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Su Ke didn't naively believe that it would end by only accompanying Wei Lan to get some books. If he left right after getting the books, he was afraid that he might p.i.s.s her off.

At the minimum; they would go eat, rest, or have a drink and walk around.

It was possible that some fortuitous things might happen, but if they did, it might clash with his appointment with Liu Qing Qing.

He not only accepted Liu Fei Hong's gift, he even invited Liu Qing Qing out.

If he broke his word, he wouldn't just feel self-deprecating, he would also feel remorse.

If he angered Liu Fei Hong, would she send people to deal with him?

This was no time though because this Sunday he was also going to play Basketball for Zheng Mo! Su Ke was stuck between a rock and a hard place and wanted to reject her, but looking at Wei Lan's expectant expression, he couldn't say a word. At this time, the systems notification sound rang.

"F*ck! High school language intermediate proficiency as a reward!?" Su Ke's heart stopped for a moment.

This was a really important reward that can save him from failing all of his upcoming exams!

Who knows if this reward will ever appear again?

The reward from the system is built up from his body. Right now, Su Ke's language proficiency has already reached the beginner stage, so the next step would be an intermediate upgrade.

If he didn't get this reward, he might only just barely pa.s.s his exams.

"What is it? Do you have something on?" Wei Lan stared at Su Ke's changing facial expression and saw that it seemed like he wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

For a moment, his face was quite unnatural. This was the first time that this la.s.s took the initiative to invite Su Ke somewhere.

If she was rejected, oh G.o.d, she would lose face and not be able to face anyone!

As she thought until here, Wei Lan suddenly felt fire brush across her cheeks.

"Nope! Is tomorrow morning okay? Wasn't I also thinking about buying a few books just now?" Su Ke then made a decision in his heart.

He only needed to settle the timing with Liu Qing Qing on the phone later.

As soon as she heard Su Ke's agreement, her face looked a lot better and her mouth curved up into a smile with her dimples coming out.

"It's settled then. Wait for me at my door tomorrow morning. Is 9 am okay?"

Su Ke nodded, even as they reached her door. Looking at Wei Lan bouncing up the stairs, Su Ke prepared to go to Fang Fei. He didn't know if Luo Fei Yan was even back yet though. When he thought about her, he couldn't help but remember the night when she answered the phone with a look of desolation hidden in her eyes.

"That d*mn Wu Yi!" Su Ke scolded in his heart.

If he wasn't the office's a.s.sistant bureau chief, Luo Fei Yan wouldn't have run to Tian Jin city. Just thinking about it was making him more and more mad.

Su Ke stood outside Fang Fei's gla.s.s doors and fixed his clothes.

He then saw Lin Xiao Bai talking with a guy as they went into his room.

The man then sat on one of the sofas in the lounge area with what seemed like a freshly made steaming cup of tea sitting in front of him.

As soon as he walked in, Su Ke felt that the man seemed really familiar.  He looked around 30 with not one hair out of place and wearing gold gla.s.ses. He also wore a white shirt, black pants, and leather shoes that shone. His skin was also really good, but his face looked rather arrogant.

With one leg crossed over the other, he tilted his head to look at Lin Xiao Bai.

"Is your boss not in?" The man's voice was haughty. Even though he was smiling, it was obvious that he was unhappy.

"Yes, Chief Wu. Sister Yan went to the store in Tian Jin yesterday morning!" Lin Xiao Bai stood demurely in front of the man, with her hands folded in front of her and her face carrying a practiced smile.

"Is that so? She seems so busy! Don't just stand there, come over here and sit down! It's so tiring having to look up while I'm talking to you!"

The man beckoned him with his hand and pointed at his side with an arrogant and bossy air.

Lin Xiao Bai then blushed in embarra.s.sment. "Chief Wu, I'm working right now, so I really can't loiter around here. Maybe our boss can rush back today!?" Lin Xiao Bai paused for a moment.

"Oh? Are you not welcoming me? Is it Luo Fei Yan's meaning, or yours? You should know that you're in a very niche industry, so the inspections will be more severe. I've come here to give you pointers as a representative of the company. You should know that even if I want to take care of you, you guys aren't up to standard, hehe!" The man's mouth twitched as he laughed lightly.

"Chief Wu, I don't have any other meaning!" Lin Xiao Bai was stunned, suddenly not knowing what to do. Her voice then started to tremble and her breathing picked up.

"Come! Sit!" The man said while patting his left hand on the s.p.a.ce next to him.

"Chief Wu, from the company!"

Su Ke suddenly realized why this guy was so familiar.

Wasn't he the Wu Yi Ran that he hates so much?

It's just that… Since Su Ke walked in, the haughty Wu Yi Ren had naturally treated him like air, while the anxious Lin Xiao Bai had only just noticed him. Su Ke stood and watched them for quite a while, but he then started to get angry when he saw Wu Yi Ren's behaviour.

"Come here and sit down!" Wu Yi Ren then leaned back against the sofa with his hands lightly hitting the s.p.a.ce beside him, resulting in a light slapping sound.

Those sounds seemed to resound in Lin Xiao Bai's heart. She already didn't know what to do.

If she took a seat, she wouldn't feel calm; but if she angered him, what if that brought trouble to the store?

Lin Xiao Bai then looked at Wu Yi Ren while speechless.

Under her silver uniform, her chest kept moving up and down while she breathed drawing Wu Yi Ren's interested and unrelenting gaze.

Su Ke then clenched his fists and his arms started trembling.

His eyes narrowed as he breathed in deeply and walked directly towards Wu Yi Ren.


Wu Yi Ren was momentarily stunned as he watched Su Ke suddenly appear beside him. He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked him up and down while looking unhappy.

Maybe because Su Ke sat down too quickly, but he actually sat on Wu Yi Ren's left hand.

Wu Yi Ren glared at him in disgust as he pulled his hand out from under him and moved to the side.

Su Ke giggled, looking delicate and pretty. Acting like old friends, he then reached out to touch Wu Yi Ren's shoulder and lean forward, "Chief Wu?"

He then slightly twisted his body while feeling really remorseful because he didn't expect this person to know his name.

Su Ke tightly gripped his shoulder and didn't let go.

"What are you doing?"

Su Ke showed his teeth as he yelled, "Get out!"

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