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Chapter A.2 – Brave fight with a magical wolf

It was walking forward with a big belly gradually swaying from one side to the other, a long fluffy tail tracing the ground while its whole body was covered with golden yellow fur with some traces of bird feces at some places. It copied Liu Shock and was carrying a thin stick on its shoulders. Liu Shock looked at the little thing and thought that it looked just like a proud general returning from a triumphed battle.

“Don’t tell me…..” Liu Shock felt as if his almond colored body suddenly flew straight into the sky, and hurried up to close his mouth. This little thing was clearly smiling and there was a triumphant look in its eyes.

Liu Shock saw that this smile was full of wisdom, not something an ordinary animal could do.

His mother once told him that animals possess wisdom as well. Back then, he was still young and didn’t believe in her words. But one day, she took him to a butcher’s shop where he witnessed a cow being brutally butchered and tears rolled down his eyes.

He was equally shocked today when he saw this wonderful little thing.

Liu Shock leaned over and beckoned it with his hand. The little thing threw the stick off its shoulder and ran towards him. It directly climbed up his arm and jumped into his bosom. It snuggled its head in Liu Shock’s bosom and seemed to like it very much. Its two long bunny ears were soft and fluffy and tickled him. It was groaning softly and acting spoiled like a kitten.

After brief skinship with this cute little thing, Liu Shock took this rabbit-like creature, perhaps a squirrel, with him and continued on the road. He did not want to leave this little wonder behind. It was very flexible like a squirrel and possessed excellent elastic strength in its leg muscles, allowing it to cover large distances with fast and long jumps. From time to time, it would jump into the roadside bushes, pick up berries then come back to show them to him. Although Liu Shock did not eat those berries but was very much satisfied in the heart.

The only exception was a large insect that it brought over for him. This insect was like a giant silkworm with a plump and translucent body. Liu Shock almost did not spit it out at this time and managed to swallow it, though he spurted out a mouthful of white fluid which was originally contained in the insect’s body. Fortunately, there was not much stuff in his stomach thanks to his superior digestive capability.

“d.a.m.n, I was almost scared to death just now.” Liu Shock twisted his face and raised his hands in the air, then put them down.

He just could not bear the gross sensation from eating that bug.

The little thing was getting more and more excited and climbed on Liu Shock’s head. Liu Shock suddenly felt as if he was wearing a big fur hat. The little thing was covered with bird feces but he thought it over and found a reason why he shouldn’t mind it staying on his head.

Marginal dung! This is just marginal dung! This much is bearable! Liu Shock shouted in his heart.

He finally arrived at the destination.

This walk wasn’t too long but he felt as if his whole body would break apart because of the pain and discomfort.

The hillock was about 5 to 6 meters in height. Liu Shock looked around it and found a lush coconut forest right behind it. The discovery suddenly made him furious and happy at the same time.

Liu Shock began to size up the entire area as if he had come here to buy property. His choice was good because the place did not give a dark gloomy feel. He could listen to the sound of nature from the surroundings with occasional faint sounds of sea waves crashing against the island. He finally felt his body and mind relaxing. The only thing he did not understand was that there wasn’t any vegetation growing on this hillock. It was completely coated with greenish brown moss. He dug out a part of the ground with his hand, revealing brown colored table rock beneath the moss.

The color of the sky indicated early sunset. He quickly went to a nearby bush and pulled out a small amount of soft weed and spread it to from a cushion. He would use it as a bed tonight, though he wanted to set up a tent but could not muster enough strength for the task.

As a soldier trained for surviving in all sort of harsh conditions, this was the first time he was using those survival skills for real. He picked up a few dry twigs and started to make fire by boring a hole in the wood. He had learned this technique in the army, but this time, he improved it by using his own smelly sock. He tied his sock to the rotating wooden stick and increased the drilling speed. He was holding both ends of the sock with and pulling alternately to increase the drilling speed, thereby also increasing the friction produced in the hole. Finally, he successfully managed to produce a spark and immediately lit up a dry twig. Then, he made a heap of dry twigs and set up a bonfire. He also used some dry resins from a nearby tree and threw them into the fire. Being very flammable in nature, the resins increased the intensity of the fire and a beam of joy appeared on his face. The little thing was sitting obediently on one side, with its small thin legs forking in a big way to support the big belly, and curiously watching the whole thing. Once he was done with setting up the bonfire, it came next to him and innocently looked at him with its round watery eyes.

