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During the song, there was a sudden change as Qin Yin's melody, as the gentle melody turned into a war song. Lin Mu Yu also smartly flicked his wrist and his blade cut through the wind, as the “wind” letter was formed with the imperial sword art. It was as if the rusty sword became a deadly killing weapon in his hand, twinkling with cold light on the stage.

Seeing this, the wanderers and mercenaries in the tavern couldn't help cheering. Although they were nothing more than wandering performers, this little brother's sword art seemed quite accomplished.

Lin Mu Yu's goal in revealing this much was very simple. He wanted to show some strength to the people who had thoughts towards Qin Yin, if they couldn't even defeat him, they shouldn't think of it.

After the song, many wanderers and mercenaries threw coins onto the stage. There were silver coins, copper coins, and even a gold coin. A young master with money really had no cares.

Lin Mu Yu took out a white purse to pick up the money, this naturally couldn't be left to Qin Yin to do. When he looked up, he found Qin Yin's gentle gaze looking at him.

“What is it?” He asked.

Qin Yin revealed a faint smile, “Nothing……I, I feel that today is the happiest day in my life……”

“Is that so?”

Lin Mu Yu raised one brow before saying with a smile, “It's nothing, it'll still be like this in the future.”



“That's great……”

Qin Yin acted like a little girl as she moved to Lin Mu Yu's side. Those hotblooded mercenaries and guests all couldn't take it. Perhaps if Qin Yin took off her makeup and revealed her true image, these people wouldn't be able to leave. After all, the number one beauty of Orchid Goose City wasn't given in vain.

When Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin returned to their seats, the doors of the tavern suddenly opened with a squeak. The cold wind blew in and a person wrapped in a black cloak walked through. He opened his cloak to reveal a face with a faint smile and he said, “Storekeeper, your place…..does it need entertainment?”

The waiter looked at him in disdain and said, “What do you do?”

That person revealed a smile, “I've tamed a little pet that can make these masters happy.”

“Pei, people who tamed a monkey or a dog do no need to embarra.s.s themselves.”

“No, I've tamed something else.”

“What is it, let me see.”


That person whistled a few times behind him before saying with a smile, “Little Umbrella, come out!”

“Roar, roar……”

There was a childish dragon roar as a three meter long Umbrella Dragon came in from outside. It looked over everyone with its golden eyes and there was a trace of fear in it.

The people in the tavern were surprised by it.

“Umbrella Dragon!”

“G.o.d, it's even a two hundred year Umbrella Dragon!”

“Who is this brat, he actually tamed a dragon!?”

“Could it be…..he is a legendary Dragon Rider!?”

“Bulls.h.i.t, have you seen a Dragon Rider who rides Umbrella Dragons?”


At this time, the tamer walked in and said with a smile, “This little one is called Du Yi Ming, I am an entertainer who wanders the land. This…..is a young Umbrella Dragon that I tamed by chance, so I brought this little fellow to perform for everyone. Please give money if you have some and those that don't, this little one will thank the masters here!”

Du Yi Ming looked very elegant as he raised his left hand. The Umbrella Dragon called out and grabbed Du Yi Ming's hand, following him as he went past everyone. The umbrella shaped flap opened and a pair of golden eyes filled with curiosity looked at everyone around. It looked a bit cute.

Qin Yin couldn't help laughing, “Big brother Ah Yu, this Umbrella Dragon is a bit interesting.”

Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile, but he didn't say anything. He cared more that this Du Yi Ming was clearly only in the 1st Earth Tier, how could he possibly tame a two hundred year old Umbrella Dragon? An Umbrella Dragon was not a simple normal spirit beast, it was still at least a low level dragon race!

On the stage, the child Umbrella Dragon rolled over, sometimes running around, causing the crowd to burst out with laughter. Silver coins and copper coins naturally clattered onto the stage.

Du Yi Ming fell to a single knee as he picked up the money and his eyes fell onto Qin Yin in the corner. His heart was filled with waves, this girl was not simple. Whether it was her words, actions, or appearance, it was all considered top cla.s.s. If it wasn't for the freckles on her face, she could be considered a peerless beauty!

After the show, Du Yi Ming asked for a bowl of meat soup and two simple pieces of bread. He brought the Umbrella Dragon over and said with a smile, “This young fellow and young miss, there is an extra seat here, can this one take a seat?”

Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile, “Please help yourself.”

“Many thanks.”

In the end, the Umbrella Dragon kneeled by Qin Yin, blinking its large eyes. The umbrella flap over surrounding its head opened and closed, like it was acting cute.

The heart of a young girl like Qin Yin instantly melted. She didn't have any fear as she softly rubbed the Umbrella Dragon's head. She said with a smile, “Wa, such an obedient little dragon…..”

Du Yi Ming's mouth was filled with bread and said with a smile, “Does the young miss like playing with my Little Umbrella very much?”

“Yes.” Qin Yin didn't deny it.

