boy did not have to go through that pain.

“It seems to slowing down…”

Ezakel whispered, noticing the essence surge in Calron’s body gradually receding back to normal.

“Raizel… this descendent of yours is truly a monster. I believe that he will soon surpa.s.s the limits of the Mortal realm and return your clan back to the Divine realm.”

“This feels too unreal.”

Calron stated in a disbelieving tone, stunned by how much his elemental core had transformed.

Compared to the previous amount of essence he could store; it was like comparing a sunflower seed to a small-sized melon. Since Calron’s consciousness was still being suppressed, he could not observe the changes in his physical body but if could, it would be incomparable to the shock he felt by the change in his elemental core.

Sssa saa

A quiet and almost inaudible hiss sounded out in Calron’s mind.

His curiosity piqued by the sound, Calron sent his consciousness towards the direction of the quiet hiss, and arrived exactly towards his… elemental core.

However, this time, there was an illusion of a ghostly snake swimming inside his core. The snake appeared to be flickering in and out of existence, as if hadn’t completely entered the real world yet.

Noticing Calron’s presence, the tiny snake let out a cheerful hiss and its body abruptly dissipated into the essence within the core.

“What in the heavens was that?”

Calron muttered, not having a clue about what that mysterious snake was and how it appeared within his core.

Why do I keep meeting these weird and suspicious people…

Calron sighed, realizing that he had been encountering too many weirdos for a while now.

“Still, that small fragment of Valis’ soul helped me reach the eighth rank of Vajra stage. I guess I should at least try to fulfil his last request. I think it’s time to return back, I can now start to feel the soul connection between Teacher and me.”

With the absence of the golden dragon’s soul, the suppression placed on his consciousness was beginning to be alleviated and his physical senses resuming their function.


Calron shouted in joy, seeing the smoky body of Ezkael standing guard over him.

“Tch, you sure took your time, boy! If not for the ma.s.sive amounts of essence fluctuation around you, the surrounding beasts would have already arrived here to trample all over you.”

Ezkael sulkily replied, but he was inwardly glad that Calron was back to normal.

“This feels… really good!”

Calron said in amazement, finally observing his body and sensing the ma.s.sive changes within his muscles and bones.

Clenching and unclenching his fists, small bolts of golden lightning darted around his skin and each time he contracted his muscles, they seemed to instantly harden and gave off a sheen almost akin to that of a shiny crystal.

If one carefully examined Calron’s current body, then they would see that his skin was faintly reflecting back the sunlight similar to a polished crystal.

“Compared to your cultivation breakthrough, I think your body’s physical modification is the biggest help to your present situation. I am not sure how that dragon did it, but the toughness of the body that you have right now is comparable to an early Saint stage expert.”

Ezkael spoke carefully, probing his student’s body with his soul.

Although Calron might not be able to fight against a Saint stage expert, he had now the ability to at least escape and if the situation gets perilous, even take a few hits by the expert.

“It will take me a while to get used to this new body. Anyways, I should hurry up to the outer range and find those little brats. It should elevate Avi’s spirits for while… we keep abandoning the poor pup in times like these and she needs friends of her own to grow up.”

Calron conveyed, while he began shape-shifting into his beast form.

“Gahaha, look at you being a parent!”

Ezkael snickered, teasing his student for his unusual mature behaviour.

“I am not even going to give you the satisfaction of an answer…… geezer!”

Calron tried to maintain a mature att.i.tude, but couldn’t contain himself and blurted out an insult.

“What did you say, you little punk!? Is this the respect that you have for your Teacher, the one who taught you everything you know and who sacrificed his share of meat just so his poor student wouldn’t starve….”

Calron ignored his Teacher’s ramblings when Ezkael started to make up random stories where he heroically saved Calron from vicious enemies and gave up his fur coat just to keep Calron warm in winter.

Of course, all of those were lies and never happened.

*Thuk Thuk*

A strange sound echoed inside his chest, suddenly disarraying his thoughts.

Realising what that sound meant, Calron let out an elated cry of pure happiness and increased his speed by several fold.

“Eh? Slow down kid, what is happening?”

Ezkael asked in confusion, returning back into Calron’s mind as his smoky body couldn’t keep up his student’s speed.

“Hahaha! I can’t believe it! Ah, I see Avi there.”

Calron did not answer his Teacher, and instead of slowing down to pick up the wolf pup, he steadily sped towards the ground and grabbed the little wolf pup with his claws who was obliviously munching on a bunch of berries.


Avi pitifully cried, missing the taste of the delicious berries and instead being subjected to carried around like a sack of vegetables in the air.

“Sorry, Avi! Just hang on for a while and I’ll let you down.”

Calron yelled with amus.e.m.e.nt, as he continued to rush towards a location.

The reason for his excitement was because of that feeling in his chest, or more specifically, the feeling his Blood Legacy gave him.

Another Blood Legacy Inheritor was nearby, and Calron knew exactly who he was.

It was his brother… Roran!

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