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Volume I – Isolated island survival memoir

Chapter B.1 Procurement for survival

Liu Shock felt a burst of strong wind as if suddenly appearing above his head, and along with a sudden whizzing sound, he felt tearing ice-cold on his forehead. The very next instant, he saw white colored air ma.s.s which like a whirlwind suddenly rushed towards the giant wolf and crashed into its mouth.

It was already sprinting towards Liu Shock at an extremely fast speed and this happened right after it pounced. It certainly never expected such a thing would happen and it was too late to dodge. But, its beastly instinct worked at the critical moment and it bent its head on one side, so the air ma.s.s impacted only on the left side of its face.

A miserable howl resounded in the surroundings and its entire body fell directly in front of Liu shock. At this time, he was actually astonished to discover that crystalline ice was forming on its face and slowly spreading. Its needle-like blue fur was being quickly enveloped with a layer of frost and there was an inexplicable look of enormous suffering apparent on its face. Its two front paws were hugging its left eye that was. .h.i.t by the white air ma.s.s, while its whole body was convulsing as if receiving high voltage electric shocks.

Liu Shock was foolishly looking at the giant wolf convulsing in pain. Obviously, he was thoroughly shocked by this after all he thought that this was going to be his end and was basically prepared to welcome death just a moment ago.

Its paws were not like human hands and did not completely cover its injured eye. Liu Shock clearly saw some kind of a milky fluid secreting from its eyeball. It no longer looked like the fierce eye from a moment ago. Now, it was like a lump of translucent material like the canned pineapple from his army days, resembling the texture of food dipped in preservatives for a long time.

The giant wolf was still convulsing and trembling; the intensity of convulsion was getting bigger and bigger, ultimately affecting its limbs as well. Afterward, even its furry tail began to convulse violently.

Liu Shock gawked slightly but there was simply no time to waste, he needed act now. He quickly used the vines that he was holding in his hands to tightly wrap around its neck and proceeded to strangle it to death. The giant wolf’s whole body was convulsing violently and making it difficult for him to gain control of its body. Although he could not understand why it suddenly began to convulse like this but it certainly lost its battle efficiency as a result of that. So, he felt that he must hurry and finish it off while he had the chance.

This blue furred giant wolf had a tall and st.u.r.dy body while its thick neck was an indication of its outrageous strength. The more he saw, the more he became nervous. He forced his vision away from it and no longer looked at its mighty body and a fairly huge head.

Liu Shock bent backwards and used his own weight to severely tighten the grip on its neck and increased the strangling force. He was barefoot so he felt a cold biting sensation under his feet. He noticed himself standing on a piece of dry ice and felt as if he was standing on a sharp needle.

The vines were strangling its neck and suffocating its originally dying body, however, suddenly there was an outbreak of powerful strength in its body. The sharp paws were desperately pawing at the ground. Its claws dug deep into the ground giving support to its body and Liu Shock suddenly had an illusion that he was wrestling with a tractor. No matter how hard he pulled, it was simply not enough to budge this giant wolf.

Liu Shock was almost unable to apply enough strangling force and immediately hopped on its back, using his own weight to put pressure on it. At the same time, he used his feet on the ground to firmly resist the giant’s wolf’s efforts of getting out his clutch.

At this time, Fruit jumped from his head onto the giant wolf’s back. As if trying to copy Liu Shock, little Fruit also used its small paws to tightly pull the vines. It was also using its weight to lean backwards to increase the pulling force and its cute little face suddenly turned red from using too much strength.

“d.a.m.n.” Liu Shock felt like a captain who was losing control of his ship while a storm was about to hit. The giant wolf’s body was writhing vigorously on the ground, swaying from side to side, and he was almost jolted away several times. The speed of swaying gradually lowered but it was using claws to slowly crawl forward. As a result, there were several claw marks imprinted on the ground.

The giant wolf gradually moved forward and slowly leaned on a mound of earth. Its claws dug into the mound and it slowly stood up. Its sharp claws slipped on the moss few times and eventually exposed rocks beneath. Each and every hit from its claws would impact strongly on the rock and stone chips would scatter in the surroundings. With each breath, it would spout a group of white bubbles along with a burst of strong fishy smell coming from its mouth while its body was resting against the mound.

Liu Shock saw those bubbles and knew that success was close at hand. He began to apply more and more force and felt as if he was exhausting all the strength he had acc.u.mulated by drinking milk for all those years.

But at the critical moment, the vines couldn’t stand too much force and ripped with a popping sound. Both Liu Shock and Fruit fell backwards and rolled far away from the giant wolf.

Liu Shock’s head almost plummeted into the bonfire. A burst of burnt wooden smell entered his nose along with the smell of burnt hair. His head was lying next to the bonfire and some of his hair was smoked by the flames. Fruit had tumbled into his arms and one of its long ears had caught fire because of stray flames. But he did not have time to extinguish the fire, quickly picked up the remaining part of the bone spear from the ground and maliciously stabbed towards the giant wolf.

“Puchi” The bone spear was directly inserted into the giant wolf’s a.n.u.s but it stopped midway since Liu Shock was too weak to insert it all the way inside. (TL: ROFL)

The giant wolf howled pitifully. It couldn’t bear the pain and began to run aimlessly. It finally dashed into a nearby bush and fell down, while at the same time, several birds were startled by its heart-wrenching howls and flew towards the sky. It tried to stand up but failed to do so.

