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Mamiysenpai brought us to a shop that had a wide variety of ice cream. Some of them looked appetizing but some looked grotesque, I wonder what I should eat. The name of the ice cream was unusual, I don't know what flavor it is. I’ve been worried when I asked a number of questions repeatedly to the staff.

“Yes, yes. I would like an 【 Everlasting Hawaiian Summer】 and【Immortal Friendship 】and【 Dreams are Infinite】please!”

“……Everlasting Summer in any case、I don't know what the latter 2 taste like”

“Cup or cone, which one would you like?”

“I'd like the cone please”

Three precious stacks.  I have to eat it with a cone.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.【Everlasting Hawaiian Summer, Immortal Friendship, Dreams are Infinite】it is”

I was given colorful toppings that glittered with the pink ice cream on top. 【Dreams are Infinite】as its name implies, maybe it represents the expression that dreams shine infinitely.

The middle ice cream is【Immortal Friendship】. The red ice cream has lemon pop it in. Is it an image where friendship is as hot as fire.

On the bottom 【Everlasting Hawaiian Summer】had black and blue marble like ice cream,

“It looks very delicious”

“No, isn't it strange? I can understand if its blue but why does everlasting Hawaiian summer have black?”

“It's a hue that's been released over the summer”

“And it's not even a refreshing blue color, it's almost dark blue……”

Overall it looks pretty gaudy but I can’t suppress myself from feeling delighted before my long-cherished three-tier ice cream.

“Please look Tanakkun! It's a three-tier ice cream”

“Oh, Shinozuksan, running is dangerous”


When I tried to run over to Tanakkun, the unstable top ice cream made a sound as it fell down, it already looks miserable.

Ah, my dream is……

“. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .”

“Shi-shinozuksan. Do you want to eat my ice cream?”

“The look on your face shows exactly what despair is. . . . Shinozuksan, don't be sad. Do you want another one?”

I shake my head while looking at the fallen ice cream.

Because this ice cream was a reward I got from Mamiysenpai for the hard work that I did at the sports festival. To think I dropped the ice cream. . . . . .

“The worst”

Nishijimsan's words pierced my heart.

“I can't believe you dropped the ice cream Mamiysenpai treated you to. It's not like you tramples on Mamiysenpai's feelings.”

“Suzune!Aika, I don't really mind. If it falls, let's buy another one. I'm glad you didn't fall over”


She patted my head to console me and I smiled. Even though I dropped the ice cream you gave me, you forgave me without getting angry.

“Yes, ahh”


When I open my without understanding the meaning, a spoonful of scooped ice cream enters my mouth. The taste of fresh chocolate mint.

“Its it delicious? I like chocolate mint”

“It's delicious. I'll do it”

Tanakkun smiles with relief as I feel a bit better. Then Ichinose-senpai bought me a cup of the same ice cream I dropped earlier.

“This is a reward from me. You worked hard in the sports festival after all”

“Ichinose-senpai. . . . .”

Uu. . . . .The seniors' kindness moved me. I placed the ice cream in order and sat on the bench with everyone and ate.

“Ice cream isn't enough to fill up the stomach huh”

“Wow, something taste really unique”

“Sakurako's sense of taste in as outstanding as ever”

“Eh, it's delicious. Impact is important in anything”

After finishing 2 layers of ice cream, I tried to eat the ice cream Ichinose-senpai gave me but then Nishijimsan who's been silent since a while ago stood up.

“Why……why is everybody gentle with this girl! I thought of it as disgusting since a while ago!!”

Biting her lips, tears came out of her eyes that glared at me. In her eyes are not just feelings of anger, but also by some kind of sad and painful feeling.

“Always saying self-important things to Mamiysenpai and causing trouble for Ichinose-senpai, this girl is the worst!”

“That's enough. Aika doesn't have memories from before. I‘ve told you over and over again that Aika feels inconvenienced“

“That's a lie!

To avoid the scolding of Ichinose-senpai, she pushes Mamiysenpai aside and stands in front of me.

“I was watching at that time! Mamiysenpai was crying because of you!”


Everyone looks at Mamiysenpai at the same time and Mamiysenpai looks away awkwardly.

When did that conversation happen? I wonder what terrible thing Aikchan said to Mamiysenpai that made him cry.

“Is that true? Suzune-chan”

“It's true. After talking about something with Mamiysenpai, that girl left and afterwards Mamiysenpai crumbled to floor, sat down and cried”

“No, Suzune……that's not it”

Sakaki-senpai's expression became grim fast, Mamiysenpai tried to stop Nishijimsenpai by grabbing her arm and Ichinose-senpai got in between them to calm them down.

