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WARNING: This chapter contains the graphical descriptions of s.e.xual scenes which  you may find unpleasant or discomforting. Read at your own risk, you've been warned.

(No but seriously, don't read it if you think you'd feel uncomfortable.)

Translator:  DC & Kui

Editor: Arocks

Author: しまもん  (SHIMAMON)

The female scholar was running around like a chicken with its head loose trying to find a research center while I finished my bath.

Steam dissipated from my slim body and the water droplets rolled off my baby-like skin.

There was not a single wrinkle nor stain on this body; its figure was unbelievably beautiful, no one would think that it had endured an unfortunately long life.

I mindlessly muttered, boasting the unnatural beauty of my nude body. 

"…My ancestors are amazing. This snowy body truly is gorgeous…"

I lightly bit into my lips.

Afterwards, as I was about to change into a new set of clothes, an interesting idea popped into my mind.

(As one'd expect, I'm tired of wearing the same-old clothes…

There are no issues with the functionality of these clothes but… should I change my style?

It wouldn't be fun to simply imitate fashion from the ancients either…

… Alright, today let's wear clothes mimicking new mankind. They certainly have some fascinatingly eccentric designed clothes.   

There shouldn't be any problems with functionality if I used the same fabric as I normally do.

Now then, what to wear…)

Thus, I exited the changing room naked, and created a giant ghost leg system in the living room.

The giant ghost leg system had several hundred million names from the new mankind; and occasionally, a few of the names vanished while some new ones appeared.

(Everything's ready now.

The clothes I will wear today will be what's written here, something someone is wearing now.

Today, I might wear clothes for a baby.

Today, I might wear a knight's armour.

Today, I might wear the pig tribe's clothing.

… I'm a little excited.

What kind of clothes should I wear for the rest of the day? Well, it's likely that the size won't fit me, in which case, I could just modify the size of the dress without changing the design, couldn't I?

If changing the size of the clothes ruins the design concept then I could also alter the size of my body.

…Let's start.)

I imposingly stood before the giant ghost leg, wavering on what to choose.

"…Alright. Let's go with this one."

The line I finally chose went through many twists and turns before arriving at one name. 

When the line arrived at its final point, a set of clothes also appeared in front of me and my figure had also morphed into that of an adult's. 

As I grew taller in stature, my modest b.r.e.a.s.t.s grew. With a slightly better point of view, I nervously unfolded the clothes.

…The clothes were tattered.

The already highly suggestive clothes had even more holes, seemingly torn open.

No, this isn't to the degree of a hole. My chest is completely exposed, and practically none of the cloth in the front remained. 

I looked mysteriously at these clothes which were practically a cape.

It was only in the next few moments that I understood.

(Ohh, I see, so it was like that.

The owner of these clothes was a prost.i.tute. True, the woman wears these clothes to work, waiting for customers in the alleyway, but she normally doesn't reveal this degree of skin.

She is wearing these clothes now because she's currently in a dark alleyway being raped by some thugs. The men are pushing her against the filthy ground, forcing her still as they tear off her clothes.  

The AI definitely correctly replicated the clothes she was wearing now.)

Her original clothing was made in consideration of her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

By using her charming b.r.e.a.s.t.s, she stood in the alleyway attracting a fair amount of customers, making a name for herself as a prost.i.tute.

Well, this time her "charming b.r.e.a.s.t.s" was the reason for her downfall.

(… However… Was there any point in enlarging my chest since there wasn't much clothing left in the chest area to begin with?

I'll have to wear these clothes for a day in this figure… but, it could also prove to be interesting.

It's slightly difficult to move in, but it's fun in it's own way.)

I changed into this piece of cloth and made a twirl in front of a mirror. The mirror reflected an image of myself slightly more grown up in an almost naked state.

Looking upon myself, I thought.

(… Does this sort of look arouse men?

It must be so since the men raping her are.

Man…? Come to think of it, the last person from around this neighborhood was a man. Would he have liked it?

If I stood in front of him like this, would he have lived?

Maybe he would a.s.sault me in a bout of pleasure?

Then just like those men a.s.saulting her, would he force his superiority onto me?

… That's impossible….

In the first place, as I understand it, ancients had cast aside their s.e.xual desire. There was no need to leave behind offspring, so they didn't need any s.e.xual desires. 

This wasn't limited to s.e.xual desire. The ancients living in the end days were all indifferent to worldly desires. We simply existed, yes… like how a pebble by the road existed.

Moreover, ancients lost the ability to physically reproduce. Men had no t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es, and women had no uteri.

If they wanted a child, they would combine their DNA with their partner's DNA to cultivate a child in a machine. To us ancients who saw this as common sense, we had lost the option of "rape" and such since the beginning.

Perhaps, if one looked like this before in the neighbourhood, they'd be greeted by the neighbours from their front doors, who would then close their doors, and go about their business normally, I'm sure of it.

In this way, the act of "rape" is quite intriguing.

The ancients never had an equivalent concept.)

Whilst I pondered in front of the mirror, the thugs crazily crowded the woman, imposing their l.u.s.t upon her body.

Her movements were constrained by magic; she exerted herself, desperately shrieking for help. Tightly clutched in her grasp was a religious pendant of the G.o.ddess depicting 'me'. 

It seems that she was currently searching for help from 'me' in the outside world.

In the end, her male friends came to save her and the men who raped her were killed on scene.

However, she was already dirtied by the men, and had many diseases transmitted to her. Her remaining lifespan amounted to ten years at most, only if she was lucky.

She stared at her tattered work clothes with an empty look which quickly twisted into a bitterness and frustration as she aggressively stomped onto the corpses of the men.

While feeling great interest from this scene, I went out and took my routine stroll. On the edge of the artificial island were small demons who watched me as I walked around barely clothed. 

The giant demons from the fight two weeks later no longer existed. After processing the mana pollution around the artificial island, they starved to death, and now, only demons as small as a fish lived near the artificial island.

Those small demons looked at my new change of clothes but probably lost interest as they slowly swam away.

DC: Not gonna lie. This entire chapter was f.u.c.kin' weird, from start to finish. Getting to the latter half only made it worse when we realized we stumbled upon a rape scene out of nowhere. Like, what the f.u.c.k Richard Author.

Kui: No comment.

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