Liu Shock was listening to its bellows and became more and more anxious in his heart. His hands were shaking from overexerting his muscles. Earlier, he wanted to pull out the bone spear from its a.n.u.s but it suddenly dashed forward and his hand slipped from the spear.

Liu Shock was thoroughly drained of his strength. He felt that even if he had pulled out the bone spear, he would still not have enough strength to wield it in actual combat.

Both giant wolf and Liu Shock were supine and gasping. His chest was fluctuating dramatically while the giant wolf’s large belly was rested on the ground and shivering.

Eventually, the giant wolf was the first to stand up. It stood up reluctantly and slowly turned towards Liu Shock. The bone spear was still protruding from its a.s.s and was now completely out of Liu Shock’s line of sight.

Liu Shock also reluctantly stood up and simply refused to yield. However, he was no longer tensed or afraid. Although he was very weak but at least he was not injured in the fight.

The giant wolf’s eye that was. .h.i.t by the white air ma.s.s was non-existent, there was an empty hole in its place gaping blankly at Liu Shock. However, there was no blood flowing out of the eye socket instead there was a red colored gla.s.sy substance stuck completely in its eye socket. There was a crack-like radiation pattern on the red gla.s.sy substance which resembled the pattern on a turtle’s sh.e.l.l.

The giant wolf’s other eye was filled with anger and hatred as it was glaring at him. Liu Shock gasped and shouted, “You motherf.u.c.ker! You started this in the first place! This serves you right!”

The giant wolf’s front legs suddenly went limp and it knelt on the ground. A man and a wolf were staring at each other and breathing rapidly.

“Phew.”Liu Shock felt relieved and was secretly pleased in his heart. He said, “It seems like you no longer have the strength to bite me.”

The giant wolf’s facial expression suddenly changed and it seemed as if it was laughing at Liu Shock. Is it actually laughing at me? Are you f.u.c.king kidding me! Liu Shock struggled to stand up because he could sense danger in its smile. Yes, this was the smiling face of a victor, imagine a general looking at his prisoner.

The giant wolf again opened its mouth, revealing snow covered buckteeth and fangs, and suddenly a miniature tornado began to condense above its mouth and began to grow rapidly.

Liu Shock was surprised to find out that this beast was hiding such a terrifying move and felt a chill running down his spine. This means it does not need f.u.c.king fangs and claws to kill me. It can just use a large wind blade to chop me down along with this entire f.u.c.king jungle.

His eyes were moist as he remembered his younger sister, mother and the elder brother. He really did not want to die again.

The giant wolf opened its mouth and a huge wind blade began to take shape. It was looking at Liu Shock just the way a farmer uncle would look at the autumn harvest while dragging his sharp sickle towards the field.

However, all of a sudden, Fruit escaped from Liu Shock’s hands and landed on the ground. Its big belly bulged out as it took a deep breath and instantly shot a white colored air ma.s.s from its mouth towards the giant wolf’s opened mouth.

A frightened look appeared in the giant wolf’s eye as the whirling air ma.s.s came instantly in front of its mouth and pounded directly on the incomplete wind blade. Accompanied by a loud ear-piercing sound similar to the sound produced by tearing a silk cloth, the wind blade was scattered in all directions and a part of failed wind blade attack escaped through the upper wall of its mouth, making a huge hole near the bridge of the nose. There was no blood, no scream, the giant wolf’s face instantly stiffened, became pale and its frozen body tumbled on the ground with a thud, just like a wooden stake.

Fruit released a string of ‘Gululu’ grunting sounds from its throat then sat on the ground. It seemed like it overexerted itself, even its big rabbit ears drooped down.

Liu Shock’s mouth was opened wide to the point of exaggeration as if to put an entire coconut in his mouth. He pointed a finger at Fruit while that finger was trembling intensely with excitement and disbelief! But when he saw its small face covered in beads of sweat rolling down its small nose, he couldn’t help but feel a hint of pain in his heart.

Fruit turned towards Liu Shock but was suddenly stunned with an incredible look popping on its face. Its trembling small paws pointed at Liu Shock’s crotch then it looked towards its own crotch. The difference in size was similar to the difference between a gra.s.s and a towering giant tree.

“What the f.u.c.k!” Liu Shock was shocked to no limit but got over it soon. He looked for the self-made underpants and quickly put it on to cover his main point with a coconut wooden sh.e.l.l and vines. Although Fruit was just an animal but he still did not feel comfortable when his main point was being pointed at.

“You little punk!” Liu Shock used one hand to cover his main point with a coconut sh.e.l.l and the other hand to pinch Fruit’s chubby cheek, “I never knew you can use this move, you cute little wonder! How did you learn that trick? You turned that wolf into an ice statue, ah, so fierce!”

Fruit uttered a comfortable groan and rubbed its small face gently on his palm.

TL: Here is the first half of this monster sized chapter with 7k words. We are still working on the second part. Thankfully, our dear author is merciful and has written comparatively small chapters after this one. So this will be the only chapter in Volume 1 that needs to be done in parts. Also, thank you all dear readers for reading our work, it really means a lot for our team and keeps us motivated to work hard 

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