Liu Shock picked up his socks and fiercely kissed them. These socks gave a great service and contributed again and again in most crucial tasks. They were as useful as a first-aid kit. Used as a slingshot for knocking coconuts, then as a tool for ignition. He had initially decided to use these socks as underpants, but now he knew that using them as underpants was literally like using an anti-aircraft gun to hit a mosquito – using a talented person in an insignificant position.

“Fruit!” Liu Shock gently caressed the tiny head of the little thing and said: “G.o.d is good to me. He gave me a small wonder like you and a pair of socks!”

Whenever its head was caressed, it would utter something which sounded like ‘Fruit’, so Liu Shock gave it the name Fruit.

When Fruit saw how Liu Shock ‘Bajibaji’ kissed the socks, it jumped curiously and held the socks in its little paws. It had learned from Liu Shock’s actions and ‘Bajibaji’ kissed the socks in a similar pa.s.sionate manner.

(TL:  Bajibaji – smack one’s lips or kiss lightly)

Well in the case of Fruit, curiosity killed the cat.

This pair of socks belonged to one of the worst smelling feet on the southern battlefield. Fruit immediately saw the gate to the afterlife. It smelled the socks for an instant and its neat little eyes instantly solidified. It swayed like a drunkard and staggered before falling down on the ground. Fruit’s fat belly was moving up and down violently as it was gasping heavily.

It had originally ignored the socks because of the bad stench originating from it.

“Fruit!” Liu Shock shouted in a somewhat distressed manner and quickly picked it up. After gentle stroking its back for a while, it finally recovered consciousness. He didn’t want to lose it because an invisible bond had developed between the two. And if Fruit suffocated to death from the stink of his socks, he would definitely feel guilty throughout his life.

The eggs buried in the fire were releasing fumes of delicious fragrance. Liu Shock hurried to dig out an egg with the wooden stick, but stopped, since there was a risk of breaking them.

Liu Shock used his hands and took out an egg from the fire, blew away the ashes from its sh.e.l.l then carefully placed it in front of Fruit. The egg’s fragrance as if immediately worked and the dying Fruit quickly got up, held the egg and began to gnaw it while also winking adorably towards Liu Shock.

“d.a.m.n, you little **! You scared the s.h.i.t out of me!” Liu Shock picked up the socks from the ground and stuffed into his ‘Coconut helmet’. Then he picked up his bone spear, used it to p.r.i.c.k a hole into a coconut and drank few mouthfuls of coconut jAfterwardrwards, he took an egg, cracked it open like an expert chef and devoured it whole in one go.

Fruit’s rolling eyes looked at Liu Shock with a special envious look in its eyes since its efforts to learn this skill from him were in vain. In the end, Fruit gave up when it realized that there was no way to devour an egg whole like Liu Shock did just now.

Liu Shock ate half a dozen eggs, punching burps one after another. When he saw Fruit’s envious appearance, he could not help but laugh. As a demonstration, this time, he threw two eggs in his mouth at once and began to ‘Bajibaji’ chew.

Fruit rushed up to his face, stretched out its pink tongue and started licking the yellow stains on his cheeks. Fruit’s cute little whiskers were affectionately rubbing against his face and ticking him.

“Ha ha” Liu Shock laughed and was quite satisfied in his heart.

However, his laughter stopped abruptly when a giant wolf with its glowing body covered with deep blue fur stealthily emerged from behind the hillock. It stood on the other side of bonfire and its eyes were shining with faint phosph.o.r.escent glow. It was staring at Liu Shock as if try to mock him, making this whole situation fairly spooky.

Liu Shock’s pupils instantly tightened and his whole body shivered with cold, instantly reaching the freezing point.

There was no time to think why this wolf’s giant body was blue and radiating blue light. He almost unconsciously picked up the whale bone spear and threw it towards it. In the past life, besides unarmed training, he had also partic.i.p.ated in flying knives army compet.i.tion. In the first battle on the southern battlefield, he would frequently use this trick to kill enemies at short distance.

