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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 2 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 2 Part 3

They didn’t go to bed until after midnight.

As she was half awake, she heard Qianxi answer a phone call. Qianxi 

went to the balcony to talk: “Aunty, right, she’s staying with me. She’s fine. 

She has taken her pills and is now sleeping…...no problem, I’m living by 

myself. It’s no trouble at all!”

Ye Qiao closed her eyes, suddenly feeling extremely exhausted.

Qianxi’s voice could still be heard: “Aye, my cousin’s such a calm person 

normally. Why does she act so differently when it involves Gu Jin. Oh, don’t 

worry, I’ll take good care of her!”

“She has this medical problem and it’s not easy for her to get ahead in this 

business. Please be more understanding of my cousin……”

Ye Qiao’s heart beat rhythmically in the dark night. She could clearly hear 

the beat, like a hammer beating her eardrums one stroke after another.

It seemed to remind her that this heart wasn’t her own; she had to cherish 

her life.

She couldn’t get away.

The next morning, Qianxi’s new boyfriend came to take her to work. They 

would drop off Ye Qiao at her place on their way to work. The surgeon was 

about her own age: “I heard from Qianxi that Ms. Ye had heart transplant before?”


“How long ago was that?”

“Ten years.”

Dr. Fu was taken back a bit: “Ten years ago the transplant field wasn’t that 

mature yet. It’s rare to see someone doing so well like Ms. Ye.”

He was about to continue when Qianxi pushed him to stop, but was too 

concentrated on driving and didn’t notice: “Actors usually have to work day 

and night, in the cold and heat. It’s not very suitable for a patient like you. If you 

have a better choice, Ms. Ye, you should consider changing to a different profession.”

When they arrived at Ye Qiao’s place, Qianxi hurried go out of the car to 

apologize to Ye Qiao: “Cousin, don’t get angry at me. I only briefly mentioned that 

my cousin had a heart transplant before. I didn’t expect him to remember that. He’s 

that kind of person who becomes talkative when the topic has anything to do with 

his research project.”

Ye Qiao smiled lightly: “It’s nothing. I can tell that he cares a lot about you, coming 

to pick you up this early in the morning.”

“He’s alright, hehe.” Qianxi laughed: “You aren’t any younger yourself, once you 

become famous, no one will dare marry you anymore. You better hurry and find a 

new brother-in-law for me!”

Ye Qiao remained silent, Qianxi realized that she had misspoken. Ye Qiao spoke 

as Qianxi was about to correct herself: “I will. It’s just that I haven’t found the one 

I can put up with yet.”

After the heavy rain last night, the bushes and flowers in her residential area were 

somewhat in a mess. Next to the building she lived there was a crabapple tree 

which was droopy from the rain, the juice from its fruit splattered the ground.

Ye Qiao got into the building and pushed the b.u.t.ton to call the elevator as she 

checked her cell phone.

Her agent dragged her into a new WeChat group, named . There 

were a dozen or so people in the group and the first one was Gu Jin.

The one she had blocked last night came back to her world again. There was 

nothing she could do. She had signed the contract, though she was only the third 

lead. She signed it at the time because the director was Gu Jin, though the movie 

was going to be filmed at a remote farming village. She even happily signed on with 

a lowered pay.

As she thought back now, it was the silliest thing for a woman to do to lower her 

own personal value.

The elevator reached the 23rd floor. The doors on both sides opened at the same 

time. She was buried in her own thoughts and walked out of the elevator subconsciously. 

She punched in the 6 digits pa.s.sword on the lock-- -- “Di.”

The door opened.

Ye Qiao looked up and was stunned-- --The number said 2302, it wasn’t her apartment.

She found herself unable to react to what had just happened. There was a priceless 

oil painting hanging on the doorway and a picture of Jesus hanging behind the candlesticks. 

It sure wasn’t one of her decorations. She came out of the wrong elevator door.

But, how could she open the door to this apartment?

As she was standing there in confusion, she heard a dog barking from inside. A 

German shepherd jumped out with lightning speed, staring down the intruder.

The alarm in Ye Qiao’s head began to sound, she was in trouble.

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