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Chapter 114 – Epilogue


A tiny lone bee wandered around the top of a mountain, searching for the way back home.

It quickly spotted a pink flower at the edge of a cliff, mysteriously swaying with the wind and isolated from the rest of the plants. Unable to shake off its curiosity, the bee buzzed towards the eye-catching petals.

*Thud*    *Thud*    *Thud*

The sudden sounds of colossal footsteps startled the busy bee, causing it to flee away from the pretty flower.

.“A single flower growing under this rock? Interesting&h.e.l.lip;”

A human boy muttered, as he bent down to pick the swaying flower.

With curly dark hair the shade of obsidian, and eyes resembling the blue of snowy glaciers, the boy appeared to be around fifteen years of age. However, his real age was closer to thirteen years old.

It was his bulging muscles and sharp jawline that prevented people from determining his real age.

Wearing only a loincloth, the boy stood bare-chested as the sun’s rays shone upon his sweaty upper-body and glistening muscles.

.“Roran, leave that flower and pay attention to the task that we came here for.”

An old voice sounded out from behind, chiding the human boy.

The elderly figure was shrouded in the shade from a nearby large rock, so his features were obscured by the darkness.

.“Hahaha, how can I forget? I have been waiting years for this moment!”

Roran laughed with excitement, running towards the edge of the cliff and gazing at the range of mountains below.

.“Big brother, I have finally come to find you&h.e.l.lip;”

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