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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 9 Part 2

Liang Zirao could smell the alcohol on both of them. Her exquisite eyebrows
knitted together. She watched Zhou Tingsheng carryYe Qiao, staggering along,
as if to deliberately stall for time just to further irritate her.

Finally, he swiftly punched in the familiar 6 numbers on the combination lock
of 2301-- --”Di”.

The door opened.

To Liang Zirao, it sounded like the collapse of a lie.

Who would believe that he hadn’t slept with her!

But, for Liang Zirao, it was too difficult for her to say those words. She stood in
front of 2302, with a stern face.

Zhou Tingsheng wasn’t concerned about her feelings and instead carried Ye Qiao
into 2301 and didn’t come back out.

Liang Zirao hurried over.

The apartment across had the same floor plan as 2302, she should be most
familiar with it.

However, 2301 had no decorations at all. The female owner had opened up the
wall between the study and the living room, making it look like a family theatre.
The dark colored curtains were pulled closely together and the lighting above
illuminated the room with pale white lights. Right in the middle of the room, there
was a brown leather couch. A 108 inch LCD TV was embedded in the wall and
connected to a PS4.

The wooden shelves was full of game disks. If Liang Zirao had looked more carefully,
she would find that the entire collection was of the horror, suspense kind.

Liang Zirao looked around and said in a harsh tone: “How can this look like a normal
girl’s home? Someone even placed a creepy doll for her. What does she do for a living?”

Zhou Tingsheng always met up with Ye Qiao in the hallway when he took her to the
hospital. This was also the first time he had entered Ye Qiao’s home. He carelessly
replied: “Actress.”

Liang Zirao then noticed the huge oil painting of a girl with a naked back, hanging on
the living room wall. The girl looked very much like this woman. The signature on the
oil painting-- --Made in some year and month, presented by the crew of .

Director Lai had been so satisfied with Ye Qiao’s performance that he commissioned
someone to turn a still into an oil painting.

Liang Zirao seemed to recognize Ye Qiao and couldn’t believe her eyes: “She’s
Xu Zang’s daughter?” A memory from the recesses of her mind floated to the surface,
her voice was shaking: “You even dared to touch her! Zhou Tingsheng, are you crazy?”

“Have you seen me touching her?” Zhou Tingsheng still acted as if nothing mattered.
He brought her to her bed: “Come give me a hand.”

Liang Zirao was lost in her own thoughts and didn’t even hear him: “A few days ago,
you asked me to check the name of Xu Zang’s daughter for you. It’s because of her?”

“That’s right.” Zhou Tingsheng began pulling hair pins out of Ye Qiao’s hair. He had
difficulty pulling out one of them and messed up her hair; he just stuffed it back into
her hair. He asked Liang Zirao: “You know how to undress her?”

Liang Zirao didn’t pay attention to him and blocked the bedroom doorway:
“Zhou Tingsheng, you better give me a clear explanation. What exactly is going on
with you and her?”


“You’ve always lied since you’re a kid, and haven’t changed! You even know the
pa.s.sword to her home and you tell me that there’s nothing going on between you two?”
Tonight, Liang Zirao had been looking for him at the hotel room and his apartment and
waited at his door till 4 o’clock in the morning. She let all of her frustration out. “Dad
thinks so highly of you, is this how you repay him?  The last few years, we all thought
you were still young and it didn’t matter that you were fooling around. But you’re 27 now!
Among my cla.s.smates, the ones who married early already have kids already. They’re
fathers now!”

“You want me to produce a son to repay him?” Zhou Tingsheng put Ye Qiao down and
casually laughed: “That’s easy.”

Liang Zirao finally became enraged: “What are you talking about!”

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