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Chapter 496: Unt.i.tled

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

That night, Han Jun stayed in Xu Qian's room. The next morning, before dawn, Xu Qian woke everyone up.

Everyone packed their bags, changed into hiking shoes, put on their headlights, and successfully climbed to the top of the mountain before dawn.

Han Zheng raised his camera and wanted to take a photo of the sunrise later. Han Miao said to Han Zheng, “Take a better photo and post it online later.”

With that, Han Miao opened her cell phone and realized that there was actually a signal on the mountaintop. She hurriedly opened WeChat and called Li Ao, who was far away in w.a.n.gdong City.

w.a.n.gdong City was already very bright. Li Ao finished his breakfast and entered the studio. He was preparing to paint.

Receiving Han Miao's video request, Li Ao hurriedly answered the call.

His handsome and youthful face appeared in front of Han Miao. Han Miao stared at Li Ao's pleasing face for a moment before saying, “Neil, guess where I am.”

Han Miao's sky was rather dim that day. Li Ao didn't see Han Miao's face clearly, but saw the blinding headlights above her head.

Li Ao couldn't speak and narrowed his eyes.

Han Miao noticed Li Ao's squinting action and realized that her headlights were too blinding. She hurriedly turned off the headlights and leaned her beautiful face close to the camera.

Li Ao finally saw Han Miao's face. In the dim light, Han Miao's face could not be seen clearly. He could only see a blurry outline of her face and the hat on her head that blocked the cold.

Han Miao told him, “Neil, Junjun and I are at the top of Kunlun Mountain. The sun will come out from the other side of the mountain later. Can you watch the sunrise with me?”

Li Ao nodded.

He put down his paintbrush, got up, returned to his room, placed his cell phone on the rack, and patiently waited for the sunrise with Han Miao.

Han Miao's noisy voice was Han Zheng talking to Han Jun and the rest.

Han Zheng set up his camera and aimed it at the distance of the mountains. He turned and asked Xu Qian behind him, “Brother Xu, the sun will come out from there later, right?”

Xu Qian nodded. “Mmm, the scene will be very shocking. You have to see it with your naked eye.”


The closer they got to the sunrise, the brighter the sky became. Soon, dawn arrived. The first rays of sunlight peeked out from behind the mountains, tearing through the sky and spilling onto the ground.

Everyone stopped talking and looked up at the mountain peak in unison. Xu Qian silently held Han Jun's hand. Han Jun looked up at Xu Qian.

The light of dawn gently kissed Xu Qian's cheek. Xu Qian blinked and the sunlight hid in his eyes. He couldn't bear to slip away.

Han Jun and Xu Qian interlocked their fingers and leaned against each other, quietly admiring the beautiful sunrise.

Han Miao and Li Ao admired this shocking scene on the phone together. Their breathing was light.

The sun gradually rose high into the sky. The sunlight illuminated the land and cast a golden glow on the snow mountain.

The blue lake in the distance reflected a dazzling diamond-like light under the sunlight, as if it had fallen into a fairyland.

Han Zheng admired this scene and regretted not bringing the drones over, missing the opportunity to capture them.

Witnessing the rise of the sun and the sight of the land welcoming light, Yan Qingxiu couldn't help sighing. “No matter how powerful a person is, they are all insignificant dust in front of nature.” Even the powerful him or his even more powerful master was just a speck of dust and a fallen leaf in front of nature.

After admiring the sunrise, everyone took a group photo at the top of the mountain before returning home.

By the time they returned to the Xu Family of Kunlun, it was already past lunchtime. However, Mother Xu had already prepared the food. Once they returned, she would serve it to them.

Han Jun and the rest had to go back this afternoon. The weather was good and they planned to take a plane back. As, they had already known that Han Jun and the rest would be going back in the afternoon, Mother Xu had prepared gifts in advance. There was Han Jun's favorite beef jerky, some mutton beef, and more than ten uncut Kunlun Jades.

Han Jun was originally unwilling to accept such a valuable gift, but Xu Qian asked her to accept it, so she accepted it. When she left, Xu Qian also followed them, but Xu Qian had to directly set off to work in the capital. He had to wait for the Lantern Festival to get approved leave to visit his future father-in-law and mother in w.a.n.gdong City.

Xu Yan and his wife personally drove them to the airport. Standing in the airport lobby, Zhang Huaqing held Han Jun's hand and said, “Jun'er, your uncle and I will visit your parents in w.a.n.gdong City on Lantern Festival. We will bring you good food then.”


