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Thirty-Fifth Episode

We leave the bathroom and go to Matsuki's bedroom; after all I am lacking sleep because we were doing it until morning.

But for me who was at the very bottom in the world, to be able to have s.e.x with such an absurdly erotic and pretty young looking milf, is like a dream. But, it's a good thing to lack sleep because it means that this is reality. Also, if I'm sleepy I just have to sleep at school.

As I was thinking, I walk in the corridor with Matsuki to make breakfast at the kitchen.

"These pajamas are a perfect match"

Matsuki who is walking next to me says with a smile on her face.

If I'm lacking sleep, so should Matsuki, but from her face I can't see any lack of sleep at all. On the contrary, both her hair and skin are shiny, even though she looks so young, now she looks even younger.


"If you had proper clothes, please give it to me from the beginning…"

I let out a sigh as I saw the pajamas I'm wearing right now and mutter that to Matsuki.

The pajamas I'm wearing right now are the ones that Matsuki brought just now. She also brought underwear that is just the right size.

"Ehehe ♡"

Without even making excuses, Matsuki admits her mistake and smiles.

By the way, Matsuki has her beautiful long black hair down, and wears a kimono with a cooking ap.r.o.n on top. I knew about it beforehand because Shizuki told me, but it seems that Matsuki always wears a kimono. It looks so good on her that it's making me h.o.r.n.y again.

It's especially erotic to be able to see her white nape from the side.

I stretch my right hand to her and touch her breast above the cooking ap.r.o.n.

Because of the kimono, I can't feel the softness, but I'm excited just to touch the chest of a girl wearing a j.a.panese style dress.

When I touched her chest, her face turned red and she came to a stop, rushing to take off her clothes.

She judged that I wanted to do her and she began preparations at once.

"You can stay like that, no, like that is good"

I stopped Matsuki who was trying to take off her clothes.


Matsuki obeys my order and tilts her next to look at me.

Pushing such Matsuki to the window and bend her forward so that she has her hands on the window.

The amazing garden can be seen at the other side of the window together with the morning mist.

I roll up the kimono's hem so that her b.u.t.t is sticking out; her pure white-like snow b.u.t.t is exposed.

Her nicely shaped b.u.t.t is at view. Because she doesn't have underwear, her a.s.s and p.u.s.s.y are in full view. Though her thighs and calves aren't in view because she is wearing white socks, it's still quite the erotic view.

I stand behind Matsuki's a.s.s and take out my c.o.c.k from my pajamas without saying anything, and then push it onto her p.u.s.s.y and thrust my waist.

"Nu? ♡"

*Nyururi* The glans invade easily, and Matsuki let out a sweet voice.

"Matsuki, if you let out your voice at school, it would be bad, so unless you can keep your voice down, you can't be trained at school"

As I say that to Matsuki, she pushes her a.s.s onto me.

My c.o.c.k that is invading her p.u.s.s.y is completely wet. Even though it enters easily, the soft meat makes it difficult to take it out, even if I have tasted this many times, I can't get enough.

"Nn ♡ Kuu ♡"

The glans' tip touches her womb's entrance strongly, and she lets out a sweet voice while her body cramps, but she keeps her voice down.

From yesterday until this morning I was able to enjoy her body, and even though her erogenous zones' sensitivity are much higher than Mitsuki's and Shizuki's, it seems that it can be raised even further when her womb is penetrated.

"If it comes to a school suspension, Shizuki will suffer it, not you. Of course, because it's supposed to be Shizuki in school and not you, and you appeal to them showing that you are not Shizuki, it will be another problem"

I grip her a.s.s strongly with both hands while stimulating her womb's entrance rubbing my glans' head against it.

"Nn ♡ Kuu ♡ Ukuu ♡"

Although Matsuki is desperately trying to keep her voice down while convulsing, it seems that she can't control her voice when her womb's entrance is stimulated.

"First thing is to acquire the technique to completely keep your voice down no matter what I do to you. Second is to give up your time at school and enjoy spending your time with me. Though I prefer erotic things, it can be nothing too, I'm happy as long as we spend time together after all"

While saying so to Matsuki, I stimulate her womb's entrance with my glans' head, and then stab thrust it continuously.

"Nguu ♡ Fuguuu ♡ Uguuuuu ♡"

Matsuki lets out a restrained groan as her body convulses.

Furthermore, when I pierce her womb with the tip of my glans, it feels like it's pushing my tip.

From yesterday until this morning I penetrated her womb multiple times, but this is the first time I'm piercing her womb gradually and not in a thrust.

"Higuuu ♡ Higuuu ♡ Higuuuuuu ♡"

Matsuki lets out a sweet shout while her body cramps violently. If I can pleasure her by other means as I gradually open her womb's entrance like this, she would experience a terrific pleasure for a long time.

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