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What was Zedekiah's fate? 351 T.J.

Describe the destruction of Jerusalem. 351 T.J.


In what way did Jeroboam seek to keep the loyalty of the people? 353, 354 T.J.

Tell the story of the prophet from Judah. 354-362 T.J.

What was the prophecy of Ahijah, the prophet, concerning Jeroboam's house? 362-364 T.J.


Describe Nadab's brief reign. 367 T.J.


How did the house of Jeroboam come to an end? 368 T.J.

How did Baasha become king in Israel? 368 T.J.

Why was the house of Baasha condemned? 368, 369 T.J.


How did Elah differ from Baasha, his father? 370 T.J.

In what way did Elah meet his death? 370 T.J.


How long did Zimri reign? 373 T.J.

Who was Omri and how was he made king? 373 T.J.

How did Zimri die? 373 T.J.


What new capital of the northern kingdom did Omri establish? 374 T.J.

What was the character of Omri's reign? 374 T.J.


For what purpose did Ahab join the king of Judah? 377-381 T.J.

How did Ahab meet his death? 380, 381 T.J.



What were the evil deeds of Ahaziah? 382 T.J.

What dealings did Ahaziah have with the prophet Elijah? 382-386 T.J.


How did Joram begin his reign? 387 T.J.

Describe the expedition against Moab and its result. 388-392 T.J.


What did Jehu do to the royal family when he came to the throne? 395-397 T.J.

Describe the destruction of the priests of Baal. 397, 398 T.J.


By what means was the kingdom of Israel almost blotted out during this reign? 399 T.J.

What were the sins of the people at this time? 399 T.J.


How did Joash retrieve the kingdom's losses? 400 T.J.

Jeroboam II

What rank does Jeroboam II take among Israel's kings? 401 T.J.

How did the country prosper under him? 401 T.J.

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