It was time to board the plane. Han Jun and the rest boarded first. Xu Qian still had to wait for a while at the airport.

After watching Han Jun and the rest leave, Xu Qian said to his father, Xu Yan, “Although the evil spirit has escaped, its spirit is very weak now and can't transform into a physical body. I suspect that it will possess the bodies of ordinary people to recuperate. The evil spirit is born evil and is good at wreaking havoc. When it recovers its strength, the world will be in chaos. Father, you must find the whereabouts of the evil spirit as soon as possible. Its existence is a hidden danger. I won't be at ease until it is completely destroyed.”

As this concerned the world, Xu Yan didn't dare to belittle it. He put away his exaggerated smile and patted Xu Qian's shoulder seriously. He said to him, “Don't worry, I will spread the news of the evil spirit escaping. At that time, the entire metaphysical world and Buddhist Taoism will pay attention to the whereabouts of the evil spirit.”

“It's our duty to kill the evil spirit. I believe that everyone can work together and find the hiding place of the evil spirit as soon as possible.”


Xu Qian stared at Xu Yan's chubby stomach and thought of his father's imminent death. He hesitated before saying, “Father, spend more time with Mother these two years.”

Xu Yan glanced at his lover sitting in the cafe drinking coffee. His eyes revealed a hint of pain. “I understand. Alright, Qian'er, it's time to board the plane.”


After Xu Qian left, Xu Yan rubbed his face with his chubby hands before walking towards the cafe. He said to Zhang Huaqing, “Let's go, Qingqing. We're going home.”

Zhang Huaqing looked up and smiled gently at him. She got up and welcomed him.

He had a short lifespan and should cherish every day he lived.

The winter vacation was going to end soon and school was about to start. Han Miao, who still had half of her homework left, was so anxious that she didn't even have time to rush her homework overnight.

Han Miao went to look for Han Jun. No matter how coquettish and shameless she was, Han Jun refused to help her do an exam paper. She suffered at Han Jun's place and went to look for Han Zheng again. Han Zheng had yet to finish his own homework and didn't have the energy to help Han Miao rush it out.

Han Miao was very anxious and ran to look for Li Ao.

Li Ao was a painter. During the winter break, he partic.i.p.ated in an international art compet.i.tion and could not do winter homework. When Han Miao ran over to Li Ao's house with her homework and found that Li Ao was focused on painting, she instantly felt like a beast.

I can't delay the big artist's business! 

Han Miao accompanied Li Ao for lunch and ran to find Baby Tian.

Lin Yutian's family background was considered average in w.a.n.gdong City. Her father had pa.s.sed away many years ago and lived with her grandmother and mother.

Lin Yutian's mother worked in a large foreign company. Her annual salary was more than 500,000 yuan, which was considered a good income. Lin Yutian's family lived on the north bank. Her mother was the first person to buy a house in the new city district on the north bank. At that time, the high-end community looked slightly backward now.

The neighborhood where Lin Yutian lived was very beautiful. It was built around an artificial lake and there were no cars in the small district.

Han Miao boarded a taxi and alighted outside Lin Yutian's neighborhood. Not long after, she saw Lin Yutian come out to fetch her.

Lin Yutian was carrying a trash bag. She threw it away before waving at Han Miao on the other side of the road. “Miaozi! I'm here!”

Han Miao waited for the car to leave before crossing the road to stand in front of Lin Yutian. The two of them had not seen each other for a long time and hugged each other intimately.

After separating, Han Miao said to Lin Yutian, “Baby Tian, why did you lose weight again and have dark circles under your eyes? Did you not rest well?”

Lin Yutian's lips twitched. “I've been suffering from severe insomnia recently.”

“Why are you still suffering from insomnia? Let's go! I'll treat you to an Empress of China.”


A dessert shop was opened in the district building. Han Miao had eaten it a few times and it tasted pretty good.

They went to the dessert house to buy two sets of Empress of China. After finishing the desserts at the dessert house, the two of them held hands and went to Lin Yutian's house.

Only Lin Yutian's grandmother was at home. Her mother often went on work trips and didn't care much about Lin Yutian.

Lin Yutian's grandmother was almost 70 years old. She had a head of white hair and a few teeth. When Han Miao entered the house, her grandmother was eating sweet wine soup.

Grandma recognized Han Miao. Seeing Han Miao, she held the sweet soup and asked with a smile, “Miaomiao, do you want some sweet wine?”