Liu Shock was very confident on his skill, although he had not yet fully recovered his strength but the whale bone spear was tough and sharp. The best proof regarding this was the sharp cut under his navel.

Moreover, in this situation, he didn’t have time to think about right and wrong, he just acted instinctively.

The giant wolf opened its mouth wide, revealing its ominous fangs and sharp buckteeth, and spouted a tornado-like high-speed spinning air, which appeared like a wind blade spinning at extremely fast speed and producing whoosh sound. This attack was aimed at Liu Shock. Liu Shock saw his bone spear acting as a defense tool in the midair but was easily deflected by the wind blade – The spear obviously received an impact from the spinning wind blade and a pile of bone fragments scattered in the air, some dropped into the bonfire and issued a burst of ‘crackling’ sounds.

The bone spear fell on the ground with a thud and rolled towards Liu Shock, stopping in front of him. There was a deep imprint on the spear as if it received an impact from a military knife. Liu Shock was fully aware of how robust this spear was, and according to his estimate, only a trench knife from his previous life could have left such a deep imprint on this spear.

Perhaps, it was even more fearful in comparison.

The air currents were agitated in the surroundings as a result of this attack and were so potent that even the flames in bonfire diminished by almost half. Liu Shock’s right cheek was grazed and out of curiosity he turned his head back to look behind, only to see that a clump of gra.s.s had been uniformly flattened and several small pieces of chopped gra.s.ses were floating in the air.

“What is this?” Liu Shock was left dumbfounded and totally stunned. He couldn’t understand what just happened.

The giant wolf howled loudly and arrogantly and looked disdainfully at Liu Shock as if thinking this human was biting more than he could chew. Its eyes were like an eagle overlooking the earth from the skies. Liu Shock thought this wolf was nothing like the stupid wolves he had seen in the zoos, because there was a light of wisdom flashing in its eyes, making him almost believe that he was facing a person, not a wolf.

This wolf seemed to have a spirit body and when it casted a sidelong glance at Liu Shock, he could not help but tremble with fear.

Liu Shock got over the shocked state. He picked up a burning wooden stick from the bonfire then pulled out Fruit from his bosom and placed it carefully behind him. Afterwards, he stood up with the torch in one hand and seemed prepared to face his opponent. He did not know whether this wolf was afraid of fire like other animals or not. Right now, his common sense was failing him because if this giant wolf could release wind blades from its mouth then expecting it to be afraid of fire was too much.

Although this wind blade attack was quite powerful, but in fact it was no different than the bayonets used in the army during close quarters combat, ranging up to 30 meters. He picked up the torch because once the giant wolf would attack him then he would immediately thrust this torch into its eyes or nose.

“What the f.u.c.k is this s.h.i.t? Don’t f.u.c.k with me dammit!” A wine-red dragon suddenly appeared on his chest, its claws were circling around his neck. It seemed as if this red dragon was actually congealed from blood itself, after breaking out from his skin. This was the trademark tattoo of Liu Shock’s regiment named ‘Red Dragon’ and was a part of an old established tradition. A kind of invisible tattoo made by using a secret method of blending mercuric sulfide found in cinnabar and pigeon blood. These tattoos would not appear unless the blood vessels were opened and the blood flow rate was very high.

Liu Shock was obviously prepared to face his fate.

He was staring stubbornly at the giant wolf and slowly positioning himself accordingly. But the s.p.a.ce was too small for maneuvering and the wind blade attack was extremely overbearing. He didn’t want to fight here because there was a possibility of accidentally injuring Fruit.

The giant wolf was also circling around while keeping a close eye on Liu Shock. It was taking great interest in him as its big pink tongue licked the bridge of its nose. Its blue fur stood up like needles and seemed quite curious and all prepared to hunt the prey standing in front of it.

Liu shock felt a weight on his head, tried to look up and realized that Fruit had climbed on his head while its two small claws were clutching his hair.

“Fruit, quickly come down!” Liu Shock said in an anxious tone.

In this moment when he was distracted, the giant wolf suddenly leapt forward and there simply was no effect of fire on it. It was only five steps away from him. And as soon as it pounced, Liu Shock immediately smashed the torch toward its nose.

