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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 1 Part 2

Ye Qiao didn’t have her own car in G City. The rain was still pouring as
she stepped onto the street. No Uber driver were willing to pick her up
even with a tip that was five times the fare of the ride. She simply went
to the nearest bus stop to find shelter under the booth.

The heavy rain had paralyzed traffic in the city. The bus booth was filled
with people who couldn’t get on the bus after work. No one was paying
attention to her.

On the billboard behind her, several posters from the movie
were scrolling by. One of them was of her naked body under a dim light. A
faint pale yellow light shone through the window onto her smooth back, only
her shoulder blades were protruding outwards

When the poster first came out, Gu Jin held her in his arms and gently
complimented, “Even your bones are acting.”

Amidst the sporadic boom of thunder, the rain grew heavier.

Ye Qiao lightly stamped her uncomfortable left leg. She found it quite ironic
that the desolation that she had tried her best to perform on screen wasn’t
even close to what she felt right now in reality.

In the darkness, her cell phone suddenly lit up with a WeChat message:
“Ahhh, cousin, are you at Mingong? My phone says that we’re only 500
meters apart.”

It was her cousin, Qianxi, who had an animated disposition and always let
people feel her presence.

Ye Qiao replied: “En.”

Qianxi sent over a bunch of emojis: “Are there any leftovers? There’s no delivery
service now near my home. I just got off from my night shift, I’m famished.”

Ye Qiao chuckled looking at the screen: “......”

Qianxi: “[cry] [cry] [cry] you really don’t have any QAQ?”

“I can go buy some food for you.” Ye Qiao stretched out her head to check
on the jammed traffic. “But I can’t get a taxi right now, I don’t have an umbrella

Qianxi: “No-- --problem-- --at-- --all! I’ll come to pick you up on my motorbike!”

Twenty minutes later, a young lady on a neon colored scooter rushed over with
lightning speed and stopped in front of Ye Qiao, with an ear splitting squeak as
she braked.

Qianxi patted the seat: “Come, get on!”

Ye Qiao: “......” She picked up the disposable raincoat from the basket in front
of the scooter and put it on carelessly.

Qianxi rode the scooter as if she was driving a Ferrari, it took no time at all to
arrive at Qianxi’s place.

Still, Ye Qiao was soaking wet.

Qianxi parked the scooter while apologizing: “Hehehe, sorry. The rain is just
too heavy.” She took the takeout boxes from Ye Qiao’s hand and began to
unlock her door while sighing: “I have never seen a movie star who’s in a more
miserable state than you! Delivering takeout in a raining night, on a scooter!

Ye Qiao took a deep breath not to fight back…...she was smiling inside.

Qianxi lived in an old residential area; the other side of the bathroom was the
neighbor’s bedroom.

As Ye Qiao was taking a hot shower in the bathroom, there was a constant
moaning sound coming from the other side of the wall. The man’s voice was
broken up by the splashing water, yet she could still clearly hear the laughter
of the girl.

It was from a very young girl.

Ye Qiao turned off the water and went out while drying her hair with a towel.
Qianxi sat cross legged in front of the computer, eating the take out. “Ahhh,
the shrimp is so good! I haven’t eaten any normal food for such a long time!
Do you know how horrible the food in the hospital’s cafeteria is? It’s really,
really terrible.”

Ye Qiao: “Then why do you insist on going to medical school?”

“You insisted on going to arts school……” Qianxi murmured, feeling her cousin
was being unfair to her.

Qianxi always wanted to be a nurse since childhood. Against her family’s wishes,
she went to nursing school for college. She defended her decision: “Though
people say that my nursing school is only a level 2 program, our medical school
is attached to Beijing University and I can always say that I’m from Beijing University!”

Ye Qiao found a bottle of water in Qianxi’s bedroom. She sat down across from
Qianxi and handed the bottle over: “Come on, our outstanding student from Beijing
University, help me twist off the cap.”

Qianxi murmured: “You movie stars can’t even open a bottle.” As she was twisting
the cap off, the sound of something crashing onto the ground came from next door.

Qianxi was startled: “s.h.i.t, did the bed collapse next door?”

Ye Qiao took out two pills and swallowed them down with water. “Is your neighbor
always like this?”

Qianxi knew what her cousin meant by ‘like this’, she blushed: “My neighbor is a
female student. Really, she looks like a high schooler. But she comes home with
men every few days……”

As she was speaking, there was a commotion interspersed by the sound of a man

Qianxi smacked: “......Maybe they got caught?”

Ye Qiao took out another two pills. As she was about to put them into her mouth,
Qianxi grabbed her wrist shaking: “Sounds like they are fighting. Cousin…...you
stay with me tonight. I don’t want to sleep by myself with what happened next door.”

“You made me drop my last two pills.” Ye Qiao picked up the two white pills on the
floor. “I just saw Gu Jin tonight. If I don’t take my pills, I might have a heart attack.”

Qianxi almost wanted to cry: “Don’t scare me.”

Ye Qiao chuckled: “It’s just Diazepam.” She got up with her handbag. “Do you have
a drug store nearby? I’ll go buy some.”

“There’s one outside the residential area on the left…...the umbrella is on top of
the shoes cabinet.”

Ye Qiao went outside, preparing to open the umbrella, and found that the rain
had stopped.

There were occasional lights through the residential area. Moisture floated in the
dark night. The sky was like a soaking cloth. There was a man standing under the
streetlight right at the doorway, the dim light casting a narrow shadow on the ground.

A man with a handsome yet indifferent face. There was faint blood stain on his
forehead. He was drenched, the wet shirt pasted onto his chest, outlining his muscular
build. The slender fingers had a thin gold ring on one of them. The cigarette flickered
in between his fingers.

The neighbor’s front door was ajar. A sliver of light happened to extended right next
to his feet, as if it was silently pointing at him.

Ye Qiao raised her eyebrows, recalling what she had heard as she was showering.

She couldn’t imagine a man with such a good looks to act so nasty in bed.

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