Han Miao was anxious to rush her homework and hurriedly waved her hand. “No, Grandma. Thank you, Grandma. Baby Tian and I are doing our homework.”

“Aye, alright!”

Han Miao followed Lin Yutian into her room.

w.a.n.gdong City's winter district was uniformly warm. The indoor temperature was 27 degrees Celsius. Once she entered the house, Han Miao took off her jacket and only wore a long-sleeved sweater. She sat in front of Lin Yutian's long desk to do her homework.

Lin Yutian also took off her neck. Inside was a low-necked sweater dress.

She tied up her hair and sat down beside Han Miao. “How much have you not done?”

Han Miao said, “There are still seven test papers for Chinese, five for Mathematics, and four for politics. I'm dying. I have to go to school tomorrow morning to report! Baby Tian, you have to help me!”

Hearing Han Miao's wail, Lin Yutian rolled her eyes and said, “You are always like this during holidays.” They had been cla.s.smates from the first day of school and had known each other for five years. Every holiday, Han Miao would play crazily first and then rush for homework crazily.

Every time she couldn't finish writing, she would come to Lin Yutian for help.

Lin Yutian was already prepared this time. She told Han Miao, “I guessed that you wouldn't be able to finish your homework this year. I finished all my homework on the sixth day of the new year.” Lin Yutian reached out her hand to Han Miao and said, “Give me the exam paper!”

Han Miao hugged Lin Yutian and rubbed her head on her shoulder. She said, “I love you to death, Baby Tian! Baby Tian, when we go out and enter society in the future, I will definitely support you!”

“How are you going to support me? You spend money extravagantly. The money you earn is not enough to support yourself.”

Han Miao smiled awkwardly and said, “When I become a world-cla.s.s pianist with both fame and fortune, will I still need to worry about money?”

“Being famous doesn't mean you have money.”

“Don't panic. I still have a rich father and a sister who can also earn money. If I really can't survive anymore, they will support me.”

Lin Yutian was slightly envious of Han Miao. With the love of her parents and the love of her younger sister and brother, she would never have to worry about food and clothing in her life.

Lin Yutian pulled out a Chinese paper from Han Miao's paper. She said, “Copy my choice question. I will just change my reading comprehension according to my answer.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Lin Yutian helped Han Miao do the Chinese paper, and Han Miao copied Lin Yutian's Mathematics paper. The two of them divided the work and didn't speak. Han Miao couldn't go home past 9pm at the latest. They didn't have much time and had to race against time to complete it.

When it was almost dark, Grandma prepared dinner and called them over.

Han Miao and Lin Yutian threw down their exam papers, ran to the dining room, hurriedly ate a bowl of rice, and returned to their room to write their exam papers.

At 8.30pm, Han Miao still had one last political paper left. She had just laid out the paper when she received a call from Song Ci.

“Miaomiao, where are you? Why aren't you back yet?”

Han Miao didn't bring her driver with her today. Before leaving home, Han Miao said that she wanted to go to Li Ao's house to play, but when Song Ci called Li Li just now, Li Li said that Han Miao left after lunch.

Han Miao was now a big girl and beautiful. Worried that she would meet with an accident, Song Ci called to ask.

Han Miao directly opened a video for Song Ci. She pulled Lin Yutian's arm and pulled her into the camera. She said to Song Ci, “Mother, I am playing at Baby Tian's house.”

Song Ci knew Lin Yutian. Lin Yutian had also been a guest at the Han Family once, but the Han Family was too high and mighty. Lin Yutian felt uneasy going there and didn't go after that. It was always Han Miao going to Lin Yutian's house to play.

Lin Yutian was slightly reserved when she saw Song Ci. She called out very softly, “Auntie Song Song.”

Song Ci waved at her with a faint smile. “Baby Tian, is our Miaomiao rushing homework at your place again?” Song Ci knew very well what her daughter was like.

She didn't have high expectations of Han Miao. Han Miao was not a child who loved to study and Song Ci didn't expect Han Miao to get into Tsinghua or Peking University.

After Han Miao graduated from high school, she was going overseas to study in Hanover. As long as she could pa.s.s the Hanover Academy exam, she would wake up.

As her name suggested, Lin Yutian smiled sweetly. Hearing Song Ci's words, she hurriedly waved her hand and shook her head. “No, no. She just came to play with me.”