The giant wolf growled disdainfully and a wind blade escaped from its mouth going straight towards the torch. With a bang, the torch was immediately destroyed by the wind blade and scattered into pieces, along with the sparks flying in all directions like a burst of blooming fireworks creating a brilliant and splendid scene. Some of the sparks were splashed on its face and enraged it all of a sudden. It seemed as if its dignity was offended and the raging look in its eyes indicated that it was dying to rip Liu Shock to shreds. However, while being consumed by rage, it didn’t see a big fist coming towards it, and in a blink of an eye, the fist impressively pounded on its nose.

With a sharp bang, Liu Shock’s fist solidly printed on its nose bone but it could because right after that, an intense pain arose in its abdomen when Liu Shock shoved his knee to its belly.

Liu Shock continued to punch its face one after another. His right fist hit first then the left fist, punching again and again on its nose. At this time, the giant wolf suddenly opened its mouth to throw a wind blade attack at him and that too at a point-blank range. But, Liu Shock was not stupid. He was cautious and immediately used ‘Black tiger heart’ technique to circle behind it at the right moment.

The giant wolf was thoroughly beaten up and it hurriedly stepped back in panic.

Liu Shock felt his strength drained out at this moment so even if he wanted to immediately attack it, he couldn’t do so and watched it pulling away. He gasped for a while then suddenly thought of Fruit. Fortunately, he could still feel its weight on his head and the tingling sensation arising from its small claws grasping his hair.

He took a step and picked up the bone spear. He was just able to use few punches and a knee kick against the giant wolf but this was not enough to deal with it. Just now, he lost a good opportunity of killing it because he didn’t have a sharp weapon in his hand at that time to give the finishing blow.

His nose began to bleed but he didn’t dare to rub it. This giant wolf was simply beyond the scope of human imagination. Right now, he was genuinely missing his beloved Type 56 a.s.sault rifle.

The giant wolf was staring at Liu Shock and vice versa. As soon as it seemed like the giant wolf was going to open its mouth, Liu Shock subconsciously wielded his bone spear and waved once. He seemed all prepared for the wolf’s attack but actually saw blood flowing down the corners of its mouth and it also spat a sharp tooth on the ground.

“d.a.m.n, just few punches did quite the damage. The outcome is satisfactory.” Liu Shock felt emboldened and felt a surge of energy in his body.

The giant wolf’s evil eyes were locked onto him and it slowly began to retreat. Although it seemed to be limping with its hind legs, but was still very calm and maintaining its oppressive aura.

Liu Shock’s heart suddenly sank.

This was bad! This beast’s wisdom was clearly on a different level. It knew its own weaknesses and strengths, and right now, it was trying to enhance its strength and cover up its weakness. Liu Shock was somewhat disturbed by this because he did not know what to do if the giant wolf went far from his reach and began to constantly throw wind blades on him.

Sure enough, as he feared, the giant wolf went 20 steps away from him and halted. Then, it opened its mouth and shot a wind blade at him. Liu Shock immediately used the bone spear to block but it was cut in half and only half section remained in his hand, while the other half was sent flying.

What a terrifying strength! Should I make a run for it? Liu Shock smiled wryly while looking at the ‘bone dagger’ in his hand.

Before he could think more, the giant wolf suddenly pounced towards him. He immediately smashed the bone dagger but it clashed with a wind blade, though containing smaller force this time, but the bone dagger didn’t stand a chance and instantly turned into fine dust.

The giant wolf was very clever because it did not just shoot a wind blade at Liu Shock but also sprinted towards him at the same time. This actually seemed like the giant wolf’s final move to kill him in one fell swoop.

Its phosph.o.r.escent eyes had already turned into hideous blood-red eyes. Its fangs and claws were glowing and radiating ominous blue light as it was fast approaching him.

It appeared just like a blue lightning and he felt like all of his escape routes had been sealed. Escaping from a wolf? This was no time for joking around especially when the giant wolf had already begun its sprint.

He remembered his mother and elder brother.

Although he experienced reincarnation once but his eyes still became moist from the thought of dying again.

“A filthy beast like you tries to test my fierceness!” Liu Shock shouted like a crazed beast and directly tore off the freshly made underpants from his crotch. Although he knew that this might not work, but he must try and use these vines to strangle this beast!

Liu Shock was never the type of person who would willingly admit defeat.

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