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Chapter 184: Killing two birds with one stone

Wei Chou reached out a hand and very skillfully took the Demon Devouring Bow from his waist.  He slowly drew back the bowstring and instantly spiritual energy gathered together to form an arrow of light.  Wei Chou directly aimed at the Thunder Umbrella Dragon's neck as his expression became serious.

At this time, the Thunder Umbrella Dragon had finished eating the Blood Thorn Vine Wolf's head, opening its mouth to bite at its neck and towing it back.  It was also at this time that the Thunder Umbrella Dragon revealed a weak point on its neck. There were several scales that had been torn off by something and it revealed a wound, which was the opportunity Wei Chou had been waiting for!


The arrow flew out with a cold wind and the Thunder Umbrella Dragon heard this too late.  It gave a pitiful cry as it was. .h.i.t by the arrow and Wei Chou's arrow landed right where the Umbrella Dragon's wound was.

Lin Mu Yu secretly praised this.  The night wind here was very strong, the wind direction changed very frequently, and the Thunder Umbrella Dragon was one hundred and fifty meters away, but it had still hit.  Wei Chou's arm and eyes were definitely ranked at the top among the Imperial Guards and just this ability was enough for him to obtain a position among the Imperial Guards!

At this time, the Thunder Umbrella Dragon angrily roared out as it dropped the wolf corpse and ran up the hill.  It looked like it was in an uncontrollable rage, but it was a pity that its movements were a bit slow, as the Demon Devouring Bow's poison quickly spread through it.


Lin Mu Yu shouted as he raised the Dragon Spirit Sword and charged out.  The light of his martial spirit exploded, as the layers of his gourd wall appeared.  After blocking the Thunder Umbrella Dragon's attack with a "dang" sound, the Dragon Spirit Sword quickly swept out, slashing out at the scale on the Umbrella Dragon's neck.


Saint weapons were different from profound weapons.  This slash directly cut through the scales on the Umbrella Dragon's neck and cut in five centimeters, causing blood to flow.

"Roar, roar……"

The Umbrella Dragon angrily roared out as it suddenly raised its head, condensing purple thunder all around it.  Xiahou Sang and the others quickly retreated, as their white battle robes were burnt black. Only Lin Mu Yu could withstand the thunder attack.  His battle boots stepped off the ground and withstanding the numbing sensation of the thunder, the Dragon Spirit Sword chopped at the Thunder Umbrella Dragon's forehead.


The dragon scale was shattered, but how could a fake dragon withstand this kind of wild attack.  Its forehead was bleeding as it gave an angry roar, slashing out with its claws aimed at Lin Mu Yu's waist.

The moment the Dragon Scale Wall shattered, Lin Mu Yu felt a deep impact coming from his waist.  A large part of the iron temple battle armour was broken, but he was not deeply injured. He never thought that the heavily injured Thunder Umbrella Dragon would be able to make such a counterattack.

Steeling his heart, Lin Mu Yu's arm was surrounded by demonic power as he directly infused the Second Luminary into his sword.  With a deep roar, he stabbed the Dragon Spirit Sword right into the Umbrella Dragon's head!


The sharp sword stabbed into the spirit beast's head and the demonic energy wildly danced, how could the Thunder Umbrella Dragon withstand it.  It fell to the floor with miserable groans and its body twitched. There were streaks of lightning that flashed around it, making Xiahou Sang, Wei Chou, and the others scared to approach it.


Lin Mu Yu let out a long breath as he raised his sword with a smile and said, "Luckily Wei Chou's arrow injured the Umbrella Dragon first, otherwise we definitely wouldn't have been able to kill it that easily."

Wei Chou looked at the snow melted by the thunder around them with a slightly fearful expression and said, "It's sir's gourd defenses that is strong that allowed us to win.  Otherwise……Perhaps we would have been burned to ashes by that thunder."

"Un."  Xiahou Sang nodded in agreement.

Lin Mu Yu did not listen the praise as he dug out the Thunder Umbrella Dragon's spirit stone.  A 6500 year old light attributed spirit stone, it was just what he needed.

"Sir, we can return to Orchid Goose City now."  Wei Chou said with a satisfied smile, "I never thought that it would be this smooth.  Humph, that Ze Tian Palace's chief manager Che Qiong, that old fogy was causing trouble for us, he wouldn't have thought that we would have finished this mission this smoothly, right?"


Lin Mu Yu shook his head and said, "We can't go back yet."

"Why?"  Wei Chou and Xiahou Sang were stunned.

"Because there is definitely another Thunder Umbrella Dragon."  Lin Mu Yu said in an certain voice, "The Thunder Umbrella Dragon just now could have just finished this wolf, but it wanted to drag it back, which means that there is another Umbrella Dragon.  This Umbrella Dragon being injured in the neck means that a stronger spirit beast has preyed on it and that means the other Umbrella Dragon should be heavily injured, otherwise it would come looking for food together.  Since it's like this, we must look around here for the other one. Since we're already here, we need to obtain maximum benefits."

Wei Chou was stunned hearing this, "It truly is like commander Qin Lei said, sir commander is a rare talent in both military and academics.  The lower grade me and Xiahou Sang would never have thought of this."

