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Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 5 Part 4

Ye Qiao’s smile was always mild but proper: “I am personally very interested
in the current social issues depicted in . The role I’m playing
is a new challenge for myself as well. It’s admirable that Director Gu keeps
focusing on current issues and that was my original reason for joining this

She turned off the microphone and was surprised that she had spoken what
was on her mind.

It was more true than she had imagined.

Her sincerity could be seen in her eyes. Gu Jin watched her and remembered
the first time he noticed her.

It was a fighting scene. Ye Qiao’s character was being chased by some gangsters
and had to jump down from a rooftop, roll over a pile of cement pipes, then draw
her gun.

At the time, it was only a minor role and the production crew didn’t a.s.sign a body
double for her. When Director Lai learned that she had had a heart transplant
before and was not suitable to do any dangerous scene, he blew up: “This scene
is clearly written in the script. You hid your physical condition from us, then what’s
the use of signing the contract if you can’t do it?”

But Ye Qiao insisted that she could do it.

Director Lai certainly wouldn’t agree to it. It would be too dangerous to the actor.
Yet, Ye Qiao had her mind set on it. She signed a disclaimer on the spot. She
would be the one responsible if the scene caused any bodily harm or property
damage. The a.s.sistant director was so impressed with her courage that he let
her give it a try.

He was that a.s.sistant director.

That was in the dead of winter, the temperature was below zero. As they shot
the scene, he stood in the man made snow and carefully watched her finish the
whole scene.

With all the cameras in place, Ye Qiao, hanging with wires, jumped from the top
of the pine tree like a snow fox. She was especially hash on herself; pounding
against the pile of cement pipes with her own weight and knocked some of the
pipes on top loose.

However, she didn’t seem to feel any pain. She rolled over twice, swiftly turned
her head, and aimed the barrel of the gun right at him.

The muzzle was like the expression in her eyes; there was a harsh look in those
cold and calm eyes.

He fell for her right then.

The lifelike snow fell on their shoulders.

Then? What had happened between then and now?

Because she was different now. She was still that pretty and talented Ye Qiao.  
She could still give exquisite and moving performances. But in the depth of her
eyes, he could no longer find the audacity which had moved him back then.

She was reckless on trivial things. She would indulge herself when fully aware that
it was bad for her health. She would act willfully when fully aware that it would
displease him. She became headstrong and touchy. They would fight, he would
complain that she didn’t take good care herself. Later on, she started to change,
becoming more sensitive to both of their  feelings for each other. Yet, some of things
could never go back to the beginning.

Gu Jin recalled the moment before they separated. What moved him the most was
the words right before she left.

At that time, she had accepted all the complaints he had about her, nodding as she
spoke, “it’s true.” They parted ways peacefully, like two retirees planning their wills.

“Gu Jin, don’t you know? I will only care for my own life when I have something to
care about.”

“I have cherished my life because of you.”

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