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Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19

Part 1:

When I woke up it was already 4:00. I am super excited!

I went back to bed and tried to sleep once again but failed, I gave up and decided to study instead.

I heard that a person who studies in the morning would be able to understand it easier.

While I was studying seriously, an alarm clock goes off and thus I went towards the living room. The wonderful smell of breakfast reached me while I was walking down the stairs. My stomach which was allured by the smell rumbled energetically.


“Good Morning” (Aika)

“Morning. Do your best today.” (Mom)


There was a pink lunchbox across where breakfast is. Could this be perhaps!


“Uhm, that” (Aika)

“It’s a lunchbox. Do you need a thermos?” (Mom)

“I want! Thank you very much.” (Aika)


Wow… mother’s lunchbox. The lunchbox which I have yearned for is finally in my hand!

Yuya-kun woke up while I carefully placed the lunchbox in the bag so that it does not drop nor slant. The bed hair, that seems to curl up and messy, is cute.


“Good morning Yuya-kun. Today’s weather is perfect for the sports festival.” (Aika)

“A… a sports festival?” (Yuuya)

“Please come and see my valiant figure by all means.” (Aika)

“I won’t go” (Yuuya)


His voice was low so he is probably lying. I stretched out my hand to get the barley tea from the refrigerator while yawning. Too bad, if Yuuya-kun comes then my motivation would increase.

My mother who cared about me looked dejected,


“I am sorry Aika. I would go and see it if I did not have work.” (Mom)

“No, work is important. I have mother’s lunchbox anyways, so I have 100 times the energy.”


Speaking of a sports festival, I thought that a box lunch was eaten with the family on the carpet. However, when it gets bigger, the family does not come to see it. I was told that Mayu and Kana would not come if I asked.  It was a limitation only for children. How regrettable…

But I have the handmade lunchbox of mother. I must not make a sad face!


“When I return home, please listen to me about the sports festival.” (Aika)

“What? You will just fall and injure yourself.” (Yuuya)



Fufun. I have coping methods when falling. The instant you fall, if you put your hands out to your front then you should not fall loudly. If you are not able to put your hands out, if you roll sideways before you fall then you will not hurt your knees.


“Perfect!” (Aika)

“Though I do not know what you are thinking, please do not cause trouble.” (Yuuya)


Yuuya-kun is worried about me! I am so moved this morning that tears are coming out. I feel like I am opening up little by little, at this rate I might become a brocon.

“I will fight hard. Well then, see you later.” (Aika)

“You! Are you going to a battlefield?”

Battlefield? In a sense, it is not wrong. Because the battle of youth which sweat is poured into begins now! I greeted my mother and went to school excitedly.

“I am really looking forward to it. I really wanted to go… I am anxious in a lot of ways.” (Aika)

“. . .“

I went to school in my gym clothes so that it is easier to move. There are a lot of people in gym clothes like me on the train, they seem to be talking happily. It resembles the checking of a digital camera for some reason. (TLN: I am confused. 何やらデジカメのチェックをしているみたい)

“I have to take a valiant figure of Ichinose-senpai by all means. I will go for a mock cavalry fight and pole toppling. It’s a lifetime treasure.”

“The form of Mikoshiba-kun’s running figure, it is absolutely cool. You would collapse when your name gets called in a low voice.”

“Unless you have to see Shin-kun’s match. It is expected that I would disguise myself and run. With the prince’s clothing or Shinsengumi’s costume!” TLN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinsengumi)

“I absolutely wanna see that!”

“Furthermore, among them, there is a maid costume inside as well!”

“”It’s absolutely cute.””


I agree!

I didn’t know. That Chiba-kun disguised himself. I must take a picture too! Chiba-kung wearing a costume… hope is a good thing.


“But the one I would like to see the most is Sakaki-senpai.”

“I always feel that Sakaki-senpai is flashy, I can rarely see his figure running hard.”  (TLN: Anyone got a better one? いつもチャラい感じの榊先輩が、一生懸命走ってる姿なんて滅多に見れないもんね)


Fumu fumu, it seems that Sakaki-senpai is the most popular. Because I told you that I would support you, I will support you with my full power. It is the last sports festival in high school, I will understake student council work as much as possible, let Ichinose-senpai and Sakaki-senpai enjoy the sports festival fully.


“Ah, its Shinozuka.”


When I thought about closing my eyes, the girls who were excited up until a while ago found me.

What do I do? Should I pretend to be sleeping or should I say good morning as it is? I found out that took great effort, I’ll just greet them. A greeting is basic, right?


“It actually is. She makes me feel sick.”

“She used to glare at the student council to manipulate them. She used to go to the student council to threaten Ichinose-senpai, her character is the worst.”


O, ufu. I can not get up when I tried to get up. It is unpleasant but I have no choice but to continue to pretend to sleep as it is, I have no choice but to listen to the muttering of the girl’s anger.

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