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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 6 Part 1

Ye Qiao thought she had tried hard enough to stay alive for him; she
wanted to be immortal and to have the strength to love him forever.

Yet, she couldn’t.

“5-- --4-- --”

“3-- --”

“2-- --!”


“Cheng Jiang, happy birthday!”

-- --Because he didn’t love her anymore.

The moment the photographers put down their cameras, Ye Qiao swiftly
withdrew her hand as if she had been shocked.

Cheng Jiang was a little plump. Though she had pa.s.sed the 30 years mark,
her hands were still smooth and l.u.s.trous unlike Ye Qiao’s which had bony
fingers that looked like sticks of bamboo.  When both of them held the knife,
ready to cut the cake, though there were many other hands on top of theirs,
the contrast was still quite conspicuous.

Cheng Jiang was wearing a long gown while Ye Qiao and Xu Yinshan had
short skirts, as if the two were Cheng Jiang’s bridesmaids. Cheng Jiang even
turned to smile at Ye Qiao. The smile was bright and friendly; it was the kind
of smile that no one could interpret as a smile from an enemy.

Actually, Ye Qiao didn’t view her as an enemy either.

Ye Qiao smiled back: “Happy birthday, Cheng Jiang Je.”

Cheng Jiang was stunned briefly, though it was only visible in her beautiful
eyes. She seemed to be surprised at Ye Qiao’s pragmatic and mature att.i.tude.
But she hid it well, only replied with curvy eyes: “Thank you.” Xu Yinshan,
however, raised her eyebrows and frivolously snorted.

Ye Qiao watched Cheng Jiang’s bright smile and thought: even a beauty like
her who took exceptional care of her skin still has tiny lines showing at the
corner of her eyes when she smiles.

Ye Qiao suddenly felt sad; it was even sadder for her than the first time when
she confirmed Gu Jin was in a relationship with Cheng Jiang.

An actress’ age is always a secret. But she knew that Cheng Jiang was two
years older than what she claimed. She was 32 this year, two years older than
Gu Jin. Yet, in Gu Jin’s eyes, Cheng Jiang would always be that exquisite beauty
who always acted properly, or something like that.

She had earnestly asked herself and found that she didn’t actually hate Cheng
Jiang. Rather the feeling she had was regret; regret that the man she had loved
couldn’t be with her forever.

Maybe years later, she would be like Cheng Jiang, when she reached a certain
age she would choose someone who was stable?

The raining season in G City didn’t want to end.

Ye Qiao didn’t turn down the invitation to go to the birthday party. In addition to
the cake they had cut together at the news conference, she would have to share
an another 4 layer cake with Cheng Jiang at the party.

It was cold and damp outside, inside it was party filled with drinking and singing.
Ye Qiao swallowed a bite of the cheesecake, it was so rich that it stuck in her throat.

There was no media present at the party. Inside the banquet room, all the decorations,
even those on the chairs, were especially tailored for Cheng Jiang. There were many
stars at the party and all of them were enjoying the moving voice of the young superstar
singer, Zheng Xishuo.

He was singing a French love song, dedicated to today’s birthday beauty.

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