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“Quick! Escape from here!”

A desperate yell resounded in the magma-filled room, as a three-meter giant pushed both his hands forward, creating an aqua-colored energy field in front of him.


The giant had skin akin to that of a sapphire stone, with his b.l.o.o.d.y veins visible through his semi-translucent body. It was unknown whether this was how his body usually appeared or if it was due to the stress caused by the incoming attack.


With tears and black ash covering his face, a man with the head of an owl gazed at the back of the three-meter giant who was currently protecting him from the monster that had invaded their sanctuary.


“M-Master! I cannot lea-“

The owl man stuttered with a tremble in his voice, but the giant retorted in anger.


“Balis, the Guardians were betrayed. One of us must to live in order to let the Beast Emperor know, and that someone is you. I have already used up my life source to stop the magma from entering this room and activated the teleportation array.”


Large circular silver symbols started to form on the floor where Balis was standing and he knew that the teleportation array would be finished within a few moments.


“I …”


“Don’t say anything now Balis. Just promise me that you will find the b.a.s.t.a.r.d that did this and make him pay. After you convey the message to the emperor, finish your Guardian training at the Human City of Selior.”

The giant interrupted Balis before he could say anything.





It was at this moment that the teleportation array was completed, and a brief flash of light illuminated the crumbling room.



Slowly turning back his head to face his disciple, the giant softly whispered.

“Never forget the true purpose of the Ancient Guardians, Balis, the world will need us to guide them in the coming future. LIVE!”

With a thundering roar at the end, the giant sent all his remaining essence into the array.


“This disciple will never forget… Master.”

Balis choked on his tears, as the image of his Master disappeared from his eyes and the palace of the Beast Kingdom in the Desolate Mountains appeared before him.




The young owl-headed man bellowed into the sky, his roar filled with despair and agony at the loss of his Master.


The Master… who was also his father.





“An Ancient Guardian? What is that?”

Calron inquired curiously while stretching his muscles and testing the effects of the pill.


The Elder morosely stared at the ground, brooding over his inner thoughts before he tilted his head to look at the human boy beside him.


“We were the ones who kept the balance of this world. Once, we had our own kingdom where the G.o.ds themselves built it for us, and where they would bless the new generation of Guardians with their abilities.”

The Elder softly spoke, raising his head to gaze at the sky above.



“G.o.ds… you’ve seen them?”

Calron’s voice had a hint of excitement. Since a kid, his mother used to always talk about the G.o.ds and the divine powers that they had within their grasp. With a flick of their fingers, they could create new worlds and with a gentle slap, destroy the very world they created.


G.o.ds were mystical beings and humans like Calron could only hope to ever witness their appearance. However, Calron was skeptical at the same time wondering whether what the owl-headed man had said was true or not.



“G.o.ds, huh? They are powerful indeed, but selfish at the same time. Before, they used to visit our world as often as every year, but it all changed the day our order was betrayed.”

The Elder’s eyes flashed with coldness when he recalled the betrayal.



“When was the last time that a G.o.d appeared in our world?”

Calron questioned, his heart faltering at the coldness he detected in the Elder’s voice towards the end.



“The last time they came… was over seven hundred years ago…”

The Elder stated with a pause.


How could he forget that day? It was the day that his own father had died.


“Enough of these questions, child. Now, let me ask a question of my own.”

The Elder said, realizing that the boy in front of him will not stop asking questions if given the chance.



“Tch, I don’t want to.”

Calron retorted, as he lifted his arms over his head and laid back on the gra.s.s.



This brat…

The Elder thought with amus.e.m.e.nt.



“Do you know what that bow is?”

Seeing that he would have to bait this human boy, the Elder asked a question.



“Of course, how could I not? It’s my bow.”

Calron replied with an even voice, but the Elder could detect that the boy was lying. If he truly knew what that bow was, then he would have never brought it out in a fight.


Curse that stupid old Teacher! He left without telling me what this bow was!

Calron spat a string of curses within his mind.



“Haha, I guess I don’t need to tell you then.”

The Elder cheekily responded while raising his eyebrow at Calron.



d.a.m.n, this geezer is playing around with me.

Calron fumed, realizing that his bluff had been called.



“I guess it’s still too early… child, whatever you do, but never take out that bow in the future until the destined time.”

The seriousness was back in the Elder’s voice.



Huh? Destined time? What is this owl man talking about?

Calron pondered, but before he could say them out loud, the Elder continued.


“Quickly take care of the business you had to in the outer range, and then come with me to Selior city.”


“Selior city? And why should I come with you?”

Calron asked calmly, but he had no intention of leaving with the Elder. He had to find the red-headed woman and get the information about where the members of the House Raizel were.


“Selior city is where the Human Emperor lives, and also where you will find the one you are looking for.”

The Elded stated while slowly getting up back on his feet.



“How do you know I was looking for her?”

Calron jolted into a seating positing, staring intensely at the owl-headed man.”



“You will know once you are there.”

The Elder’s eyes glinted with mirth.


“How can I trust you?”

Calron asked once again.


“Sigh… so many questions in that little head of yours. Trust me or not, that is up to you. I only give you the choice.”

The Elder evenly responded, as two giant wings unfolded from his back.



“One last question… were you there on the day of the betrayal?”

Calron had already decided to take a chance with the Elder, but there was something nudging him at the back of the head after hearing the story from the owl man.



“Meet me back at Tarnila’s place when you are ready to leave.”

The Elder said, as he flapped his wings and leapt into the sky.


Calron gazed at the man’s lonely back.


“Yes… I was there.”

A gentle voice drifted into his ear, and Calron knew that it was none other than the Elder.



“Oh heavens…”

Calron muttered, realizing that the Elder was over seven hundred years old.


Was his real cultivation only at the Saint stage?

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