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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 9 Part 3

Liang Zirao had raised her voice to a pitch he had never heard before:
“We shouldn’t have sent you to the army before! It didn’t change your att.i.tude,
instead you picked up more bad habits! How long are you going to keep living
recklessly like this? It’s just like that time……”

-- --Hush.

Zhou Tingsheng put his index finger on his lips.

He pulled out the cross with one hand, kissed it, then offered it to her: “For G.o.d’s
sake, don’t fight in my neighbor’s home. Amen, jiejie.”

Liang Zirao was a devoted Catholic. In addition, her discipline wouldn’t allow her
to explode unrestrained. She slowly quieted down.

She took a few deep breaths to calm herself before asking: “Next month’s auction
will be the most important one in the year. Do you know how much work I have to
put aside to come down to G City? You’re the only male child in the family and you
don’t even try to take some of the responsibility! You’re also involved in Ferra’s future.
It’s not some family business that the family forced you to pick up. Don’t you have any
feeling towards Ferra?”

As she spoke, her tone of voice gradually changed from anger to feeling sorry for
herself. The Liang Zirao who established the auction house on her own was considered
a Chinese version of the character in The Devil Wears Prada. Yet no one knew that she
was still the pampered girl in front of her family.

Liang Zirao’s voice began to choke up: “Next week, I’m going to shoot the catalogue.
Aunty said your taste is the best. I hope you can come.”

No matter how hard she worked, in the eyes of the elders in the family and outsiders, he
was still the most capable and the most talented one. Yet, he never cared for any of it.

When she was a little girl, they explained to her that her last name Liang came from her
mother’s family. The last name Zhou was reserved for her unborn little brother.

She was only 4 at the time, the world was still a strange place to her. Yet, she clearly
remembered the feeling of lagging behind him from the start. No matter how hard she
tried to run to a faraway place where he couldn’t catch up, she would turn around to find
n.o.body there because he didn’t need to chase after her. He was born at the top.

Even with so many shortcomings, he was still the pride of the whole family.

The sky was beginning to brighten.

The sun was going to rise soon; like the beginning of all hopes. However, the time close
to daybreak was the coldest time of the whole day.

Zhou Tingsheng hugged his thirty something yet still single sister and took out his cell
phone and turned it on.

He showed her the low battery symbol on his phone.

“Do you see it?”

She had wronged him. Liang Zirao was speechless, but she wouldn’t give in: “I’ve
wronged you on this one. But how about the auction, are you going to help me or not?”

He inhaled: “I’ll help.”

She then pushed him away and turned back to the well manner Liang Zirao found at
the negotiation table: “Alright, you go out. I’ll help your ‘neighbor’ tidy up a bit. It’s going
to be morning soon. I flew in and rushed here without any breaks, haven’t even had a
chance to close my eyes for a minute.”

Zhou Tingsheng stretched out his arms: “I’m good staying here.”

“Get out of here.” She pretended to be angry; the eyes that stared at him were so gentle
that it had no power to threaten him. She scolded him: “Your so ungrateful. You haven’t
learned a single good thing, only vulgart things.”

She drove Zhou Tingsheng out of the bedroom. He went into Ye Qiao’s bare living room
and lied down on the couch. The pale white lights shone above him.

It felt like he was lying on a piece of driftwood in the middle of a dark and endless ocean.

He used Ye Qiao’s cell phone to dial a number. The ringing lasted about a minute and
no one answered. The call was automatically cut off. He closed his eyes but still saw
white flashes dazzling in front of his eyes. How many years had it been? Desa was
already an old dog.

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