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Chapter 513: Extra 02: Reunion

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Han Miao was pregnant!

This was the first joyous occasion that happened to the Han Family after Han Jun and Xu Qian disappeared.

Hearing this news, Song Ci and Han Zhan were both very happy. Su Beibei also decided to move back to the country to settle down so that she could take care of Han Miao, who was pregnant, and take care of her grandson in the future.

Li Li was the happiest when Su Beibei came back to settle down.

The villa at the mid-hill was a group of villas with a total of eight houses. The house next to Li Ao’s house was Li Li’s own. This time, Han Miao was pregnant. In order to take care of Han Miao conveniently, Li Li directly moved back to the villa from the old cafe in the city and became neighbors with Li Ao and his wife.

After knowing that Su Beibei was returning to China to settle down, Li Li generously invited Su Beibei to stay with him on the video call and promised not to disturb Su Beibei’s life and work. The villa had five floors, two underground floors and three floors.

Li Li and Su Beibei expressed that if she was willing, he could let Su Beibei live on the third floor, which was the top floor. He could live on the second floor himself, while the first floor was the area where they lived together.

All these years, Li Li had never been able to forget Su Beibei, nor could he forget her. Although they had been divorced for many years and lived separately, no one else had appeared by their side. Li Li had always loved Su Beibei deeply. Su Beibei was still single, so perhaps she still had a little place in her heart for Li Li.

Su Beibei looked at Li Li’s expectant and loving eyes in the video. She suddenly teared up. Perhaps she thought of the touching details when Li Li and she were in love back then, or perhaps she thought of those painful experiences.

In short, Su Beibei couldn’t hold back her tears.

She left the camera and hid in her room to wipe the tears from her eyes with a tissue. She returned to the camera and sat down. She said to Li Li, “Li Li, I will return to the country in three days. I won’t stay in the hotel.”

Li Li frowned slightly and looked puzzled. “Then where are you staying?”

Su Beibei told him, “If you can find me within 24 hours after I return to the country, I will agree to cohabit with you.” The cohabitation she meant was really cohabitation, including sleeping in the same bed.

Li Li understood Su Beibei’s meaning and couldn’t help being overjoyed.

After nearly 20 years of waiting, he had finally waited for the moment when Su Beibei was soft-hearted.


Three days later, Su Beibei returned to the country. She didn’t stay in a hotel and no one knew where she was staying. From the time her flight arrived in w.a.n.gdong City, Li Li had been searching for her everywhere.

Coffeehouse, their former marriage house, the house Su Beibei used to stay in when she was composing...

Li Li searched for Su Beibei from 10am to 10am at night. He sat in the car and stroked his hair in frustration.

His car was parked by the side of the road beside the homestay. Li Li leaned against the car seat and laid in the car, looking up at the starry sky above the skylight.

The air in the suburbs was much cleaner than in the city. The visibility at night was very far. When he looked up, he could see the starry sky. Those Milky Way were like fine diamonds scattered in the universe in an orderly manner. He seemed to be able to hold a star with his hand.

Some things looked so close to you that you could reach out and hold them, but you would never be able to touch them. It was like all these years, when Su Beibei was with him, they were so close and so far apart.

Something flashed across Li Li’s mind.

He sat up suddenly and turned to look at a distant mountain.

He remembered his youth. On the summer of his 29th birthday, he officially met Su Beibei to confirm their relationship. On his birthday that year, Su Beibei brought him to the top of the mountain to set up a tent for the night. She sat on a tree and told him about her parents. She even sang him a birthday song.

That day, for the first time, they handed everything to each other.

Li Li hurriedly started the car and ran towards the distant mountain.

After the cerebral surgery back then, Li Li’s body had lost a lot of weight. All these years, he had been working out and hiking regularly. Now that Li Li’s physical condition was very good, he didn’t feel tired at all.

However, this mountain had already become a barren mountain. There was not even a stone path. Li Li was wearing leather shoes and hiking at night. He had to guard against insects and snakes while also preventing himself from falling. As a result, he climbed rather slowly.

He broke off a branch to use as a cane and slowly walked through the forest. But his vision was poor at night and Li Li missed his footing and fell down a five to six-meter hill.

He fell into a pile of weeds and was saved by it. Li Li got up awkwardly and supported himself with a small tree that was as thick as his wrist. He looked down under the moonlight and realized that there was a small cliff more than 10 meters tall under the gra.s.s.

Li Li couldn’t help breaking out in cold sweat.

This road is so difficult. How is Beibei?

Li Li hurriedly crawled back the way he came. He was sweating profusely on the way and took off his suit jacket. After climbing for more than an hour, Li Li found the place where he and Su Beibei had stayed back then.

