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Chapter 40: Has been driven out

Mo Youyou raised her knees and once again kicked Xiao Lin's lower abdomen. Another round of groans came from the side of the bed. Mo Youyou was a little drunk and stood unsteadily on the edge of the bed.

"Young master, don't do that! Your screams are so unpleasant to hear!"

Xiao Lin was powerless. He lied on the bed, without any strength to resist, his body became numb more and more, and the pain under his body did not weaken in the slightest.

Mo Youyou gently fell on Xiao Lin's back with a smile on her face, muttering continuously. "Great Senior Brother, Master, I miss you."

When she woke up again, Mo Youyou found herself in a familiar place.

She did not cross back to her world, but instead was saved by Helian Yi!

But why could she see him? And what about Yue Er who was crying beside the bed? Could this be a dream?

Mo Youyou's body shook as she walked to the bedside and put her hand on Yue Er's shoulder. Yue Er was still lying on the bed sobbing non-stop and did not pay attention to Mo Youyou.

"What the h.e.l.l is going on!? Why is Yue Er not paying any attention to me? " Just as she was thinking, a familiar cold voice sounded from behind her.

"Did she make any unusual movements?"

Yue Er sobbed and shook her head, "No...Your Highness, is Young Miss truly dead? Wuwuwu…"

Helian Yi looked at Mo Youyou, who was on the bed and frowned. This stupid woman! Only to kill Xiao Lin and for his Manor's order badge, she had drunk the poison herself!

She had thought that the blood on her body was that useful! Right now, her mind was still replaying the words that had been said to him when he had first seen Mo Youyou, "Royal Uncle, quickly give me some blood. I also drank the poisoned wine that you had given me."

Hearing Mo Youyou's words before she fell asleep, Helian Yi was so angry that he almost vomited blood!

This woman was surprisingly thinking about his blood all the time.

He made her drink a lot of his blood on their way back, but it didn't help. Looking at the dying Mo Youyou, Helian Yi's mind was in a mess.

He had already sent Wu Shang out to search for Fusang Kingdom's Yelv Zhuo when he heard that Yelv Zhuo had a lot of antidotes there.

But today, Yelv Zhuo did not appear like a flash in the pan. But upon hearing that Yelv Zhuo came to the Ming You Kingdom to admire Miss Long Ruo of Prime Minister Luo's Palace, he reminded Wu Shang to first go to the Prime Minister Palace to search.

Going back to reality, Helian Yi walked over to the side of the bed and sat down. With deep and dark eyes, he stared at the pale-faced Mo Youyou. Her lips were turning blue.

"Watch her thoroughly. If she has any reaction, immediately send someone to the Northern Courtyard!"

Right now, he didn't have the time to sit here and watch this woman. He had to think of a way to save her before the Imperial Palace's banquet.

Mo Youyou's silhouette flashed as she stood in front of Helian Yi and waved her hand in front of his eyes.

"Hey! Helian Yi! Glacier Face! Royal Uncle! Hey!"

Suddenly, Helian Yi raised his head, his cold gaze landing on Mo Youyou. Mo Youyou was extremely scared out of her wits, that she immediately moved to Helian Yi's left.

Seeing him get up and quickly leave the southern courtyard, Mo Youyou instantly heaved a sigh of relief and said softly: "So it was just a false alarm, you guys scared me to death! But what's going on? Why are you ignoring me?"

Thinking that something was amiss, Mo Youyou waved her hand in front of her eyes, and her heart suddenly sank, "What happened? Why is my hand transparent?"

Suddenly thinking of a possibility, Mo Youyou fiercely stared at Mo Residence's Ninth Miss who was lying on the bed.

Did her soul get driven out? Was this what Miss Mo had warned her in her dreams back then? Had she expected this to happen? Then wouldn't she be able to live? Why must she kill her as the original owner?

Ah! Let's forget it for now and quietly listen to Miss Mo not to let the original owner come back to life! Thinking about it, Mo Youyou immediately rushed to the Northern Courtyard's palace. As long as she could think of a way to stop Helian Yi from saving Mo Residence's Ninth Miss, then she definitely wouldn't die today.

This way, she can live on for herself and the original owner's wish.

Helian Yi shut himself within the study room and earnestly searched for the detoxification method recorded within various ancient books.

Mo Youyou walked through the door and sat beside Helian Yi, she supported his lower jaw with her hand and looked at him immersed in reading.

No matter how she looked at it, she felt that he was the most handsome man she had ever seen in this world.

Other than the day when Helian Yi threw her to drown by herself, she had always maintained a certain distance from him. However, she could stick by his side today and stare at him as if he was a work of art.

She placed a hand on Helian Yi's shoulder and glanced at the bamboo scroll in his hand. Sighing, Mo Youyou spoke,

"Handsome brother, don't waste your time! Didn't you say that this poison is the fiercest poison in the Tong Li Kingdom? As long as you come in contact with it, even Hua Tuo won't be able to save you!"

"No, I remembered that the Master has once said before that the Flower of h.e.l.l had an antidote, it's just that Master did not research the formula back then!"

Mo Youyou thought that Helian Yi could hear her words, but then she realized that he was only talking to himself.

Helpless sighing, she whispered to Helian Yi, "Hey, handsome brother, don't look for it! Do you what can happen if you wake her up? She would become an ungrateful villain! It's not the right thing to do. Although she looks like me but back in the modern world, I was kind and smart. And was still a peerless beauty! A lot of talent scouts came searching for me, but I rejected all of them!"

Helian Yi suddenly stood up, throwing Mo Youyou to the side. Mo Youyou looked at the man who was anxiously searching through the various ancient books in the study and frowned, her brows knitting together as she sat on Helian Yi's desk. However, she suddenly remembered how she sat on Helian Yi's table when she first came to the Manor and was taught a lesson. Mo Youyou instinctively jumped down and stood by the side to observe him.

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