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What was the national condition of the Hebrews when Haggai prophesied? 397 S.A.

What was Haggai's particular message to the people? 397-400 S.A.

Was Haggai successful? 397 S.A.


What was Zechariah's aim in his prophecies? 401 S.A.

Compare the beginning of Zechariah's prophecy with that of Haggai in point of time. 398, 401 S.A.

Name some of the strange symbols that Zechariah used in his prophecy. 401-407 S.A.

What encouragements did the prophet give to Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple? 404 S.A.

What is the meaning of the vision of the flying book? 405 S.A.

What is the meaning of the vision of the woman in the barrel? 405, 406 S.A.

What is the meaning of the vision of the chariots of the four winds? 406, 407 S.A.


What was the national condition of the Hebrews in the time of Malachi? 408 S.A.

What was Malachi's message to the people? 408, 409 S.A.


The Epistles

In what effective way did Paul follow up his visits to the various churches which he founded? 413 S.A.

Name some of the occasions that called forth Paul's letters. 413 S.A.

What influences other than Jewish are found in Paul's letters? 414, 415 S.A.

Number the commands given in Paul's message to the Romans 415-419 S.A.

Divide these exhortations into two cla.s.ses, those for personal righteousness and those for social betterment. 415-419 S.A.

How many of these commands might be followed to-day? 415-419 S.A.

What did Paul say about obedience? 419 S.A.

What were Paul's words about contentment? 420 S.A.

What att.i.tude did Paul say was worthy of the calling of a Christian? 420 S.A.

What particular gifts did Paul say were given men for the building up of Christ's kingdom? 421 S.A.

What did Paul say about being angry? 421 S.A.

What did Paul say about the fruits of the Spirit? 422, 423 S.A.

About what things did Paul say we should think? 424 S.A.

Of all the spiritual gifts to be desired what did Paul say was the greatest? 425 S.A.

Give Paul's definition of true love. 425 S.A.

Why can a person be joyful when falling into temptation? 426 S.A.

How does temptation begin? 427 S.A.

What did James lay down as the two elements of pure religion? 427, 428 S.A.

What did James say of faith and works? 428 S.A.

How large a part does the control of the tongue have in the making of character, according to James? 428, 429 S.A.

To what two things is the tongue compared? 428 S.A.

What three things did James declare the tongue to be? 428,429 S.A.

How did James say the peaceable spirit could be obtained? 429, 430 S.A.

What did James say about the rich and the poor? 430, 433 S.A.

Give James' definition of sin and compare it to John's definition on page 435 S.A.. 434 S.A.

Name the two definitions of G.o.d as given by John. 435, 436 S.A.


How does John say we may prove our fellowship with G.o.d? 435 S.A.

What does John say proves our love for G.o.d? 436 S.A.

Compare John's estimate of love with Paul's. 425, 436, 437 S.A.

Make a list of the rules laid down by Paul for the spiritual athlete. How do these rules compare with the requirements for the physical athlete? 438, 439 S.A.

What games do you think Paul may have referred to in this letter? 414, 438 S.A.

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