Xiahou Sang gave a laugh as he dug out the wolf's head from the Thunder Umbrella Dragon's stomach with a dagger.  Taking out the spirit stone, he said with a smile, "I only know this spirit stone can be sold, that is enough….."

Lin Mu Yu nodded and said, "Let's go, look for the Umbrella Dragon's lair.  It shouldn't be far, we can just follow its footprints."


With a bright moon and spa.r.s.e stars, the moonlight shined down on the snow releasing a dazzling white colour.

Lin Mu Yu's group rode their horses forward as they followed the Umbrella Dragon's footprints.  After travelling for around half an hour, they finally found the footprints leading to a tunnel under a mountain.  They could smell a strange stench from afar and could even see piles of bones near the tunnel entrance. There were some human bones in there, but they had already turned black and were covered in moss, so they should have been gathered over the years.

Wei Chou knit his brows and said, "Could it be the Umbrella Dragon in this cave is even stronger?"

"Not necessarily."

Lin Mu Yu softly said, "If the Umbrella Dragon in this cave is stronger, it should have come out to hunt for food."

"Sir, please let this subordinate go first."  Xiahou Sang cupped his hands and spoke. Most likely he was worried that something would happen to Lin Mu Yu, so he wanted to approach first as the subordinate.

But Lin Mu Yu shook his head.  Without saying a word, he raised his sword and walked over, causing the stench to become stronger.  The cave went downwards and the snow melting had even formed a trickle of water into the cave, causing the floor to be very slippery as Lin Mu Yu walked in.  After entering around ten meters into the cave, a faint low roar could be heard.

Lin Mu Yu raised his Dragon Spirit Sword and released fire from the saint grade sword, lightning up their surroundings.

At the end of the cave, there were some dry gra.s.s and branches spread as a giant Umbrella Dragon laid down on it.  Its neck was covered in blood and it had indeed been injured, so injured that it didn't have any strength to fight back.  It could only open its eyes to look at Lin Mu Yu and give a low roar.


Wei Chou was shocked when he reached the end of the tunnel and he said, "Sir, this is a female dragon.  This should be the other Umbrella Dragon's mother and…..This is an Umbrella Dragon that has failed its ten thousand year tribulation!"

Lin Mu Yu saw that it was true.  This female dragon had nine clear golden lines on its head and as for the tenth one, it was a bit dim and scattered.  It was as if it had been disrupted during its tribulation. There was no need to think, this female dragon must have been attacked during its transformation into a true dragon, so it was suffering such a pitiful fate.

"She is already injured and her dragon essence has been scattered."  Xiahou Sang suddenly raised his sword and said, "Sir, we should immediately kill this ten thousand year old Thunder Umbrella Dragon.  Since its son has already been killed by us, we might as well go all the way."

Lin Mu Yu knew that he mustn't show compa.s.sion at this point, so he said with a nod, "Give her a clean death."

"Be a.s.sured, sir!"

Xiahou Sang suddenly jumped forward as he placed his boot on the female dragon's head and held his blade in both hands as he stabbed it into the wound on the female dragon's neck.


Blood spurted out and the ten thousand year old Umbrella Dragon gave a pitiful howl, but it could not resist at all.  Xiahou Sang rotated his sword and broke the female dragon's neck. In the blink of an eye, the Umbrella Dragon's head fell down as it died, releasing a beast spirit sparkling with thunder into the air.

"It's a ten thousand year old beast spirit!"  Wei Chou revealed a faint smile and said, "Commander, aren't you approaching the peak of the 1st Heaven Tier?  Then you should try refining this Umbrella Dragon's beast spirit. A fresh ten thousand year old beast spirit, it is too precious.  This is a treasure that one can never dream of meeting!"

Lin Mu Yu nodded.  Practicing all these days, he felt that his battle qi was filling up and he had already reached saturation.  It was as if he felt like he would break through any day now, but he hadn't reached the critical point yet, however there was a good chance in front of him.  The Umbrella Dragon was light attributed, but it had thunder attributed power, which was very suited to Lin Mu Yu's cultivation, so he did not mind having this kind of beast spirit.

Xiahou Sang raised his sword to cut the spirit stone from the Umbrella Dragon's head, but he could not cut it even with all his strength.  He helplessly shook his head, "My blade is only an excellent grade item, sir how about you use your sword to take the spirit stone?"

Lin Mu Yu couldn't help laughing.  He raised his sword and cut open the Umbrella dragon's head, taking out the fresh 10000 year old light attributed spirit stone and putting it into his Qiankun Bag.  Then he stabbed his Dragon Spirit Sword into the ground and released his martial spirit to refine the beast spirit, as he ordered, "You can all go outside the cave to guard for me.  Be careful, there might be other spirit beasts around here."

"Yes, sir can just relax and cultivate!"

The sixth grade gourd let out a si, si, sound as it greedily absorbed and refined the beast spirit.  Lin Mu Yu could feel an extremely empty feeling coming from his sea of qi, as if no amount of spiritual energy could fill it, which was a sign of breaking through.  He was secretly filled with joy as he quickly released his alchemy cauldron to help with the refining. This would help finish this a bit faster, after all, this place was simply too unsafe.

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