Du Yi Ming revealed a faint smile, “I wonder where this young fellow and young miss are from and where are you heading?”

Lin Mu Yu said, “I am called Lin Yu and this is my little sister Lin Yin. We are wandering artists, wandering the land. Our plan this time was to head to Twilight Rain City, it's said that the artists there have a better life.”

“So it was like this……”

Du Yi Ming revealed a faint smile, “This one is also heading to Twilight Rain City. How about this, we'll head there together? That way we can look out for each other, how about that?”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows, revealing an unhappy look.

Du Yi Ming was clearly a smart person, so he looked at Qin Yin with a bright smile. He said while smiling, “Young miss Qin Yin seems like she likes my Small Umbrella a lot, this way you can interact with it even more……”

“No need.”

There was an intelligent glow in Qin Yin's eyes, “My brother and I are used to travelling the land alone, we won't impose on your hospitality.”

“So it's like this……”

Du Yi Ming was a bit disappointed, but he still said with a smile, “I thought that since young miss Lin Yin likes Little Umbrella, this one could teach the young miss a thing or two about taming beasts!”

“Taming beasts?”

Lin Mu Yu's heart skipped a beat. He deeply knew the might of a demon beast formation, didn't Cang Bai He rely on a ten thousand year old Dragon Snake to try to kill his majesty? If Qin Yin could learn the taming skill, this was definitely a good thing!

Thinking of this, he immediately cupped his hands and said with a smile, “Xiao Yin likes little animals. If young master Du is really willing to teach her the taming skill, we will have to impose on you!”

Du Yi Ming gave a bright laugh, “Good, it's a deal! Will we set off together tomorrow morning?”


In the night, the rain became stronger and thunder roared outside.

Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin's rooms were close to the outside, the booming thunder was like an axe cutting through the window. Qin Yin laid in the bed and was a bit worried. She tilted her head to look at Lin Mu Yu lying on the ground and said with pursed lips, “Big brother, the ground is too cold. You…..do you want to come up? I'm a bit afraid…..”

Lin Mu Yu was covered in his cape, he was actually incredibly cold.

“We are siblings, what is wrong?” Qin Yin said again.

Lin Mu Yu fought with himself for several seconds before standing up with his cape and sitting down on the bed.

Qin Yin broke out laughing, “Take off your cloak? If you think men and women shouldn't be together, then you can sleep in your clothes.”


Lin Mu Yu took off his cloak and Qin Yin raised the blanket, saying with a smile, “Relax, royal father won't know about this, you don't need to worry……”

These words made Lin Mu Yu's face turn red, “I'm not afraid……”

“Why are you so hesitant. Look…..your face is pale……”

“Ah, this……”

While he was stuttering, Qin Yin's hand pulled him onto the bed and she covered him with the blanket. In the end, Lin Mu Yu's heart was beating fast and he laid there like he was about to pa.s.s out.

Qin Yin's face was even more red and she turned to look at the window. Seeing the lightning flash outside the window, her face became a bit desolate as she said, “Ah Yu, just who are you?”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, “I…..”

Actually, he also knew that his ident.i.ty was too suspicious, it wasn't suited to this world. Qin Yin was that smart, how could she not guess something?

Qin Yin closed her eyes and her face was calm as she said, “I don't care who you are…..hug me? Xiao Yin likes you.”

She spoke in an incomparably calm voice.

Lin Mu Yu's mind went completely blank and after a few seconds, he felt that he had no choice but to obey the princess' orders, but he couldn't commit the crime of hurting her innocence. He turned around and wrapped his arms around Qin Yin's waist, softly taking her in her embrace.

“The liking Xiao Yin is talking about, what kind is it?” He asked.

Qin Yin slender body trembled and her tender hands softly covered Lin Mu Yu's palm. Her long lashes trembled, as if her inner thoughts had been confirmed. After a while, she softly said, “For an entire life, the liking of guarding each other.”

Lin Mu Yu's heart became warm. Although he was dense, he still knew a bit. He liked Qin Yin, he liked everything about her. For a person that he loved to love him as well, it was a large blessing.

His palm unconsciously became tense. He held Qin Yin and said, “It's a pity I really am not from this world. Xiao Yin, I……”

Qin Yin suddenly turned around and stared into his eyes, cutting him off. A pair off bright and dazzling eyes deeply looked at Lin Mu Yu. She said with a faint smile, “No matter who Ah Yu is, no matter where you're from, no matter how many people renounce it, it won't stop me from loving you. What do you say?”

Lin Mu Yu was almost about to cry.

Qin Yin said in a soft voice, “Big brother Ah Yu……If Xiao Yin takes the throne, will you help me?”

“Help you……”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned again before he said, “I don't even know what I'm eating tomorrow, if you ask me what I plan in the future, I really don't know how to answer……”

Qin Yin laughed and stretched her snow white arms over his neck, as she softly said, “Sleep, sleep!”


But how could he sleep like this?

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