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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 3 Part 1

Ye Qiao’s first reaction was to close the door.

When her hand just reached the door k.n.o.b, the German shepherd had
jumped to the door and bit onto her wrist. In pain, she pulled her hand back.
There were b.l.o.o.d.y teeth marks on the back of her hand. The severe pain
made her whole arm feel numb.

The German shepherd could reach up to her shoulder when it stood up.
There wasn’t any way she could avoid the attack when it charged right at
her. Ye Qiao was back to the door frame and started to retreat into the
entrance of 2302. She yelled while retreating: “Is anybody here?”

The dog followed her step by step. Its eyes were glistening as if it would
attack at any moment.

Ye Qiao’s whole back was tensed up as she hit the cabinet at the end of
the entrance. All the items on the cabinet fell on the ground. The candlesticks
under the Jesus picture broke into pieces. Amidst the confusion, Ye Qiao
grabbed a lighter and forcefully threw it at the dog’s head. The dog paused
from the pain and staggered back a couple of steps but its bloodshot eyes
were still madly fixed on her.

Ye Qiao almost had given up fighting back. She imagined how it would tear
open her skin or her throat. The b.l.o.o.d.y imagination of being dismembered
seemed to be what she had always desired in her mind, her blood screamed
for it.

She desired a total destruction.

Right at that moment, someone shouted next to her: “Desa!”

The dog instantly stopped its attack and laid down on the ground, a light
humming sound coming from its throat

Ye Qiao turned her head with a start. A tall man, putting on his shirt without
having the time to b.u.t.ton it up, hurriedly approached her.

His half naked body showed off his tight muscles, full of power like an statue
from the cla.s.sical period. It matched very harmoniously with the wallpapers
behind him, which were full of ancient religious images.

It was the man from last night.

The statue stood beside her. He pried open her clenched fingers and put the table
lamp in her hand back. He looked at her with questions in his eyes: “Ms. Ye?”

He even remembered her name.

Ye Qiao widened her eyes. She also recognized him, yet the incident had badly
shaken her. She opened her mouth, then realized that she didn’t know his name,
so she couldn’t utter a sound.

Zhou Tingshen closed the door and saw her b.l.o.o.d.y hand from the corner of his
eyes. He frowned: “Did you get bitten?”

Ye Qiao finally came to herself. The sharp pain and numbness came with every
little movement of her hand. She didn’t bother to explain why she was in his house,
but nodded: “Do you have water?”

Her wounds were quite deep, she needed to wash it.

When the water touched her hand, she felt like she had dipped her hand into a
pile of needles. After she got over the pain, Ye Qiao finally organized her thoughts
and spoke: “Sorry, I live across from you. I went out the elevator at the wrong door.
But your lock seems to have some problem. I don’t know why I can open it with my

Zhou Tingshen stopped her: “What’s your pa.s.sword?”


“That’s the pa.s.sword to my house.”

Ye Qiao: “......”

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