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My time here is short. My corporeal self is deteriorating. Soon I shall be without form, reduced to energy alone. I merely wished to see you-- 'For old times' sake?'

The old woman smiles, and for a second I glimpse my stepdaughter's face hidden within the sagging flesh and wrinkled skin.

The light emanating from her begins to intensify, until she glows like a tiny star.

They will need you to make them safe, as you made me safe. You are their midwife, as you were' my own. Watch over my children, Sonja.

'Like they were my own.'


Jen yawns and stretches behind the wheel of the Land Rover as I climb back inside.

'About b.l.o.o.d.y time! I thought you'd never get back!'

'I ran into some old friends.'

'Anyone I might know, milady?'

'No. And stop calling me "milady". My name's Sonja.'

'As you wish, milady.' Jen points to the mask I'm still holding in one hand. 'What's that?'

I glance down at the thing in my hands. The empty eyes stare up at me, the lips parted as if in antic.i.p.ation. I lift it to my face.

The world I perceive from inside it is limited in its view and claustrophobic. I remove it and hurl it out the window.

'It's a mask. Something to hide behind and scare others with.'

Jen turns the key in the ignition and the engine comes to life.

'Where to next?'

I shrug and kick back in the pa.s.senger seat, resting my feet on the dash. 'It's a big world out there, Jen. Surprise me.'

'As you wish, milady.'

From the diaries ofSonja Blue.


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