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Chapter 2 Part 1

Ye Qiao put the umbrella down at the doorway and walked towards the 

drug store with her hands in her pockets.

When she pa.s.sed by the man, he suddenly called out to her.

Ye Qiao turned slightly sideway: “En?”

He put out his cigarette on top of the trash can: “Is there a drug store 

around here?”

Even when he was fully awake, his voice was still husky as if he was talking 

to a lover. Some people in the world were born for the sensual desire, both 

body and soul.

Ye Qiao rolled her eyes up and smiled with unclear intent: “Yes, there is one.” 

She was on her way there, “You can follow me?”

In the wet and cool rainy night, Ye Qiao led the way towards the drug store. 

The puddles along the way reflected their lean and tall shadows.

Ye Qiao looked down at the ground, carefully avoiding each puddle.

She suddenly heard a voice coming from above her head: “You look very familiar.”

Ye Qiao looked up and smiled lightly: “I’m an actress.” They were pa.s.sing by 

the bus stop in front of the residential area. Ye Qiao purposely stopped and looked 

at the scrolling ads on the billboard.

The third one was the ad for , the one with her naked back.

Before Ye Qiao realized that it was that poster, the look in the man’s eyes changed. 

The atmosphere became somewhat awkward. She pretended to be lighthearted 

about it and knocked the screen with a bent finger: “It’s this one.”

Zhou Tingshen’s fingers caressed the cold and smooth screen and carefully took 

a look. Then he said: “It’s not because of this.” He turned and cheekily tilted the 

corner of his mouth: “But, this is beautiful.”

His voice was a bit coa.r.s.e, the faint smell of tobacco made his voice sound colder 

and s.e.xier.  The word “beautiful” being used to describe such a provocative poster 

made it even more seductive-- --Perhaps it was just because she had overheard 

what had happened next door not too long ago.

Ye Qiao opened her mouth but didn’t make a sound. She continued to walk forwards.

She shouldn’t forget the kind of person he is. Why did she feel the need to explain 

to him? He might as well be trying to hit on her using the same tricks he used on 

Qianxi’s neighbor.

The green sign of the 24 hours drug store was quite conspicuous in the dead of night.

As they walked in the store, the sleepy clerk came around.

Ye Qiao could read the eyes of the clerk-- --What could a pretty couple come to buy 

in a drug store in the middle of the night?

Zhou Tingshen obviously also realized that but he didn’t say anything.

Ye Qiao suddenly felt disgusted and spoke in a cold voice: “A bottle of Diazepam.”

“You have a prescription?”

“Yes.” Ye Qiao pulled out the prescription from her pocket.

Zhou Tingshen bought alcohol, disinfectant, and a pack of bandages.

The clerk seemed quite disappointed until she saw the name on the prescription. 

She got excited as if she had discovered something new to gossip about: “Ye Qiao? 

Are you the Ye Qiao who’s starring in that new movie, ?”

Ye Qiao answered in low voice: “En. Is the prescription ready?”

“Ready!” The clerk smiled enthusiastically.

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