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Chapter 022 — Fellow Student Gu, What A Coincidence

She was obviously a full-out foodie, who was extremely rough!

But of all people….. he thought that she was adorable.

Gu Zichen suddenly came to a halt and gazed up at the sky. The weather was clearly amazing, but why did he feel chills from the thoughts that came from his heart?

After he met his father yesterday, his mood took a turn for the worse. When cla.s.s was over, Chen Yuan suddenly remembered that he wanted to give Su Niannian his notes, but he was called away by his homeroom teacher, so he made Gu Zichen deliver them to Su Niannian.

Gu Zichen never found these errands worthy of being done, but for the first time ever today, he took a major detour to grade 11 cla.s.s F.

Tsk, she was no more than a short, fat, large-appet.i.te pig, why was he thinking about her?

After roasting her in his mind for a bit, Gu Zichen returned to normal and took quick steps back to his cla.s.sroom.

In the cla.s.s, Su Niannian looked over the notes. They were summaries of all grade 11 subjects. The handwriting was beautiful and the notes were arranged neatly, from one glance, it was evident that these notes came from Chen Yuan.

Both of them studied the sciences and Su Niannian just happened to be able to use them. [1] As if receiving her most precious treasure, she flipped through the notes for a long time, making Song Yuxi's heart stir.

Could it be that…… Su Niannian and Chen Yuan were dating? Otherwise, why would he treat her so kindly that even Gu Idol would deliver these books to her in person?

Inevitably, Song Yuxi felt slightly envious in her heart.

Yin Chuxia and her friends had gone to the bathroom, but if she saw this scene, she would have been extremely jealous.

The first day of cla.s.ses went rather smoothly. Lunch was eaten in the school cafeteria, the food wasn't bad.

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of the day. Su Niannian organized her textbooks while scheming in her mind. She had already realized that her foundations were weak and she was currently thinking about signing up for evening cla.s.ses, when all the girls began a commotion.

Su Niannian looked up curiously, noticing that many people had pulled out gift boxes from their desks, as well as blue and pink envelopes, while they dashed outside happily.

"I'm going home, see you tomorrow." She said goodbye to Song Yuxi and Zhu Cheng. Su Niannian headed towards the front gate of the school, Uncle Chen told her this morning that he would pick her and Chen Yuan up.

As she pa.s.sed by the parking lot, Su Niannian was stunned by the scene unraveling before her eyes.

Rows and rows of girls surrounded the parking lot in and out. They buzzed and chirped while chatting cheerfully, each of their faces revealing expressions of longing to fall in love. And trapped in the middle of them, was a black Porsche.

How familiar…… Su Niannian couldn't restrain from standing on her tiptoes to peak. When she noticed the cracks on the windshield, she realized that it was Gu Zichen's car. She stuck out her tongue at once and lowered her head with guilt as she headed towards the front of the school.

She barely got any distance when someone grabbed her collar, preventing her from moving a single step.

Hey, who was ambushing her?

Su Niannain turned her head aggressively. As she came into contact with Gu Zichen's cold and detached face, her tempers immediately subsided.

"Cough cough….. fellow student Gu, what a coincidence, h.e.l.lo~" Su Niannian greeted Gu Zichen with a grin, although she was starting to feel terrified in her heart. He didn't know that she was the one who threw a rock at his car yesterday right?

Gu Zichen raised his jet-black eyebrows, "Yeah, fellow student Su, truly a coincidence." How did he have the courage to accept a purposeless excuse?

Relying on his tall figure, he dragged Su Niannian over to his car with one hand, completely ignoring Su Niannian's struggle.

"Hey, can't we discuss this calmly? What the heck, stop pulling on my clothes, these are new and expensive!" Su Niannian fought with all her might, but she had still been lifted into Gu Zichen's car like a baby chick.

SINIKI: [1] By grade 11 in China, students are required to choose their education pathway, either the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) or humanities (geography, history, politics). These pathways determine their college entrance exams. However, these pathway selections in high schools are starting to be removed.

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