“Baby Tian, don't cover up for Miaomiao. As her mother, I know very well what she is like. Han Miaomiao, quickly write it down. I'll get your father to bring you home along the way. It's too late. It's not safe to take a cab home alone.”

“Okay, Mother!”

Han Miao hung up and sent Han Zhan a message to inform him to pick him up at the entrance of Lin Yutian's district after work.

After receiving Han Zhan's affirmative reply, Han Miao put down her cell phone and said to Lin Yutian, “My mother looks down on me too much. Hmph!”

However, Lin Yutian revealed an envious expression. She said, “I actually envy you very much. Your parents dote on you very much. It's only 8.30pm and they're already calling to ask when you're coming home. This means that they really care about you.”

Lin Yutian held the pen in her hand and bit her lip. She looked down and said, “My mother won't call me even if I don't come home at 11pm.”

Lin Yutian's mother had been working hard in a foreign company and had now become a senior manager of the sales department. It could be said that after suffering, good things came. But for a single woman to raise an aged mother and young daughter alone, she didn't dare to relax for a moment, nor could she relax.

She looked like she was sitting comfortably in her current position, but there were actually many people in the company eyeing her position covetously. As long as she made a mistake, she would be pulled down from that position.

In order to work and support this family, Lin Yutian's mother often worked overtime. As a result, she cared less about Lin Yutian.

But not caring as much didn't mean that he didn't love her.

“Baby Tian, it's not easy for your mother. The workplace is like a battlefield. One can never manage both the family and the workplace. If your mother wants to care for the family, she won't be able to keep her job. If she wants to keep her job, she will be very negligent towards her family.”

“Baby Tian, work is a heartless little b.i.t.c.h. You can only rely on your mother to fight for it. Meanwhile, you and Grandma are the closest people to your mother. The two of you will always be one. You should support her. She neglected you not because she doesn't love you, but because she loves you too much and wants to give you the best things she can give. That's why she risked her life to climb up.”

Han Miao put down her pen, got up, opened the window, and pointed at the myriad of lights outside the window, along with Phoenix Immortal District, Jinshan District, and Three Life Bridge District on the riverbank.

“Baby Tian, look.”

Lin Yutian stood up and looked in the direction Han Miao was pointing.

She stared at the skysc.r.a.pers on Three Life Bridge Financial Street with a thoughtful expression.

Han Miao told her, “Your mother is currently working overtime at one of the big houses. She wants to climb higher and earn more money. She wants to let you receive a better education. She hopes that you can bring your children to live in Phoenix Immortal District and Jin Mountain District in the future.”

“Look over there.” Han Miao pointed in the direction of the Phoenix Immortal District and the Jin Mountain District. She told Lin Yutian, “Do you know that the richest people live in w.a.n.gdong City in the Phoenix Immortal District and the Jin Mountain District? The people living in that area are at least worth hundreds of millions. Meanwhile, your mother risked her life and spent half her life to buy this house in the new district on the north coast and gave you a home. She will never be able to buy a house in that area in this life.”

“Do you understand? She worked hard to groom you into a talent because she hoped that in the future, you might be able to move into the Phoenix Immortal District and the Jinshan District. But if she didn't work hard and earned a salary of more than 10,000 yuan a month, then it was very likely that you would only be able to reach your current height in this life. Because you couldn't receive a better education and lacked resources, it was very likely that you would only be able to marry a man with mediocre talent in the future. If you had a child and wanted to give your child a better future, you had to work hard and work hard like your mother! If at that time, when you were working overtime to give your child a bright future, your child would complain that you didn't care enough for her at home. Think about it. Would you be disappointed?”

Lin Yutian was stunned by Han Miao's words.

All along, she knew that her mother's hard work was for her, but she couldn't help complaining about her mother's negligence and coldness.

But after hearing Han Miao's words, Lin Yutian realized how difficult it was for her mother.

Parents who love their children must have far-reaching plans.

Every parent was once a carefree teenager. It was love and responsibility that forced them to carry the heavy burden and move forward with it just to give their children a future.

Other families had their parents working hand in hand together. Lin Yutian only had one mother. Her mother had to work twice or even more hard than other families' mothers to achieve her career today!

And she actually blamed her mother for being irresponsible!

Lin Yutian's eyes suddenly reddened. She silently wiped her tears and said in a choked voice, “Miaoyi, why would a rich missy like you think of such things?”

Han Miao felt slightly embarra.s.sed after saying that.