But there were no tents on the ground, only a barren land covered in weeds.

Li Li stood on the wasteland and looked at the wasteland in front of him with tears in his eyes. He suddenly smiled self-deprecatingly.

She was not here. She had never been here at all.

Perhaps she was just playing with me to take revenge on me for my indecisive mistakes when I was young.

Li Li wiped his tears and sat on the ground, looking up at the starry sky. Su Beibei had once said that she firmly believed that her parents had turned into stars and were looking at her from the sky.

Li Li murmured to Xingxing, “Your daughter doesn’t want me anymore.”

After staying at the top of the mountain for a moment, Li Li stood up again and went down the mountain with the wooden stick cane. When he went down the mountain, it was already three to four o’clock. The moon was bright and the stars were spa.r.s.e. He walked out of the mountain alone like a murderer who had been forced out of the mountain by the police. He looked indescribably pathetic.

Li Li walked dejectedly towards his own parking spot. His car was parked on a muddy ground by the side of the road. There was a small stream beside it.

There was a big rock beside the car. As Li Li walked towards the parking lot, he saw a lonely figure sitting on the big rock beside the car.

It was a woman. She was wearing a slim-fit sportswear. Her long hair was neatly tied into a bun, and she was staring at the river with her back facing him.

In a horror novel, this scene should be the appearance of the female water ghost.

But Li Li looked at that woman’s back view and felt aggrieved.

He shouted in disbelief and suspicion, “Beibei?”

Su Beibei turned around and looked at Li Li with a complicated expression.

The man’s expensive custom-made suit was covered in weeds and mud. As he had fallen on the mountain, there were still many broken leaves hidden in his exquisite hairstyle.

Under the moonlight, the man’s cheek was still scratched by a tree branch. Blood hung under that wound and had already started to form a scar.

It was obvious that he had been stumbling along the mountain but had never given up.

Su Beibei stared at him for a while before smiling. “I haven’t seen you in such a sorry state in a long time.”

Li Li was very uneasy and hurriedly patted the crumbs and mud on his body.

Su Beibei got up and walked up to him. She raised her hand to help him take away the broken leaves and branches. Li Li cherished this moment of Su Beibei’s initiative and didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

Su Beibei picked up the leaves and noticed that there were two to three wrinkles of varying depths around Li Li’s eyes.


He was really starting to age.

If our lives were long, we might be able to live for another thirty to forty years. If our lives were short and something happened to us, we might pa.s.s on tomorrow or next year.

Su Beibei crushed the dried branch in her hand and suddenly leaned her head on Li Li’s shoulder. She sighed. “Li Li, you didn’t become a good husband and a good father. Then are you confident that you can be a good grandfather and a good grandmother with me?”

Li Li’s shocked eyes quivered.

His hands hung by his legs. He wanted to hug Su Beibei back, but was afraid that he was overthinking things. Tears kept flickering in Li Li’s eyes. He nodded and said in a choked voice, “Of course I am confident.”

“We missed the opportunity to grow up with our children. Let us protect our grandson well when he grows up.”


Li Li and Su Beibei were cohabiting!

Song Ci invited Su Beibei over for dinner. When she heard this news, she was so shocked that she forgot to swallow the honey tea in her mouth.

She put down her teacup, winked at Su Beibei, and asked her, “Oh, why did you suddenly get over it?” To be honest, although Su Beibei and Li Li had remained single all these years and didn’t flirt with any man or woman, those who should get back together should have already gotten back together.

All these years, they had not reconciled. Almost no one dared to look forward to the day when Su Beibei and Li Li would reconcile.

But they really reconciled.

Song Ci sighed.

Su Beibei was also slightly embarra.s.sed. Her face was still slightly red. She stirred her coffee cup and sighed. “In the end, I still can’t let go.”

Li Li and Su Beiru had reconciled. Although they didn’t intend to get married again, the news of their reconciliation still spread. Li Li was very happy and even invited his close friends over for dinner.

Bei Zhan looked at the smug Li Li and said to Han Zhan, “Li Li has been very smug recently. He won’t be playing with us for the time being.”

Recently, he was probably going to turn into a sticky candy and stick to Su Beibei every day.

Han Zhan shrugged and drank a gla.s.s with Bei Zhan. He said, “This time, we can finally openly display our love in front of Li Li.”

In the past, considering that Li Li was a single dog who had been hurt emotionally, they were very careful when they spoke to Li Li, afraid that their public display of affection would agitate this single dog.

Great, the three brothers were all happy now. In the future, they could torture the dogs as much as they wanted when they chatted.