“Calm down Nishijima. When was that?”

“. . . . The end of April. Before entering Golden Week”

“Is it true Sakurako?”

「. . . . That's」

Golden Week. This was story just a few days before Aika committed suicide. Maybe, maybe it's related to the cause of the suicide……

My heart makes an unpleasant sound as it beats faster. I don't know what's going on right now, I swallow my saliva, all I could do was stay silent and watch.

“Sakurako, don't be silent and tell me. Why were you crying? What did Aikchan say?”

“No, that's not it. Aika didn't do anything wrong”

“That doesn't make sense!”


He grasped the wrist that was grabbing Nishijimsan and pulled her forcibly. Ichinose-senpai supports staggering Mamiysenpai.

“Stop Keisuke”

“. . . . Tsk. Explain what happened Sakurako”

The always gentle Ichinose-senpai glares coldly.

I'm scared. But this atmosphere, Ichinose-senpai is seriously angry. That's how important Mamiysenpai is. My heart aches. I don't know whether these feelings are mine or Aikchan's.


“. . . . Sorry, I can't say it. Because this is a problem between me and Aika”

Her face looks pale and was ready to collapse any moment. Mamiysenpai couldn't pursue this any further and Sakaki-senpai looked at me with grimace as if he'd crushed insects.

I turned downwards to avoid Sakaki-senpai's gaze without thinking. It's awkward.

“That's why this girl lied about losing her memories! You were scared of hurting Mamiysenpai and being blamed by everyone so you lied. Otherwise, it would be too convenient!”

Ah, perhaps that's, that's the reason? Were you afraid of being blamed by everyone and that's why you committed suicide?

……No, it feels different. If what I heard from Mikoshibkun about Aika's personality is true then she wouldn't run away. But if it was a discussion a few days before Aika killed herself, it might have something to do with her.

It's not enough. There's still something definitive missing.

“Aikchan's memory loss is a lie……No no, I don't think so”

“If that's acting then Shinozuka is going to be an amazing actress in the future”

“It's not like that”

Again they all stare in unison and I shake my head side to side. I wonder if we're so different, me and Aikchan.

“You know, I have something to ask Shinozuksan”

“What is it?”

“When did you lose your memory Shinozuksan?”

“Huh. . . .”

In the slightly lighter atmosphere, I did not expect to hear Tanakkun with a serious look on his face.

“To loss your memory, you must have received a strong impact on your head right? Someone. . . .must have hit you right?”

“Is that so!?”

Mikoshibkun stands up in a hurry and pats my head. I wonder if he's looking for a b.u.mp.

“I was not hit. My memory was gone when I got up in the morning”

“When you, woke up in the morning?”

“Yes. So I'm not hurt anywhere”

I said with a smile that meant to rea.s.sure and Mikoshibkun looked relieved but on the contrary Tanakkun and Ichinose-senpai's faces became stern. Why.

“When you woke up in the morning you lost your memory, is that possible?”

“Normally if you think about it, it's impossible”

Tanakkun and Ichinose-senpai looked at each other, nodded their heads and looked at me again. Did I just dig my own grave. . . .

When I think about it, I was sure I woke up in the morning and I had amnesia……it's strange isn't it? How does one lose their memory in the first place?  I should have just said I fell down the stairs if it were going to be like this. Ah, but it would be strange if I remember it while having amnesia, there's no wound on my head and if mother hears, they'll find out i'm lying.

“Shinozuksan. Tell us the truth”



“Ah, no, really, when I woke up in the morning my memory. . . .”

Despite thinking desperately, I can't come up with a good excuse and as I was cornered I began wanting to cry. I have no choice but to push through here.

“I, really”

“Losing memory has other causes aside from receiving impact on the head you know”

As if to interrupt my words, Sakaki-senpai's murmur resounded.

“A different reason? What do you mean”

I stood next to Mamiysenpai who was a bit far from me and I didn't feel the murderous rage like before, I hide my eyebrows to think of something.

“Psychologically, you lose your memory due to extreme stress. To protect yourself from an accident, you forget painful memories”

“Stress. . . .does that mean Aika had a hard time which resulted to losing her memories”

“Such a thing, Shinozuksan. . . .”

That's. Something's strange with the sky. It shouldn't be wrong. Aikchan committed suicide because she had a hard time, it can't be wrong. But what is this. This atmosphere, it feels very dangerous.

