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"I am happy for both of them" Amelia said pulling Ryan out of his thoughts. Yaa me too Ryan replied.Now its time for you to start looking for someone otherwise you will grow old alone.Olive won't have much time for you.

"Aw Ray don't worry about me i still have you."

"Then settle down with me Amy before some

hot girl takes me away..you know i am so popular Ryan said half jokingly.

"Yaa sure" Amy rolled her eyes."You know i am a free bird. I can't be imprisioned so easily.I want to live freely. That reminds me where is my phone ? Grandpa must be trying to reach me.I am sure he would have called 1000 times uptill now. I will be right back ".Amy said while going back to look for her phone.

Ryan sat there thinking about her. Even though he knew her answer but he was still disappointed. He was not sure if Amy will ever be ready to settle down or what does she thinks about him.Whenever he wanted to know what kind of person she likes or had in mind she always refused of having any intention to settle down.

But he still had hope because he was her closest friend and both of them were so alike.She loved being with him because he was as fun loving and outgoing as her. She always jokingly called him her soulmate. He was smiling while thinking about it.

Suddenly he heard Amy's scared voice

"What ?? Oh my G.o.d i will be right there..Ask him to hold on i am coming". Amy grabbed her car keys and rushed out. "Amy wait..what happened..where are you going..let me come" Ryan too rushed towards her and caught up with her in last second. He took her car keys as he saw her shaking badly with tears in her eyes.

"What happened Amy, why are you crying ? " Ryan hugged her while she sobbed and asked him to take her to City Hospital immediately as her grandpa was in serious condition.

As they both were going towards hospital, Amy was sobbing uncontrollably while saying she should not have left her phone unattended. "Grandpa is in hospital since afternoon Ray and they were trying to reach me as he was calling my name but ..its all my fault."

"Don't worry Amy he will be fine" Ryan consoled her.G.o.d couldnot take her only family. Although she had distant relatives but she was not so familiar with them. Amy only had her Grandpa who took care of her and spoilt her with his unconditional love. She never told him that she loved him a lot. Its easy to take someone always available for granted, whenever she needed him he was always there even if he was so busy with his work. She was always his priority. She could never imagine her life without him.

Amy was deep in thoughts and didnot realize that they had already reached. Ryan opened the door for her and gently nudged her. She ran inside and saw Liam waiting for her in reception area.

How is my grandpa, Mr. Liam..where is he ? I want to see him please take me to his room, Amy pleaded sobbing.

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