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The Boyhood of Jesus. 97

Jesus and Sick People. 98

Talking With Our Father. 101

G.o.d is Our Father. 105

What Jesus Said About Birds and Flowers. 106

What Jesus Said About Trees. 109

Jesus and the Little Girl. 110

The Baby Hid in a Basket. 117

An Old Book of Songs. 121

A Story Which Jesus Told. 126

Some Words Which Jesus Taught the People. 130

The Boy Who Came When He Was Called. 132


_Stories of David_:

The Shepherd Boy Who Killed a Giant. 139

David and King Saul. 151

David and Jonathan. 156

David and His Three Brave Soldiers. 163

David and His Son Absalom. 167

The Story of a Good King. 170

Joseph and His Brethren. 177

The Boy Who Was Raised from the Dead. 193

The Kingdom of Heaven. 201

The Little Captive Maid. 205

How the People Traveled in the Lands of the Bible. 208

Houses in the Lands of the Bible. 214

Children in the Lands of the Bible. 217

Jerusalem. 218

The Jordan. 224

The Dead Sea. 226

Beth-lehem. 229


Lord of All Being, Throned Afar. _Oliver Wendell Holmes_ 233

On Our Way Rejoicing _John S. B. Monsell_ 234

Of Such is the Kingdom _Jemima Thompson Luke_ 237

Sun of My Soul. _John Keble_ 238

Day by Day. 239

What Can Little Hands Do? _Fabin_ 240

How Gentle G.o.d's Commands _Philip Doddridge_ 241

Above the Clear Blue Sky _John Chandler_ 242


The Story of the First Christmas. 245

The Story of Palm Sunday. 251

How Jesus Gave His Life for the World. 257


The Story of the First Easter Day. 265

The Story of the First Thanksgiving. 270

Who Was the Neighbor? 279

The Good Shepherd. 282

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