From the gazes filled with suspicion now turned into eyes of pity, I can't stand this any longer.

“It seems your mind will become less tolerant. However, as your stress gets deeper, rather than amnesia it's more likely a dissociative disorder”


“Dissociative disorder. In short, split personality”

“Split personality!?”

Eh, w, eeeeeeh!? The story is getting bigger!

“No! I don't have a split personality”

“That's what they usually say. Because they don't understand they have a dual personality”

I said you're wrong! How did the story end up like this? It's difficult to tell the truth.

At this rate, I might get taken back again to the hospital. I just have to prevent it.

“I received a medical examination at the hospital, I was told that it was just memory loss”

“Did you consult a professional? What about your counselor?”

“Ugh. . . .because, because it's different. I, because of me”

I can't refute or tell the truth. I teared up due to frustration and Mikoshibkun stroked my head.

“That's enough. We're not experts and there's no doubt Shinozuka is anxious because she has no memory. Don't take this any further. It's okay Shinozuka, don't cry anymore”

He pat in the head to comfort me and my heart warmed up. Mikoshibkun's smile was warm and makes you feel relieved.

“Thank you Mikoshibkun”

“. . . . .”

Hmm? His facial expression froze. Why?

“Surely, it's not good to pursue Aika any longer. It will strain her body to forcibly remember. My bad, Aika”

“Sorry. Because I asked”

“Aika, did you not get a headache?”

Worried Mamiysenpai placed her hand on my forehead. I wonder what happened between her and Aikchan.  You said it was a problem between you two, I wonder if you'll tell me?


A cry that's almost a scream. Nishijimsan burst into tears. She was standing alone and looked so lonely so I tried to go over but Nishijimsan glared at me and I couldn't move.

“Losing memories isn't easy. There's no reason for this girl to feel stress. That's right, you lied because you wanted sympathy “


There was a thirsty sound.

Mamiysenpai hit Nishijimsan's cheek. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, she pressed on her cheek and tears started to flow out.

“W- why? Mamiya, senpai. I, for senpai's sake”

“That's enough Suzune. Why aren't you looking at the present Aika? It's true that the Aika before overdid things. But the Aika now hasn't done anything wrong right? Even when Suzune said cruel things, did she ever talk back once? She didn't. Because the Aika now is thoughtful and gentle. She doesn't intentionally hurt anyone”

“. . . . .”

“You always say it's for my sake and I'm glad you're doing your best. But it's different now. Right now Suzune's just throwing tantrums because she can't get what she wants”

I wonder why. Mamiysenpai who hit her seemed sadder. I can only see her back but I think she's crying.

The shopping mall has lots of pedestrian traffic. People who come and go look at us and leave.

Nishijimsan who had her head down suddenly looked up and glared at me over Mamiysenpai's shoulder,

“It's everyone's fault!”


While screaming and crying, Nishijimsan ran away.

“Kazuki, please leave it to me. I'll go chase after Suzune. Aika, don't worry about it”

“Um, Mamiysenpai!”

I handed Ichinose-senpai a cup of  half eaten ice cream and called out  Mamiysenpai who was about to follow Nishijimsan

” . . .Let's talk slowly this time. About a while ago and everything so far”

“. . . .Yes”

With a slightly pained smile, Mamiysenpai runs towards the direction Nishijimsan went to and follows her.

“So, after all this”

“We should go home after eating the ice cream”

“You're right. Somehow it became boring”

The ice cream day which was supposed to be fun became a mess.

In time, I wonder if the day will come when Nishijimsan and I can understand each other. I hope it comes. Like the melting ice cream, it'd be nice if the icy distance between us melts away.

“By the way, when did Shinozuksan lose her memory?”

“Um, it was the day before Golden Week ended”

“The day before?”

The wrinkles between Ichinose-senpai's eyebrows deepens. It looks like he's perplexed and surprised.

He noticed me tilting my head and said it was nothing but he put his hand on his mouth and began worrying. No matter how you look at it there's nothing wrong.

“. . . .I had no choice but to sit on the sidelines and not intervene“

“Ah, that's new”

“Seーnーpaーi. At any rate, I was surprised and couldn't do anything “

“Don't sulk, don't sulk. Well, it does take courage  to intervene”

Chibkun strokes my head with a teasing smile. With Chibkun in the center, Mikoshibkun and Tanakkun's expressions became soft.

Good thing Chibkun's here.

Despite laughing, even now Ichinose-senpai is still worrying about something serious, without having asked anything the day ended.