She touched her nose and said awkwardly, “I really care about you. I could tell that you were blaming your mother. I've always wanted to talk to you about my worries. I've actually been thinking about these words for many days. Only today did I have the chance to speak to you face to face.”

Lin Yutian hugged Han Miao's waist tightly. “Thank you, Miaozi. If you didn't wake me up, I would still be living in bliss.”

Han Miao scratched her nose and said, “Continue with the homework!”


It was not even 9pm by the time Han Miao finished her last paper. She kept everything and said to Lin Yutian, “I'll order a milk tea delivery. I'll go back after drinking the milk tea.”

Han Miao had been on a diet during this winter break and had yet to drink milk tea. After finishing her homework, she had to order a cup of milk tea to celebrate.

Lin Yutian said, “You treat me. I helped you with your homework.”

“Of course!”

After ordering the milk tea, Han Miao walked to Lin Yutian's bed and laid down. She laid on her back on Lin Yutian's bed, thought of something, and suddenly said, “What were you busy with some time ago? I sent you a WeChat message to ask you out to play. You always said you were busy.”

Lin Yutian looked hesitant. Her eyes flickered as if she had something difficult to say.

Han Miao turned over and laid on Lin Yutian's pillow. Seeing Lin Yutian's hesitant manner, she couldn't help feeling puzzled. “What's the matter? Don't show a constipated face. I don't feel well.”

Lin Yutian clenched her fists and placed them on her chest. She shook her lips before saying with reddened eyes, “Miaoyi, I… I think I've been violated.”

Han Miao suddenly sat up on the bed. “What did you say!” She stared at Lin Yutian with wide eyes, grabbed her hand, and asked, “What exactly happened? Tell me!”

Lin Yutian was about to cry. She held her tongue and glanced outside the door before saying to Han Miao in a low voice, “Miaoyi, on the seventh day of the first lunar month, Zhou Heng sent me a message on WeChat saying that he wanted to meet me outside.”

Zhou Heng was the boy Lin Yutian liked, the study commissioner in the cla.s.s next door, the former school prince of No.1 Middle School. He was quite a playboy.

But Han Miao remembered that on the bachelor's day, Lin Yutian had confessed to Zhou Heng. At that time, Zhou Heng had rejected her.

“Didn't he reject you? Why did he ask you out again?”

Lin Yutian sat on the bed, lowered her head, and said uneasily, “On the 29th of December, Zhou Heng asked me out for a meal for the first time. You know, I really liked him. I couldn't resist it and went.”

Han Miao's expression turned serious. She grabbed Lin Yutian's cold little hand and asked, “Then? What happened?”

“Nothing happened that time. After dinner, he bought me a cup of milk tea and praised me for being cute. Then, we went home separately. After we got home, he didn't contact me. I thought he was no longer interested in me and was about to give up, but on the afternoon of the seventh day of the first month, he sent me a message again. He said he drank too much and asked if I could fetch him.”

“You went just like that?” Lin Yutian had a crush on Zhou Heng for a long time and he was finally willing to respond to her. She would definitely chase after him to see him.

Under Han Miao's resentful gaze, Lin Yutian slowly nodded.

She said, “I went. When I went, he was drunk at the KTV. After he was drunk, he kept grabbing my hand and calling my name. He said that he liked me and asked me to send him to rest. I purely thought that he was feeling unwell from drinking too much and hurriedly sent him to the hotel room.”


Lin Yutian's body started trembling gently, and bean-sized tears rolled down her fur dress. Han Miao's heart clenched when she saw this. She wiped Lin Yutian's tears and asked, “What did he do to you?”

“The moment he entered the room, he pressed me against the wall and kissed me. I started to resist. I wanted to push him away, but he was too tall and too heavy for me to push him away. He threw me onto the bed and slipped his hand under my clothes…”

Lin Yutian was only about 40kg. She was not tall and was frighteningly thin. If Zhou Heng really did anything to her, Lin Yutian really couldn't resist.

Han Miao's entire person turned malicious. Her gaze was so dark that it could drip water. “He did that to you, didn't he!”

Lin Yutian bit her red lips tightly and nodded gently with tears streaming down her face. “Mmm, he violated me and even covered my mouth with his hand… Miaotian!” Lin Yutian hugged Han Miao tightly and said, “I was so scared. I wanted to call the police at that time, but he threatened me and said that if I dared to call the police, he would release the video of our night!”

“Miaoyi, what should I do!”

That night, she was violated and didn't return for the entire night. No one actually called her, so she had a deeper grudge against her mother.

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