“But our Miaomiao is already pregnant. Bei Zhan, why isn’t your Dabao married yet?”

Bei Zhan instantly felt 10,000 points of damage.

“My Da Bao doesn’t want to get married for the time being.”

Han Zhan revealed a teasing smile and said, “Why did I hear that your Dabao heard a call from a lawyer some time ago and used a knife to force him to date her... Speaking of which, her style of using a knife to seek love reminds me of my sister-in-law. I heard that when you two caused a misunderstanding and nearly broke up, your sister-in-law used a knife to apologize to you.”

Han Zhan’s lips curled up even more. “Genetics is such a magical thing...”

Bei Zhan’s face darkened. “Han Zhan, are you looking for a beating or a death wish?!”

“Hahaha!” Han Zhan hurriedly fled.

He ran into the house and saw Song Ci and Song Fei talking to Han Miao in the living room. He instantly thought of Han Jun.

Is my Junjun doing well now?

Bei Zhan followed in and saw Han Zhan looking in Han Miao’s direction with a sad expression. He guessed that he was thinking of Han Jun. Bei Zhan pressed his hand on Han Zhan’s shoulder and asked him, “When is your Junjun coming back?”

Even Bei Zhan didn’t know Han Jun’s true whereabouts. Han Zhan’s explanation to these family and friends was that Han Jun had received orders from the country to go out on some mission.

Since it was an order from the country, it couldn’t be spread.

As a result, everyone thought that Han Jun was just going on a mission and would return after the mission ended.

Han Zhan shook his head and sighed. “It will take a long time.”

Han Zhan was already prepared to never see Han Jun again.

He had also gotten over it. It was fine as long as Han Jun was still alive.

Seven and a half months later, Han Miao gave birth to a baby boy. He was named Li Yuanzhi and his nickname was Xiao Bao. As Li Ao was too introverted when he was young, he later became mute due to his injuries, Su Beibei and the rest hoped that their little grandson would be more lively and cheerful, so they called him Xiao Bao.

After giving birth, Han Miao received very good care. The child had a nanny and two mothers to help take care of her, so she almost didn’t need to care much. She just needed to feed the child every day, so until Li Yuanzhi grew up to the age of three and started kindergarten, Han Miao didn’t experience the hardships of being a mother.

It was only when Li Yuanzhi started studying and made mistakes in school every few days that Han Miao and Li Ao were dragged by the teacher to complain every time they went to fetch their child home. Only then did they experience the difficulties of being parents.

Li Yuanzhi was very mischievous and smart. He was polite but adventurous. He always led his cla.s.smates to cause trouble in school and became the “little demon king” in the teacher’s eyes.

Song Ci and Su Beibei were both slightly used to causing trouble. Every time Han Miao and Li Ao wanted to control the child, both grandmothers had to stop the fight and persuade them. Over time, this child’s character became slightly unreasonable and unruly.

When Li Yuanzhi was eight years old, when he was playing a prank game of “pushing”, he ordered a sidekick to push the math teacher from behind. That teacher was wearing high heels and fell off the podium on the spot, breaking her bones.

Only after this incident did Song Ci and Su Beibei realize that their indulgence for their grandson was actually a slow killing. They were slowly killing a child who was supposed to be kind and upright.

Han Zhan had been busy managing Zeus Corporation all those years and didn’t discipline his little grandson well enough. Only when he caused a scene in school and hurt the teacher did Han Zhan know that his grandson had already gone astray.

In a fit of anger, Han Zhan brought the kid to his side and raised him. On the first day they lived together, Han Zhan used vines to interact intimately with the noisy b.u.t.t. Song Ci stood in the living room and watched as Han Zhan rolled up his sleeves and beat up his grandson. Although her heart ached, she didn’t dare to say anything.

It was said that alternate generations were close, Song Ci had always been very good at raising Han Miao and her siblings. But in her grandson’s generation, Song Ci had committed the most unforgivable mistake.

Song Ci knew very well that Han Zhan’s rod and iron education was the most suitable way for Li Yuanzhi to educate him. Her heart ached for him, but she didn’t dare to get involved. Under Han Zhan’s control, Li Yuanzhi’s crooked branches and leaves were slowly cut off by Han Zhan.

When Li Yuanzhi was 10 years old, he even scored full marks for the exam. When Han Zhan saw this result, a smile finally appeared on his stern face. “What reward do you want? You can say it.”

Han Zhan rarely rewarded Li Yuanzhi.

He was willing to take the initiative to reward Li Yuanzhi. This meant that Li Yuanzhi really satisfied him.

Li Yuanzhi looked at his grandfather, who was still handsome and stern in his sixties. He made a bold request. “They all say that Grandpa is a sharpshooter. Grandpa, I also want to be a sharpshooter in the future!”

