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"Now is the only time for it"

When I say that, Mitsuki who is staring at me, closes her eyes and lets out a sigh.

"I'm relieved to hear you say that. There is nothing else for me to say"

Mitsuki speaks with her eyes closed and sits down on the sofa.

It seems that she understood my objective.

Making Matsuki go to school is certainly a poison. However, the benefits if it succeeds are too large to ignore. And it's probable that now is the only time to do this.

Because this girl is blindly in love right now. I have to strike while the iron is hot. Anyway, Matsuki wants to stay together with me, so this should be somewhat easy. However, the more time I give her, the more timid she will become.

If she takes a step right now, it will be like a dash towards recovering.

"If Mitsuki-neesan approves, then I have nothing to say"

Kazuki-san who has her arms folded and is looking the other way, looks at me and says that.

"That's how it is. Matsuki-san, the family has given their approval, so don't mind it and go to school"

She says so to Matsuki and pats her shoulder.

Matsuki's eyes become red and watery as she looks around, and nods.

Alright, that's the spirit.

In order to borrow Shizuki's uniform; Matsuki went out of the living room with her. After that, Mitsuki left to change her clothes and came back after a while. After seeing Mitsuki, I was dumbfounded.

Mitsuki, who tied her long black hair behind her, is wearing gla.s.ses. But, that isn't the only thing.

She is wearing a black jacket over a white blouse, and a black tight skirt. On her legs, she is wearing black knee-socks that reach into her thighs. The knee-socks dig into her thighs tightly. Moreover, her white-snow skin can be seen in-between the knee-socks and the skirt, all of that together enhances her eroticism.

Is her suit custom made? It fits perfectly on her body; it perfectly shows her plentiful chest, constricted waist and her plump a.s.s.

Mitsuki with her tight skirt and gla.s.ses boasts a perfect beauty, to the extent that I have nothing to complain about.

This is a career woman. An older sister type of woman. She gives off the feeling of a beautiful woman.

"Is there something wrong?"

Mitsuki noticed that I was staring at her and asked while showing a smile.

While still sitting in the sofa I shake my head.

Ups, I got nervous just by her talking to me.

Mitsuki laughs at the sight of me getting nervous and she comes and sits next to me.

"Maybe you got excited watching me?"

Sticking her body close to mine, Mitsuki puts her right hand over mine, and then whispered that into my ear with a sweet voice.

My pulse quickens, and it becomes rough to breath, and I swallow my saliva unconsciously.

She unb.u.t.tons a b.u.t.ton from her blouse. And a plump valley can be seen there.

I can't endure this.

"I-It's quite a strong personality. Completely different from yesterday"

Feeling shame from the voice that came from me, I ask Mitsuki.

Mitsuki smiles and moves her right hand that was over mine to the area between my crotch, and gently grasps my c.o.c.k through the pants, my breathing quickens more at that action.

Mitsuki's hot breath tickles my ear when a sigh leaks from her lips.

"It's not being strong in particular. However, after watching neesan being requested so violently by you yesterday. I clearly understood that it's not something that comes just from sympathy"

I felt no hesitation coming from her sweet voice.

Also, it seems that she really watched everything I did to her neesan.

"I am certain now that master feels excitement and l.u.s.t towards neesan, Shizuki-chan and me. So I should throw away my hesitation. Am I wrong?"

I nod at Mitsuki's fascinating question.

"T-That's right. You are not mistaken"

I answer her so.

After listening to my answer, Mitsuki narrows her eyes and shows an adorable and fascinating smile.

And then she takes my right hand and presses it against her chest.

The soft feel is transmitted through the blouse.

"This body is your property. Please use it as you please"

To her dignified appearance and her obscene whisper, I swallow my spit.

It seems that she became convinced after watching me requesting Matsuki's body violently.

It seems that Matsuki's influence on Mitsuki is quite strong after she saw us doing that.

When Matsuki broke, if Mitsuki was okay, the Sakura house would have been safe. But it wasn't possible.

Mitsuki is easily influenced by Matsuki. Mitsuki isn't strong at all, she is just being dragged by her dependence towards Matsuki after watching her depend on me.

As expected of twins, they may have a deeper connection between themselves than that of a mother and daughter.

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