Incidentally, I bought ice cream as souvenir for Yuykun at the same store and brought it home, as expected he ate it immediately.


The next day, in the cla.s.sroom Tanakkun treated me as usual without mention anything about yesterday. I sat with my bag on the desk, Yamamoto-san in the front seat turned around,

“Today's the day where you can see the test results right. Ah, my stomach hurts”

That's right. Today's the day we'll find out the results of the test last week.

“I'm looking forward to it”

“I said my stomach hurts. Isn't Shinozuksan the only one looking forward to the test results?”

“But you know, thanks to Shinozuksan I think I'll get a good score this time. If you say you're looking forward to it then I think it's fun”

While we were talking the bell rang and Sudo-sensei came in.  

“I'll be giving the results of the test last week. Come up front when your name is called”

They're called one after another and their looks varied on whether they were pleased or depressed with the handed paper.

Un. I'm kind of nervous. My heart is beating fast.

“. . . .Shinozuka”


I raise my hand as I reply and head nervously to the podium, Sudo-sensei frowns and tilts his head.

While walking with the paper pa.s.sed in silence, I grinned.

“Shinozuka. Thanks to you I went up 30 places compared to last time.Thank you very much!”

“Me too! Thanks to Shinozuksan's teaching my messed up rank went up”

“Really? I'm happy too”

I was helpful. Everyone in the study group worked hard after all. The results of great effort. This is the real nirvana for students.

“What's Shinozuksan's rank? If it was Shinozuksan, you'd be far up front right?”

“I am No. 2”

“Huh. . .”

It was a pity I couldn't be number 1 but I enjoyed the first test I received, let's do our best to aim for no.1 next time.

I was so enthusiastic that everyone looked at me in amazement as if they had seen something unbelievable.

“Wait a minute. Isn't Kamishiro from Cla.s.s A definitely 1st? So, 2nd is Shinozuksan.You mean you surpa.s.sed Cla.s.s B's nerd? You're kidding right?”

“Are you serious!? Shinozuka, could you let me take a look?”


I handed over the paper and everyone gathered and stared. Why are they so surprised?

“. . . .I can't believe it. There's 100 points”

“The rest had 90 points. Woah, I've always thought you were smart, but to think it was this extent”

“Isn't Cla.s.s B's nerd a top-ranking regular in the national mock exam? Isn't it terrific?”

I wonder if me placing 2nd was no good? Seeing everyone catch glimpse' because they can't believe it makes me uncomfortable.

“That's amazing, Shinozuksan. You were diligent and serious in cla.s.s,worked hard in the study group, and now your efforts were successful. Congratulations”

“Tanakkun……Thank you very much!”

He praised me. I'm very happy to be praised for my efforts. I believe I will try harder.

“Let's aim for 1st place next!”

“Ehh, that's impossible. Because Kamishiro is there.”


That name came up earlier. Is it a famous person?

“Cla.s.s A's Kamishiro Kohei. Since first year, he's been top priority. His intelligence is extreme”

“He was given the name【G.o.d of All】. Because he a got perfect scores on all tests. His intelligence is unbelievable”

“Ehh, he's an amazing person”

“. . . .To me, Shinozuksan is amazing enough. I've never seen 100 points before”

As expected, there are a lot of different people in the school. I'd like to meet the person name Kamishiro-kun. Since I'm aiming for first place, Kamishiro-kun is my rival right.

Fufufu, rival. Sounds good. Should I declare war before the finals?

Hmm, feels like youth.


While I was excited about the test results, Sudo-sensei called me to the podium.

“Please stay for a little while after cla.s.s”

He spoke in a low voice as to not be heard, I curiously nodded.

“Do you need my help?”

“. . . .you'll know if you wait”

He didn't tell what it was about but if sensei needs my help, I need to work hard.

As I was told, I waited obediently in the cla.s.sroom, Sudo-sensei came to pick me up and he took me to an unused cla.s.sroom. In that cla.s.sroom, there were teachers that I could recognize and some that I've never seen before, there were five teachers including Sudo-sensei.

“Uh, what on earth is this. . . .?


A low voice and piercing gaze. Just like before, it was the same as when Sudo-sensei said that the future was destroyed by Aikchan. It was scornful like ice.

“Shinozuka. You have been suspected of cheating”

Translator Notes:

Thanks to Felix B. for making this chapter possible. I was about to announce that this would be the last chapter in a while since I ran out of money to rent a computer in the Internet Cafe but thanks to his donation I was able to squeeze this chapter out. Thank you so much for making this possible!

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