Han Zhan’s pupils constricted.

He looked at the little wolf cub’s eyes that were filled with fighting spirit and curiosity. After a long while, he nodded. “Okay.” Han Zhan opened his underground a.r.s.enal for the first time and brought Li Yuanzhi to touch his gun.

He was still too young and the guns Han Zhan used were not suitable for him.

Li Yuanzhi walked around the armory and realized that there was a box containing many small guns that were very suitable for him. Li Yuanzhi picked up a small, dark pistol and asked Han Zhan, “Grandpa, who used this before?”

Han Zhan looked at the gun in Li Yuanzhi’s hand and his heart suddenly ached.

He lowered his head and adjusted the gun in his hand, not letting his grandson see the sadness on his face. “Your aunt.”

Li Yuanzhi knew that he had an aunt who was twins with his mother. It was said that she was a very smart woman and was also his grandfather’s favorite and proud successor. “Grandpa, when will my aunt come back?”

Li Yuanzhi saw that his grandfather was silent and only focused on a.s.sembling his gun. He thought that his grandfather didn’t hear him. But he didn’t notice that a tear landed on the gun handle in his grandfather’s hand.

July of Summer, a thirty-year-old Han Zheng was married to a top hacker with a burn on her forehead and slight disfigurement. Her name was Zhou Wei, the head of the entire National Security Department. She was the only top hacker in the world who could defeat the fire fox Song Fei. She was only 25 years old.

Han Zheng and Zhou Wei’s wedding was held in w.a.n.gdong City in a low-profile manner. On the night of the wedding, Han Zhan and Song Ci went to the wedding room where they got married back then. The wedding room was still very clean and someone would come over to clean it twice a week.

Song Ci came downstairs after taking a shower. She saw Han Zhan reading on the sofa with the book “Ordinary World”. She came downstairs and sat with Han Zhan. She asked him, “Are you unhappy today?”

Han Zhan closed the book.

He told Song Ci, “Today is Lingyu’s wedding. I suddenly feel that I am old.” Han Zhan had been exercising well all these years and his figure was still strong, but he had been working all year round, causing the hair on his head to be much paler.

He lowered his head and leaned towards Song Ci. “Look at my white hair.”

Song Ci hugged his head and counted his white hair one by one.

“99, 100, 101...” As she counted, Song Ci suddenly felt slightly sad. She pressed Han Zhan into her arms and said softly,” Han Zhan, I can’t count your white hair anymore. ”

How did time pa.s.s so quickly?

Song Ci remembered that when Han Zhan’s hair had just turned white, she could still clearly remember where that strand of white hair was. She watched as Han Zhan’s hair turned whiter and the wrinkles at his eyes deepened. They were really holding hands until they were old.

Han Zhan could feel the sadness emanating from Song Ci. He thought of something and suddenly said, “Let me show you something.”


Han Zhan pulled Song Ci to the gym.

The shelf on the wall of the gym was still there, and the cleaning lady didn’t dare to touch the things inside. Han Zhan took out a condom from that box, and Song Ci recognized that it was a long extinct model.

Han Zhan told her, “I hid this here when we were in love. At that time, I was thinking that when we started to get old, I would bring you back to use it.”

“Today is a good day.”

Han Zhan shook the thing in his hand and asked Song Ci, “Are you coming?”

They were no longer young. The frequency of their love now was not as unrestrained as when they were young. Song Ci looked at that thing and hesitated for a long time before saying, “It has already expired...”

Han Zhan’s face darkened.

He threw something away and pressed Song Ci against the wall. He lowered his head and sighed softly by her ear. “It’s okay, I haven’t expired.”


At night, Song Ci leaned against Han Zhan’s chest and fell asleep. After falling asleep, Song Ci turned over and ran to the other side of the bed, even s.n.a.t.c.hing away all the air-conditioning. Han Zhan woke up and realized that there was lightning outside.

Unable to fall asleep, he got up in his pyjamas and went to the study.

Han Zhan opened his laptop and was about to work when he received a notification.

In the emergency headlines, a hurricane raged in the Bermuda Triangle in the West Atlantic Ocean. Sea Dragon Scroll appeared and Flight 705 mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle!

Han Zhan’s pupils quivered slightly when he saw this message.

Bermuda Triangle!

He remembered that when Yan Qingxiu tore open the s.p.a.ce-time fragment and arrived on Earth, he had landed in the Bermuda Triangle. He instinctively swallowed a mouthful of saliva as his heartbeat quickened.

If Junjun would return, would she also have to pa.s.s by there?

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